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  1. I'll give this a try. I think I dragged on every point I could see. Somehow I don't remember seeing the point your red arrow is pointing to. Chock it up to inexperience with the program. Thanks.
  2. In this instance, I was working on a some text on a line (or curve, if you like). I tried using the Selection tool and the Node tool while holding down the Shift key and dragging, but I could not get the shape to resize or scale.
  3. In Illustrator, I can scale or resize an object by using the Selection tool and grabbing a point on a shape and dragging it. I can keep the scaling proportional by holding down the Shift key as I drag. I can't find any way to scale or resize a shape in Designer. Is there a specific key combination to get the job done?
  4. Is Affinity Photo 1.5.2 the most current update. I don't know the Build Number I have because the About window doesn't show it. Will Affinity provide in-app updates in the future? I also own Affinity Designer, which doesn't even show up under my purchases at the App Store.
  5. I signed in and out and in to the App Store, and I still never saw a number next to the Updates tab, or an update available for Affinity Designer in the Updates window. But when I went to purchases, Affinity Designer it had a button labelled INSTALL next to it. Clicking that started the 1.5 download and install.
  6. An upgrade for Affinity Designer 1.5 is not showing up on the App Store Updates. Is it not available as advertised?