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  1. The installation of V2 did not transfer the existing assets from any of the programs in V1. Is there a function in V2 that will allow me to go and collect the assets in the V1 versions which I still have installed?
  2. The installers for all 3 programs said they were importing custom content (or simply content in Publisher) but none of the new versions contain any of my LUTs, brushes, papers or any other assets. Can this transfer be automated or do i have to manually reload everything. On an iMac running Catalina.
  3. Hi, Vlad. I have the Topaz products as well, but I've never heard of them having plug-ins for Affinity Photo. Where are they on the the Topaz sight, if you don't mind me asking?
  4. Hello, Richard I also use Aurora HDR. Where did you find the Affinirty plugin?
  5. Yesterday I downloaded and installed updates for Designer, Photo and Publisher. Before beginning, I had 766 Gigs of HD space available. After installing the updates, HD space had dropped to 459 Gigs of space. Would the updates have anything to do with this dramatic 7-Gig decline in HD space?
  6. When I open AD version 1.9, I receive a message that a new version, 1.9.1 is available. I go through all the steps to download and install the new version. When I start up the program again, I still have version 1.9, and once again I receive the message to update. This is like Groundhog day all over again!
  7. I could do this in Photoshop with the gradient tool, but I can't find a way to do it in AP. I want to have a photo in a full-page ad at the top of a page to gradually fade into the copy block below it. In Photoshop, I could apply a gradient affect that would melt into transparent space at its bottom edge (or any age, for that matter). It was great for doing collages. Anyone been able to do this in AP?
  8. I wasn't able to locate that panel, but I did finally find a way to reduce background opacity of text frames. In English, what window opens those tools?
  9. I'm sure there's a perfectly simple answer to this question, but I'm new to publisher and I don't have a book to refer to. After assembling my document, I decided to put in a semi-transparent image beneath the composition. When I placed the image on the lowest layer, I noticed that all my text was sitting in white, horizontal boxes. Now my document looks like a ransom note. I've looked in every menu and every tool, and I can't remove the white background behind my text. Any thoughts? Image attached.Thanks in advance. P.S. Whats the difference in function between the Place Image tool and the Picture Frame Rectangle tool?
  10. Back to the same old problem. Designer won't open a single file — even a simple .jpg that opens fine in Photo (.jpg attached). Warning: /Users/danielleavey/Work Folder/Halliday/Nature love - 5000x2808.jpg The file could not be opened because permission was denied.
  11. I have copies of the original purchase, but, oh, what a pain reinstalling them. I downloaded a fresh copy of Designer from the App store and installed it. That went well, but I can't get the program to create a new document. I set it up for an 8.5 x 11 sheet, but, as you can see from the screen shot, the create button is not active. The is really getting frustrating.
  12. I purchased my copy of Designer and Photo through the App Store. I need to download a clean copy to try and remedy some problems. Where can I download Designer to accomplish this? I seem to remember Affinity migrating those purchases over to their server when they opened the online store, which would, of course made life a lot simpler for people in my position. Maybe I'm just dreaming that that happened. In any case, I need to download Designer. Will re-installing Designer remove all the brushes I've purchased?
  13. I ran TechTool Pro 12 and finally managed to get all the programs running together (fingers crossed). But now I can't get Designer to save a file to any folder that I create, Every very other program I have can save a file to a folder I created on my hard drive. Designer won't. It keeps giving me the message: " "Save failed because you do not have permission to create a file in that location.Do you wish to save the document to a new file?" Affinity Photo saves a file anywhere I want to save it! Some people have suggested repairing permissions, but that function is no longer available in Disk Repair, and not necessary in the latest OSX.
  14. Every other program I have can save a file to a folder I created on my hard drive. Designer won't. It keeps giving me the message: " Save failed because you do not have permission to create a file in that location. Do you wish to save the document to a new file?" Affinity Photo saves a file anywhere I want to save it!
  15. Not coincidentally, the “repair disk permissions” option in Disk Utility — long used for troubleshooting various Mac problems — has now been removed. System Integrity Protection should prevent crucial file permissions from being tampered with, anyway. The Disk Utility has been redesigned and still has a “First Aid” option for repairing errors, but includes no way to repair permissions.
  16. Update: As of Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan, the Disk Utility in Mac OS X no longer includes a way to repair Disk Permissions. This is no longer necessary thanks to System Integrity Protection.
  17. In the article I was referred to by another forum member, there is reference made to an option on the lower right-hand corner of the Disk Utility First Aid window go repair permissions. As the screen shot above and the one I've attached shows, that option doesn't exist in Catalina. I had run TechTool Pro 12 hoping it would catch those problems for me.
  18. I can't get Designer to save my files in any folder containing my work. Every time I click on SAVE AS, name the file, and select a location, I get the warning: "Save failed because you do not have permission to create a file in that location." We're even talking about my Documents folder. Why would I not have permission to save files in my Documents folder? Just to reassure myself, I did a Get-Info on the Document folder and, for sure, I have the permission to Read and Write to that location. Also, I can't open a .jpg created by Photo because Designer doesn't recognize the file type. Again, this is the same .jpg that caused Photo to freeze after creating and saving it. Can someone tell my what may be happening here? With freezes and failures to save and open files, I haven't been able to work for days.
  19. I also wasn't sure if all the brushes I purchased from Frankentoon and others would be retained if I re-installed Designer, for instance. I did download and re-install Publisher because I've never added any extras to the program, so I had nothing to lose.
  20. As of yesterday, after I updated Publisher, I couldn't get either Photo or Designer to open up. There was no indicator light on under their icons on the dock. However, if I clicked on their icons, I had the option to right click and Force Quit the applications (strange stuff). I ran the full set of TechTool Pro's suite of tools on my Mac last night, then called it quits. Today I was able to open Photo and Designer. However, after exporting a .jpg in Photo, the program froze. Right-clicking on the program's icon in the dock did not give me a Force Quit option. I had to use Option > Command > Escape. Publisher opened okay. Yes, Photo and Designer were the 1.8 versions before I downloaded Publisher's 1.8 update.
  21. I downloaded the Publisher 1.8 update. Now none of my Affinity apps will start up. What the heck is going on?
  22. How do I install .afdesign files, like the Fineliner Broken Lines.afdesign file, for example?
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