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  1. I noticed this bug too. If I resize document and anchor point is other then top left, then slices are not moved correctly.
  2. Hello Affinity, When I work with Affinity Designer, I'm working with pleasure. But when I'm using Apple Magic Mouse, there must be a bug. Explanation: When I click and hold on any layer / shape / text..., I want then move this layer by moving with mouse on the table. That is working. But my finger moves a little on the mouse surface, and then come disaster: shape is moving - aaaaaa, help, please, no! Suggested fix: while user use Magic Mouse, and mouse is clicked and held, ignore surface gesture of Magic Mouse. You know how to fix it. Please, fix it soon, please, please... Thank you.
  3. Hello, I have the same problem. I report it one year before now (2.1.2015), but nothing happend. Please Affinity, do something with this problem.
  4. I would appreciate, if last location for "open file" and last location for "export" will be memorized each separately. What do you thing?
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