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  1. Muito obrigado MEB. Spent many a winter holiday in Lisbon, Penina & Lagos. I'm from Scotland. So looks like scaling multiple objects is not supported. Add it to must have wish list! I design glass & use it a lot. I will try the Symbols method just to see if its workable.
  2. Imagine say 5 tapered candles. Trapezoids. All the same size so when I want to resize I have to do each one. Are you suggesting if I "convert" them to symbols then select them all I can resize them? Each one will resize the same? I will try it - never used symbols before. I'm a convert from Illustrator so the learning curve a bit steep! Thnx
  3. When I shift Click to select multiple objects in Designer I can change the dimension of the bounding box which changes the shape too but I want to use the Transform tab to dimension the objects not the bounding box. How do I do that? When you select multiple objects the Transform Tab is the size of the bounding bow not the objects. I want to change the size of multiple objects at the same time by entering the dimensions. How? Thnx
  4. Nuturbild. I agree with all you say. Hope your 'want' is available soon. If Affinity do come up with a DAM even without GPS tags it would take over from LR particularly now Adobe are going to push cloud only soon.
  5. It's only a matter of time until someone realizes that an alternative to LR would be a winner. I was a PS & LR user & went to the subscription versions. The decided to start using Affinity Photo but still using LR. Adobe with their new setup is the start of subscription only software. I believe that the LR Classic as they are calling what was LR will be phased out or merged into LR CC they new cloud based version. The are discontinuing LR6 the stand alone version, so with only subscription versions available I don't believe anything they say - they will have just 1 version, cloud based & high priced. PLEASE develop a DAM, its a database not rocket science so we can support a company who thinks of their users & yes charge for every upgrade its only fair. Read web blogs & forums on LR - no one wants the new set-up except a very few. Love Affinity Photo BTW - learning curve not as steep as Photoshop was.
  6. Well I too would love a refund. The Haze Removal tool has disappeared - I cannot change the Tool UI size - The ONLY support is via forums. Adobe might be expensive at $10 a month but there is support, more tutorials than you could ever watch and they ADD options or at least put them somewhere else but they don't just disappear. Also why is there still a beta version when you can buy a full version that doesnt seem to have all the options of the beta?
  7. I have 2 problems & it seems the only support for this program is via forums, or this mail system. Not exactly helpful. I bought from Apple app store & have version 1.3.5 there are no updates as far as I can tell, yet there appears to be a beta Why is there still a beta version when you can buy a 'full' version? 1. It seems the Haze removal tool has vanished. Is it in the beta version? 2. In Pref - Tools tab Tool UI size there is only one option - smallest. I am unable to select any other size. Why is is disabled. These are major issue for me & I would appreciate answers before giving you ratings on the app store. Thnx
  8. I can not alter in Prefs - Tools - Tool UI size. Its set at smallest & not other options can be selected.
  9. I bought from apple app store & my version is 1.3.5 so is the beta still in existence & the bought version not getting updates?
  10. Are you saying 'not available' 'unavailable' or 'available?
  11. Where has the Haze removal tool gone? Since buying the prog its not in on the Filters menu & help search finds nothing???
  12. I was/am a Lightroom user before finding Affinity. But I have a question. Is there a camera profile buried somewhere? Lightroom uses "Adobe Standard" as the camera default profile. What does affinity do? Processing RAW files is not all the same. I recently read that Capture One uses your camera profile. It seems to support most common cameras.
  13. Hello .....I'm an old duffer! Recently jumped ship from Nikon DSLR's to Oly MFT with the M5MK2 & a 12-42mm Pro lens. Also decided enough of the subscription software altho I still have most of a year to go with PS & LR CC so trying your Beta. I'm a MAC Pro, iMac & iPad/iPhone user & the last Beta suddenly I could see afphoto files in Finder & in Preview. Did you change something or was it Apple upgrade? Who cares. I need to go thru the Tutorials a few more time to get the hang of how the brushes work. Not finding it 'intuitive' but I will persevere. So far I would happily buy it so please don't go the subscription route.
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