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  1. Thanks for your reply DM1. I have my color palette created with the colors I want to use in the design, but I would like to save them as global colors so once I finish (or while working) if I decide to change hue/saturation I dont have to recolor every part of the design that uses that color manually. In the desktop version is really easy, like shown in this screenshot Is there anyway to do this in the ipad version?
  2. Hi everyone! My name is Matias, I´m a graphic designer who fell in love with Affinity! I use it in my everyday work and also for some illustrations as a way to improve my drawing skills. I´ll try my best to keep moving forward. This is an illustration jouney. Come join me!
  3. Hi! I´m having trouble with the colors swatches in the ipad version of Affinity Designer. Is there any way to save global colors?
  4. I noticed that when you have a circular shape with a wide stroke and pressure applied it starts showing some weird artifacts.
  5. Really glad to hear since I use that feature a lot!!
  6. I'm new to affinity designer and couldn't help noticing there is no scale tool. Yes, you can scale an objetc from its corners and all that but if I want a part of a shape to be scaled down I cant. So a simple shape like the one I'm attaching is much harder to achieve in affinity. The stroke wont round one of the edges and as there is no scale tool I can't select the 3 points of the shape to scale down and simulate a stroke with pressure.
  7. Hi everyone! I bought affinity designer and started using it for my professional work and came across a problem. I want my stroke to have pressure and both ends to be circular but for some reason only one of them is circular and the other one is looking weird. Attached files will help to see what I mean. I cant figure out how to fix this problem.
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