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  1. I just wanted to add my +1 for plugin support. Affinity Photo's support for 8bf plugins has made it exponentially more useful - for example, with the G'MIC plugin alone, I essentially have all of the filters I would ever need without relying on Photoshop. As others have said, I'm sure adding plugin support would snowball the popularity of Affinity Designer (just look at how popular Blender's add-on support is). The sooner it's implemented the sooner people can begin developing plugins for the software - I see it as a win-win for both the developers from a business standpoint (new features without any additional effort from the developers aside from enabling plugin support) and for the community.
  2. +1 to crop from selection. For those saying it is pointless for this feature to be added, not everybody uses the same workflow as you. Stop gate-keeping, you're making Serif's community look toxic and you're bullying the multiple paying customers who have a legitimate request based on comparison to similar software applications. When you say "it's not that hard to just press press C and drag the handles," it's frustrating because: (A) you're arguing against having another way of accomplishing a task; having more options is usually better, and (B) cropping to selection gives you options you don't otherwise have - example: I select by color gamut, or by ctrl+clicking multiple layers, or some other selection method - point is, with a complicated selection, other programs (Photoshop/GIMP/Clip Studio Paint/Etc.) have a lightning fast method - the "crop to selection" option. Photoshop even has a slick function where you can make a marquee selection, and then pressing C turns the selection into a cropping tool selection, which is something I use pretty often. Despite how it may sound I do like a lot about Affinity, and I seriously want to see them become a real competitor against Adobe and their predatory, anti-consumer subscription plan. It's just that when I have other non-subscription software (e.g. Clip Studio Paint), and even free software (GIMP) that does have such features I'm used to, it makes it harder for me to enjoy Affinity's products, and I really want to.
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