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  1. I sometimes run Illustrator 2019 on an old Microsoft Surface Pro with 4gb of ram. It's your hardware or malware issues, not software.
  2. I've come across this just a few times but it's pretty annoying when it happens. When you select a preset style (ex. "glass"), it creates a layer effect but no properties are set in the effects panel...except opacity. There are about 5 other places to adjust opacity in AD but the one on the effects panel is extremely difficult to find when there is no indication there is "FX" attached to that layer. Hard to explain but it's a very real issue imo. If a layer style is selected and the only thing changing in the actual effects panel is opacity, there should still be an indicator showing "FX" attached to the layer. I can take screenshots to explain further if absolutely necessary but I honestly don't have the time right now.
  3. Thank you for the link! Scale with object isn't bugged at all for me. I just don't get the reason to have it off by default. I do a lot of different things in AD and haven't come across one scenario that I would want something not to scale with the object. I could see if it were strictly pixel based maybe as you wouldn't want to distort certain images(?) but being that this is AD and not AP I would just like some clarification or maybe a setting that would allow us to have every "scale with object" checked by default.
  4. I think I remember reading a post regarding this topic but when I searched again I didn't see anything. Is there a reason why "scale with object" is unchecked by default for EVERYTHING. I don't see the relevance in having it turned off by default. FX, gradients, strokes, etc. I think when I read the post a month ago or so it said it was intended to be this way. I don't remember reading a legitimate reason but can we, or is there already an option to turn it on by default? That would save me SO much time and is an easy fix. I would rather uncheck it on the rare occasion I don't want something to scale with an object.
  5. $10 per sale can't make any company rich. $10,000 can't either. They have a very specific target market and constantly high development cost. Well, at this rate I can't be sure of their development cost, but that's beside the point. The longer the updates take, the more complaints they will receive on online forums and reviews on Reddit which have a huge outcome on their customer's purchasing decisions. They don't spend much on marketing from what I can tell (which can be good or bad) and their website looks really nice but does a HORRIBLE job of selling the products. There are dozens of more popular apps and software out there with comparable or cheaper cost. I did a few searches in the app store. While it sounds like I don't like them, I'm just giving constructive criticism. I bought both Designer and Photo and didn't want my money back so that says something. I actually REALLY like the software and would be a huge supporter and recommend it to a lot of people, but at the rate they're going it's difficult to maintain a steady sales flow and I can't be sure of their longevity. Perhaps that's where we're at right now as development seems pretty slow imo. Maybe I'm expecting too much. The thing is, if they don't address it quickly the main problem for them will be customer perception. If they plan on me or other people purchasing future software they really need to step it up. When you don't market much and don't utilize your website to sell your products you are going to heavily rely on word of mouth, the strongest type of advertisement. When those recommendations show a lot of people complaining and saying they support other software, that's not the type of advertising you want. They are definitely trying to pivot themselves directly with Adobe, which is great imo. I just hope we can get to version 2.0 sometime in the next 5 years. The current roadmap is very basic stuff that should already be here but instead, we have to wait for the basic stuff, then the more powerful features will hopefully, eventually come. People will move on by then and competitors will only get stronger. Here's to wishing Affinity the best and hoping they can speed up this development. It's a great platform, it just needs a few more powerful features.
  6. If we all thought like this then no new company would ever rise up unless they had virtually limitless investment funding. I purchased the software to support the devs so they can hopefully get things done quicker. There is literally no point in this software if they don't pivot themselves as Adobe competitors. Obviously, that's exactly what their main goal is as they have released direct software competitors to Adobe software and marketed them in the same way. Every month that passes that they lack the most basic features is a detriment to their overall goal. If they keep up this strategy they will find out really quick why Adobe switched to a monthly subscription plan. $50 for software isn't going to pay the bills for very long. When Affinity first came out I was excited at what they had and what was coming. As time passes it just gets more disappointing seeing their chosen direction and very slow updates. GIMP is open source, it can't be that difficult to take open source features and give it your own UI and UX and perfect it how you see fit. GIMP has SO many more features and is free, while I'd rather support Affinity at this point, their lack of updates makes it very difficult and I've already gone back to Adobe for the time being.
  7. I'm fixing my main PC and am using a very old laptop right now. It has 4gb of DDR2 ram with an old AMD processor and both Photo and Designer run amazing on it. They state the minimum requirements to run the software effectively. On the other hand, those listed minimum requirements are only for Publisher as I don't see any for Photo or Designer. They definitely need to add more information about each program on their website. They tried to copy Adobe too much in branding but you can't do that with a new product. Their marketing team doesn't seem the greatest tbh.
  8. It's been over a year since this post was made. There are already similar tools in their Photo software, why would such a simple, commonly used tool be overlooked for so long in their Designer software? I'd rather see a bunch of small updates that add completed features than having to wait years for an update that finally gives commonly used basic features. Affinity has something really special going but they can definitely mess it up if it's going to take this long to add basic stuff. I literally just bought the Designer software and can't use it anymore until they add a tool for perspective. I can live with a distort tool I guess but I have to go back to Illustrator now and there will be no point in me switching back and forth. I suppose Affinity got my money already so what's the rush right? I completely understand QA as I used to do quality assurance. It takes time, but there are ways to speed up the process where it doesn't completely ruin the usability for so many designers that rely on this basic function every day.
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