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  1. As someone who paints actual paintings I have to say that there is no software in existence that can make a photograph into a painting. There are a number of programs that can, to a greater or lesser degree, make a photograph look like a painting. Paintings require someone with a brush, digital or traditional, to actually paint them...I know what you meant with your question CircularWebs so please forgive the rant. Just a pet peave of mine.
  2. That is a lot of work. Very nice of you to share. Thanks!
  3. I don't understand why there has been no comment about this issue from a developer since Feb 2015. Perhaps it is in a different thread?
  4. Neither of these links goes anywhere for me...and what is a bitmap sprite sheet please?
  5. Maybe a dumb question but what is AP RC1? AP I assume is Affinity Photo, but RC1?
  6. Beautiful images Kodiak. Wood Ducks are one of my favorites...Your images are always so razor sharp. Is this due to high quality equipment, post processing tweaks or a combination of the two?
  7. WOW! I know it's been said but nothing else needs to be added. Very impressive both visually and technically.
  8. Simon, There are seven pages of posts about this book, most of them from people who have ordered the book, myself included, and all of whom, I believe, have received their copy without any problems. In fact I have never ordered anything online and received it as quickly as I did this book. Really remarkable.
  9. First I want to say WOW! for the speed with which you delivered this book. I just ordered it 2 days ago! Are you printing them down the street from my house!?! Second I want to say WOW! AGAIN! for the quality of the book. Thank you!
  10. I should have asked this before I ordered the book but does the book cover the most recent release?
  11. The pen tool is often used as a selection tool, at least in Photoshop. I don't know how or if it can used that way in Designer but I would be surprised if it can't.
  12. CartoonMike...While I understand and in part agree with your reasoning that recreating work you did in one program is a good way to learn the workings of another, for JohnG and dariobros, or many other companies with a big library of work, spending time and resources to redo what they have already done is probably not an option they would want to consider. The strangle hold of Adobe on the use of proprietary file formats they created is going to be a difficult bridge for any new company to cross. I'm not sure what the answer is but it may require quite a bit of time for those file formats to die out as they are slowly replaced by newer ones. If Affinity is able to establish it's own PDF format that might go a long way toward making things better. Not sure if that is possible.
  13. The pencil tool is for drawing. Period. And you should be able to constrain it to straight horizontal or vertical lines.
  14. bodich... I feel your frustration. Others have pointed out the outlines where shapes meet. I agree with you it is a problem...BUT, it is the weekend. I'm sure you will get a response from the developers but it will likely be tomorrow. They don't work 24 hrs a day 7 days a week.
  15. Beautiful photography! It's nice to see what someone who knows what they are doing can do with Affinity apps even at this early stage of their development. Gives me hope that I will be able to get what I need from them as well.
  16. I have used a magic mouse for years. For the most part it works great for me in all the apps I use including Illustrator and Photoshop. Still waiting for some maturity before jumping on board with my Affinity software.
  17. Is the posted question about Affinity Designer or Photo? And now, is it the Windows version or the Mac? And we haven't even had the Windows version of Affinity Photo released yet! Nor Affinity Publisher. I don't know what the answer is for the forum but it seems to me this confusion with everything dumped in one bag is only going to get worse.
  18. Thanks MEB for the explanation. I don't think I have seen that before in Illustrator. Perhaps because I work mostly with small dimensions.
  19. I don't understand this on several levels. I don't understand your explanation MEB, on a technical level, as to why this occurs but more importantly I don't understand why it should occur at all. I don't mean to compare Designer to Illustrator but this doesn't happen with Illustrator. What is the difference in Designer that causes this? Why should vector objects need antialiasing? In an object produced by a mathematical equation, why isn't the edge of the shape, the edge of the shape? I realize that computer screens are pixel based. Are these lines an on screen anomaly? An annoyance that won't print? To clutter up a document with additional shapes to hide these unwanted lines doesn't seem like a very practical solution to me. Is this something that will be improved in the future?
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