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  1. Thanks. That works, but what a clunky way to do it. Deary me. I like Photo, but today has been a saga of frustration today. On the horns of dilemma, as I'm being forced to either upgrade to Photoshop CC from my old trsuty CS4 that I've been happy with for years, or bite the bullet and jump to Photo. Apparent lacks like this are making the latter choice a harder one ;( C
  2. Thanks both. I can see that when I have the paintbrush tool selected. However, if I use the 'fill' shortcut that option doesn't show in the contextual bar. Is it not possible to specify alpha when just filling an object in this way? If not, that seems a very odd omission. There's much I like about Affinity Photo, but I'm _really_ struggling with the filling functionality - the lack of keyboard shortcuts to fill a shape with foreground or background colours (something I use dozens of times a day in Photoshop) it's going to be an uphill battle to switch from Photoshop. Thanks for the help s
  3. In Photoshop, there is a 'lock transparent pixels' tick box for each layer so that when you fill the layer with a new colour it only fills the opaque areas. Is there an equivalent in Affinity Photo? I've looked through the Help, done a search on the forum, and also on Google, but can't find this anywhere. Very puzzling. Thanks for the help.
  4. Plus, of course, doing a 'save as' then opening that file to compare changes means you've got an extra file that you have to remember to delete later. I have quite enough iterative files as it is, without having to try to remember which ones are important ones and which were just created so I could compare them to ongoing tweaks. Both 'save as' and snapshot are inferior to Photoshop's 'duplicate', in my view, and I'm really going to struggle to adapt to Photo with out ;( C
  5. Thanks, but the difference is not having to open the other file ;). I use the 'duplicate' all the time in Photoshop, so that I can work on the duplicate and make changes and tweaks whilst still having the original 'master open on the screen beside it - really handy to be able to compare them as I go along. I appreciate that I can do this by 'save as' and open the new file, but it's an extra step that disrupts my flow. I also realise that I can create a snapshot and open as new document, but again, it's an extra step and not nearly as convenient. I see that this has been a feature request on th
  6. Was this functionality ever added. I use this all the time in Photoshop, and am really struggling without it in Photo. Ta.
  7. Tried messaging you but system tells me that 'Member MEB cannot receive more messages'. Colin
  8. Update . . If I select the type layer in the layers palette, I can then move the text block via the keyboard, but still not using the Move tool. Colin
  9. Thanks for the quick response. I've already got that box ticked, so I'm afraid that's not the issue. I've just tried it again. If I double-click with the Text tool, the text is editable, and once edited the text box is then movable. However, if I just select the Move tool and then the type layer, I can't move it. Also, I've just noticed that if I untick the text layer in question to hide it, then tick the box again, the text has vanished. But if I then uptick/tick another layer the text reappears. Very odd. Maybe it's something to do with corruption on import? I've tried it several
  10. I’m trying to edit a file that I created in Photoshop, but am having problems editing text blocks. Sometimes when I select a layer with a text block on it, then select the Move Tool, the text block won’t move nor is there a selection around it showing the text block. The layer isn't locked - I've checked that. Any ideas? Ta.
  11. I use Adobe Bridge (and sometimes GraphicConverter) as file browsers for projects. At the moment Affinity Photo files previews are displayed in these programs with just the AP logo, rather than a preview of the actual artwork contents. I'e emailed Thorsten Lemke at GraphicConverter to request that file previews are shown, but he tells me that no information has yet been released by Affinity which will let him write the necessary code into GC. Is this something you plan to do, please? It'd be very useful. Thanks. Colin ** Apologies if this has already been requested - I d
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