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    Master Page changes

    Yeah, I was looking myself to see if you right click on a page you added a master to, to see if you can unlink all master page items or command shift click on a item on a page to unlink that one item.
  2. Really very, very, very impressed with the program. I didn't see how to do the following or maybe just didn't know how to do it in Publisher. • Master Pages 1. Facing pages radial selection could not get it to change to Facing pages. 2. A way to override master pages on a page so you can edit just one page, like an option to override all master page items or a short cut key where you can click on an item on you page and just override that object or text. For example the (Greedy Sun-Dried Brick company you know who I'm talking about starts with Letter A) if you hold down command shift and click on object on a page you can override it to modify it for just that page you are working on. 3. On Master Pages, when adding one couldn't find an option to Base the added or any other Master Pages on another Master Page. For example: If I have a repeating customer information line at the bottom of every page instead of copy it to an new Master Page every time I just Base it on the Mast Page that has it and then add what ever information to that new master page, again it's something from that (Gready Sun-Dried Brick company) * More Text Insert Options 1. I would love to see more options added like the following: Creation Date, File Name, Last Page Number, Modification Date and Out Put Date. Add the ability to edit the insert options like date formats and if you want to keep the file extension or not. • Paragraph 1. Columns: I couldn't find how to adjust the gutter between the text columns. Thanks,
  3. I would love to see Designer have the ability to work in scale and able to use call outs and measurements. would come in very handy.