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  1. Thank you @toltec and @MEB Indeed Upscaling before placement is a solution, just not interactive for precise work great suggestion though! Re View Quality, yup - all set to Bilinear - probs not a solution, as mentioned. Resample on export .... I need to experiment with that more I think.. not ideal, but something to look at I wonder if its just the case that AP works differently to other editors... and at the moment, not the way I need it too.. darn it! Thanks again for replies
  2. Hi folks. I LOVE Affinity Photo, but right now there is a deal killer. I currently use Photoshop for Art creation - not so much photo editing. I already use Affinity Design, and have now found Affinity Photo to be just as intuitive and slick! But. I work by creating a new document, then paste images in as layers. I transform/resize/scale layers until I'm happy then save the image. I'm finding with AP, I'm not able to 're-sample' as I scale image layers, meaning images look degraded and often 'jaggy' both on screen and when exported as jpgs. I have read about resize document and resize pixel art - but neither of these are what I need to do - I just need to scale a given layer and have the image look reasonable given there will always be some degradation when mucking about like this. I've also read that re-sampling is done on export - but haven't found this to be the case. Even so, that means for fine touching up, I'm not looking at WYSIWYG. That's the best I can explain, I hope someone gets what I mean, and can tell me of an option I've missed or a workaround or something.. please help, I'm dying to cancel my Creative Cloud subscription!!! Cheers! - John
  3. New user :) Enjoying working with Affinity Designer - I've always found the rotate points feature extremely useful - so .. + another Scale, Rotate points

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