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  1. K, I tried one thing - save it as affinity designer file then exported again - all good.
  2. It's Montserrat Google font. It shows fine in the program, it only messes up the font in exported PDF. Also notice that it exports the italic font fine. Also, I am pretty sure these symbols are Montserrat font.
  3. Tried to open and edit older AI file then export it to PDF, this happens. It shows fine in Designer, but PDF shows alien writings, it catches only italic font somehow. I don't want this to happen again in future, so maybe there are some PDF settings or something?
  4. I need to transform from flat to isometric. I don't need a 3D model, I only need the top layer, I will draw the sides myself. Can I do this in AD or some free vector software?
  5. So the mod locked Expand Stroke post, and posted some "ultra legit" results of CorelDRAW and Illustrator in comparison as a final word. So here's a video where I doodle in Affinity Designer, try to expand the stroke then copy the same thing to Ilustrator and expand it. Just doing my part, exposing your lies and lack of responsibility. 2019-09-11_15-26-32.mp4
  6. Yes but in prod where you cut stuff, foil etc there are just too many details so you can overlook easily even if you triple check. If you are holding your breath every time you launch prod worrying your software may have failed you it's just not the way to work. If you have to check on everything everytime then you may as well write your own code to operate plotters, printers etc. Keep in mind we are talking about critical bugs dev's know about for years. It's no excuse.
  7. Not taking anything for granted is one thing and I agree, but there is a limit where you put a certain amount of trust in basic tasks software should be able to handle. If you have to triple check every step manually it will add way too much stress which is very bad.
  8. Absolutely, but that's where the problem is. Expand stroke works sometimes as it should, but sometimes it loses nodes or messes the shape up. The worse scenario is that the result is barely noticeable with bare eye so you launch the prod and you find out you spend money on bunch of scrap. This could be forgivable if it wasn't... 5 years in development of so called professional software. Btw this passive aggressive guy reacting to my comments with a cry smiley is adorable.
  9. Backups of physical materials? I don't know you can back those up.
  10. Insinuations´╗┐? Do you have any idea what happens when prod of a big project goes to waste because of a software bug? The answer is NO you don't. And this bug has been for 5 years from what I understand. This is not acceptable and people are outraged. Like I said before the only people who defend Affinity are amateurs or aspiring designers who have no clue what professional design process is.
  11. The size of element shouldn't matter, so you should obviously know as a dev. A proper vector editor has to be precise. It's actually even worse if the result is barely noticeable so if big prod is launched and the result doesn't fit, looks funny etc. I mean you know all this right?
  12. So do small businesses need fewer design tools? I run a small business and I'd much rather use InkScape because it actually has tools that work. The only people who defend Affinity here are either amateur/aspiring designers who have no idea how any of this works.
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