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  1. Thank you Chris How do I import gradients in AP desktop
  2. Same issue here.images looked bit dull from my D800 and now with D850 they look awful and white balance readings are all over the place with serif engine but come close with apple engine.(exposure is improved a bit with apple engine.)When I open same files with Photoshop Camera raw or Affinity photo for Ipad these are perfectly well exposed with no white balance issue
  3. ok i just changed raw engine to apple and theres no visible difference in image itself but white balance readings are now showing close to camera raw values
  4. Thank you. Thats terrible.now do I have to pay for photoshop?Please are we going to get the support added soon?
  5. I have been using AP for 2 years.when i imported raw images shot on Nikon D800 to develop, they looked bit dull but not that bad.Now i have Nikon D850 and the images look ok in camera and Affinity photo for ipad but look awful in develop persona on Mac.Also I was surprised at the auto white balance readings and thought the camera did a bad job.last night downloaded free trial of Photoshop cc and images look fine there in camera raw and also the white balance readings are totally different, more likely expected.I am attaching the screenshot of develop in AP and camera raw.check the WB readings in both. Now please can someone help me sort this issue if its fixable Thank you in advance Charles
  6. Do we have the option to load a selection as file on AP iPad version.I have my watermark saved as selection and load it as file on desktop version.want to do same on iPad or any work around? Thank you Charles
  7. Hello everyone.Could you please help me in creating a selection using pen tool in affinity designer
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