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Found 79 results

  1. Finally I had time to play more with AD and here my two biggest gripes atm: 1. Why on earth keyboard shortcuts to align/distribute don't respect settings? In dropodown window I have set for example "last selcted" and from there it works as it should, but keyboard shortcut or even button on toolbar ignores this and always aligns to selection bounds. Also last selected object is inversly detected when selecting by click and drag. 2. When resizing text by diagonal handle, default behavior is to scale it proportionally, but when resizing other objects to do so I must hold Shift - it's very unintuitive
  2. Hi, new user here having used Corel for many years but recently changed from Windows to Mac. Tried the Affinity trial which I liked very much so have just bought the full version. I produce 2D archaeological drawings from scanned site drawings - plan and section drawings, and these need to be shown at different scales depending on the level of detail required and room on the page (usually A3 landscape). When copying drawings from 1 file to another, the scale doesn't seem to be maintained (though I may be wrong) and they seem to be pasted larger than copied. Is there a way to maintain the scale when doing this? Also, when increasing or decreasing the scale of an object, is this only possible by locking W and H in the Transform panel and altering the Points, e.g. to double a scale with W and H locked, increase W from 100 pt to 200 pt? Is there a way of changing scale by percentage? Many thanks in advance, Chris
  3. Can anyone help me how to randomize a bunch of object's position and scale for instance i wanna do a starred background with various position rotation and scale. In AI there is transform each command and you can randomize transform applied on objects. Thank you.
  4. I know you can use the lower right handle to scale and that allows the text to scale with it. However I have a bunch of diagrams that all need to scale by precent so they stay uniformed. When I use the transform panel and *=200% the text does not scale.
  5. Hey folks, quick querstion: i build a graphic in AD and want to increase the size. is it possible to increase the line-thikness proportional to the size of its container? Know what i mean? You have a box (40x40px) with a border (5px) and want to scale it on 400x400px. But the bordersize shall increase proportional. is that possible?
  6. To recreate bug: 1) Create a new document with all the default settings, but set the document width to 1px wide and 1080px high 2) Set the zoom percentage to 100% - the canvas dissappears and cannot be seen 3) zoom to 200% and the image become visiable but is actually displaying at 100% - this can be prooven by pressing 'print screen' key on keyboard, then pasting that as a new image from clipboard, zooming to the captured area and measuring it with a selection which shows it is 1px wide, even though the zoom was set to 200%. I previously reported this bug as it crashed AP 1.5, thanks for fixing the crash, but now please fix the zoom percentage so that the canvas is correctly shown on screen when zoom is set to 100% Thanks for all the hard work on 1.6 though :-) Rob
  7. Hi guys, the following issues I just discovered: enable the aspect ratio and then scale an object interactively via mouse by click and drag on the width-text-label on the transformation panel (the marked "B" in the attached picture) status quo: only that value for width will be changed (see right image in the attached picture) expected: width and height will be changed at the same time, because of the enabled aspect ratio Cheers, Stefan.
  8. Dear All, I really like to work with Affinity Photo and Designer. Since I´m Adobe free now, I can´t compare my issue with other vector software but let´s get to the point: When I´m exporting a rectangle with 100mm x 100mm from Affinity Designer and I´m importing it in different kinds of software (Like CAD oder other tools which supports SVG) the rectangle is 312 x 312mm. This means, I need to divide my drawings by 3.12 to get the right dimension after exporting from Affinity Designer. Since this is not really precise and makes everything more complicated, I want to know if there is any setup option in AD to get it out of the software accordingly. THX for your help Mac OS Sierra with the Affinity Designer 1.5.5
  9. [ macOS El Capitan 10.11.6, Affinity Designer 1.5.4 ] Hi guys! I've been working quite extensively with AD, testing it for producing artworks for a small laser cutting business I own. And I must thank you since I managed to replace AI for 80% of the time! (on the computer which controls the machine I have only installed AD) But there are some bugs that I find here and then. :D Here's one: I created the attached file by code (example.svg), using the makerjs library and spitting out an svg with precise cm dimensions (as needed for laser cutting). When I open it in AI, the size is fine (3x3cm total), when I open it in AD, it's 3x3px. Am I doing something wrong? :huh: Thanks PS: I also must say that when copying a layer from AD and pasting it in another AD document it doesn't maintain the scale. PPS: Is there a way to the Affinity to works always in cm as default? example.svg
  10. Hi guys. Came accros a bug when I try to proportionally scale an element down via transform studio. I recorded a 11sec video to better illustrate an issue. Is it any known bug? Thanks scale with lock.mp4
  11. I just want to copy the same effect values to the other object and I already disable 'Scale to Object' checkbox before copying. The copied result is still scaled effect. Please try my file. (copy the round rectangle to the triangle) copy_outline_stroke_bug.afdesign
  12. If I apply a Layer Effect (tested with Outer Glow) to an Embedded Document (Affinity Photo document), this effect will always scale when I resize the embedded document, even if the option "Scale with Object" (present in the Layer Effect window) is disabled. Let me explain with my particular situation: 1. I open an iPhone mockup image and save it as an Affinity Photo document 2. I drop/drop the above image into a new document holding multiple mockups, thus embedding it 3. I apply an Outer Glow layer effect with 50px radius to the embedded document, Scale with Object option is OFF 4. I scale up the embedded document using the Move Tool 5. The Outer Glow radius is now 84.6px (for example), I expected it to still be 50px. Thanks!
  13. When working in the Develop Persona, I would like the image of a distant bird to fill the screen. I have always used Crop in Apple Photos to accomplish this. In AP, what would be the difference between Scale or Crop to accomplish this?
  14. Hi everyone, I currently work on vans. The bodyshell file (attached) is on a scale 1:30 As I seed to send it later for print it, I prefer to work 1:1 Unfortunately, when I want to resize it ten times bigger (by changing the dimensions on the bottom right of the window), all the lines become so thin that I can barely see them. I want to work full size but without changing the look of it. Anyone could help me on this one ? Thanks guys
  15. Good morning, afternoon, evening (pick you fav.)! I'm working a —lot— with constraints. It's an incredible time saver. But not always… :( Lets say you've designed a complex element, using a lot of constraints, groups, subgroups, children, etc. All of this is perfectly working with constraints when you resize the element (wider or higher). But now, you need to change it's size for any of the many reasons that could exist. I really mean you have to —scale— up/down everything: texts, shapes, etc. At this moment, you —don't— want any of the constraints to apply. I've not found yet anything that would allow me to do this. Didn't found a shortcut to temporarily deactivate constraints. Didn't found an button to reset/remove —all— constraints of an element and —all— it's children. --> My only workaround (and I hate it), was to duplicate the element, and manually destroy all the work done (delete all groups, children, clips, set everything to one single level), and then apply a default constraint to all. My work is composed of a —huge— amount of elements, and the time lost to do the above is killing me :( Am I missing something? All the best
  16. I've read before that Affinity has no plans to take on a live dimensioning/ CADtools-esque functionality in the near future, but can you PLEASE reconsider! This is such a gaping hole in the industry of environmental designers (and frustrated Adobe customers). Please please consider! -S
  17. Hello Guys, this is my suggestion! I find affinity really incredible for the vectorial, i still prefer Photoshop for digital painting, but for the UI creation instead of AI, affinity with some update could be really better, i really liked also how affinity export the project for photoshop, that is great, and well organized, would be amazing if you can do it also for AI, and also if you can copy vectorial shapes for example in AI and simply paste in affinity, like it is from the adobe programs (AE, ID, AI...)
  18. ...me again - I am determined to learn this software (it's actually been a blast, just have so many basic questions - thanks for your patience) With the help of MEB, Alfred, R C-R, Callum, and MANY others I have learned a lot but am certainly still in the novice category. I have a relatively simple image (1 - 2 layers) that I want to save in my AD Assets-Panel (a custom panel created for this project). I've saved/moved a number of other images into this panel previously with no problem, simple click/drag operation. However, with this particular layer I'm seeing something I haven't seen before...when I click/drag, the image seems goes to go BEHIND the Assets panel and stays there, unseen. No vertical blue-bar appears in the A-panel, and upon release of the click/drag, the image does appear (or 'stick') in with other Assets. Anyone know why I would see this behavior? One additional Assets related query: what is the trick/procedure to assure the reasonable sizing of an image before dragging it into the Assets-panel so that it is not EXTREMELY LARGE when I access it for use on a newly opened image? Yet another basic skill that I'm 99.9% sure I've missed along the way. Cheers! Hope y'all have a great weekend. -Christo
  19. I almost always wonder why there is no option to keep Scale with Object always ON by default. If there was a checkbox under Preferences 'Scale with Object' for 'Always', it would make life easier because when you are creating several hundred strokes, you may forget to enable that option.
  20. Hello, I absolutely love Affinity Designer! I am not an advanced user, I mostly use the program to make simple layout drawings. I may have missed this feature as I cannot find it, or it may not be available. I am trying to make scale drawings for where equipment is laid out in a facility, or a scale drawing of a piece of equipment. For example, I would like to set that 1/4" on the drawing equals one foot and that the dimensions would specify that measurement. So, if I have a room that is 15' X 25', I would like that shown as my dimension even though I am working on an 8 1/2" X 11" workspace. Hopefully I explained this because right now I have to do these calculations manually... so .105 equals one foot. It would speed up my simple drawings considerable if I was able to do this. So, am I missing something or is this not available. Thank you all for your hard work bringing this awesome program to us; keep up the great job! Thanks Scott
  21. I would like to hold a key down with a selected object and be able to rotate and size using the trackpad gestures. Need to get away from using this handlebar nonsense! Another great feature would be to use Force Touch to set a pivot/transform point in relation to the object. For example, I often want to rotate an element with the pivot point in on the side, not the center. Supporting holding down a keyboard button to constrain to preset amounts (e.g. 45º for rotation, 10px for transform) should still work too.
  22. Hello, I have a issue when copying files from and to Illustrator. When copying geometry from Ilustrator to Affinity Designer it reduces the scale. Example: 10 mm in AI > 2,4mm in Affinity Designer. When copying geometry from Affinity to Illustrator it reduces the size about 20 percent <<< solved by setting "copy as svg" in Affinity Someone has a solution? Thanks and best regards pseudox
  23. Hi Affinity Designer devs, ;) as Desktop Publishing needs precison and strictness, scaling and positionning are must-have options for professionnals while importing photos or illustrations in a document. While selecting a photo you should have access to its scale in percentage vs its original size and then be able to numerically modify it. It would also be great to be able to numerically change the x & y position of the image in the container block. The summum would be to display the original resolution of the image file in dpi and the calculated resolution of the image on the printed Designer document. For now, the missing of these basic functionnalities prevents me from using Affinity Designer for my professionnal production. In a more general way, the more you give precise control to the user on the document's contents, the better it will be for a professionnal use. :) Thanks for your involvement in this promising software. Best Regards -- Fred
  24. Firstly, thank you again for Affiinty Designer. I'm really loving designing in it and how the features are growing! One thing which I would find really useful would be able to increase fonts by a single unit. I know that you can already use the up and down arrow keys for that, however you have to click out of the box for the new size to take effect. So, either please can the font scale as the units increase / decrease, in the same was as it does with the dropdown or can we have little up and down clickers next to the dropdown selector. Thanks. And, yes I created the very rough mockup in AD :D
  25. I'm sure there is a simple answer, but can't find it anywhere: how can I make font size of text inside a group scale proportionally with the group?