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  1. Thank you very much. The Picker-Toll remains a "mystery" for me. The way it is designed, I can't remember it. And since for many of these reasons very little "work" with Affinity is also a "problem" every time ... But, that is another topic ­čÖé
  2. Ahaaaa... the picker gives me the original color (black in the screenshot), but not the info from the layer. There I find the setting 50%. I would have expected that Color black, but in the slider then 50%. So it would make sense for me sponatn. Or the hint to the layer Nevertheless. Problem solved - Thank you!
  3. Kann mir irgendwer erkl├Ąren wie ich an die exacten Farbdaten und Anzeige der Buchstaben im Bild komme? Ehrlich gesagt finde ich, auch 2021 sind die Tools von Serif intuitiv wie eine Eisenbahnschiene. Sorry, ich finde keine passende Worte f├╝r den Frust Can anyone explain to me how to get the exact color data and display of the letters in the image? Honestly, even in 2021, I think Serif's tools are as intuitive as a railroad track. Sorry, I can not find the right words for the frustration
  4. Font not available Installed font is not available in Designer In Afinity's other apps, yes. In all other apps on the computer yes. Is this a feature or a bug? The help file on the topic is also not correct as I see it. Open the font management: Select Manage Fonts from the Document menu. In my version of Affinity Designer there is no "Document menu" Inappropriate wording maybe
  5. I have no idea what the affinity programs do in the background ... ­čś× I have a christmas cap as .EPS. Colored. Open in AD - all in grayscale... (?) Affinity Feature? I tried to convert the file or profile... nothing. Open in Gravit-Designer - looks like it should look like. Preview in Finder - correct. And the help pages in Affinity with the 7pct font are too tiring to read. Close and open the software - no effect But I have found nothing either Any ideas...?
  6. Thanks, What an effort ... I need to select every single layer and then rasterize and trim it ..... Ha ha. I think I need to get back to Photoshop after all
  7. First of all thanks for your help. But I guess I'm too stupid, because I can't follow you exactly. Maybe I also think it's too complicated, because Affinity doesn't offer a "simple" solution On the left side you can see the state I do NOT want to have. Because what do I need Affinity Photo for, if it prints the pictures in the original format. On the right you can see the output format. Each layer should be output in this format and with the correct layer name. That's all there is to it
  8. Hi, I'm going crazy. I have 60 motifs in different sizes for a presentation. I have an APhoto file 4k-UHD. All images loaded into the file -> 60 layers. Each layer has its own name. Now I want to output ALL layers in 4k-UHD format with one click. I can not do it. Maybe the program is too simple for that and I make it too complicated? In Photoshop I would be finished for a long time. In the meantime I have started to export EACH layer individually. But I can't do that in time because the export takes forever. Now, I need to move the praesentation to next week :-(
  9. Lieben Dank f├╝r die ausf├╝hrliche Info. Ich taste mich mal daran. Mit APub bin ich nicht vertraut und finde es nach wie vor immer wieder etwas umst├Ąndlich, was Serif sich da zusammen schraubt. 1a Features, aber der Workflow / GUI / Settings dann doch im Detail etwas schwierig ... Danke nochmals
  10. Moin Dom, easy find hab ich. Best ever. Reader nicht, weil ich eigentlich Adobe nicht mehr nutze. Aber mit der Installation kommen dann die Sprachpakete (!?) Warum das Serif nicht selber macht .. hmmm. Egal... ich versuche das mal Danke einstweilen! OK, Pfad ist da... nur "meine" Sprachversion nicht. Publisher verlangt "en-DE". Dazu ist aber nichts zu finden ­čś×
  11. Moin, klingt sehr viel versprechend. Habe das gleich Problem, aber der Pfad existiert bei mir nicht. Muss dann also der Reader installiert sein? Danke!
  12. Yes!!! I have to prepare / deliver Photoshop files for a customer today. I thought you could do that with Affinity. Right, the format works. But text is not editable. This is from 2016 ... (funny)
  13. Sorry, but it's really pathetic. The programs have really great features, but are sometimes so terrible to use. I switched back to a cheap subscription to Photoshop two weeks ago. And it will probably be similar with Affinity Designer. Working with the slice tool alone is driving me crazy. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/45370-copypaste-slice-or-edit-all-slices-is-this-possible/
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