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  1. Moin allerseits, ich bekomme gerade extrem Kopfschmerzen, weil ich die in der Hilf ausgeschriebene Anleitung zum Abschalten o.a. Funktion nicht finde. Unter den Settings -> Werkzeuge finde ich es einfach nicht Nicht Leinwand nicht drehen .. nichts.. Suche ich falsch? Habe ich ein alte Version? Ist die Hilfe veraltetet? Ein-/Ausschalten der Ansichtsrotation für das Dokument mit Scrollrad: Wählen Sie im Menü Affinity Photo die Option Einstellungen aus und aktivieren/deaktivieren Sie unter Werkzeuge die Option Drehen der Leinwand mit + Scrollrad aktivieren.
  2. Nun bin ich auch betroffen. Es funktioniert überhaupt nicht. Und wenn es nicht am Mac / MacBook liegen sollte, dann finde ich die ganze Angelegenheit höchst unprofessionell. Im ColorSync Ordner sollte alles vorhanden sein. In Beiden Programmen AP und AD sind unterschiedliche Profile, und manche überhaupt nicht. Und Profile über den Weg des Progamm-Pakets installieren? Echt jetzt? 🙈
  3. I think I ask this question every year and I don't give up hope. Since the beginning of Affinity programs there is a desire for a tidy user interface. Arranging palettes / windows. And exactly since then, it still doesn't work. Combine palettes in a user friendly block, move them together and dock them to the main window accordingly .... ? No way. How can you help the Affinity team with this? With examples? They should know them, right? Since I am again lost in the maze of palettes and have lost so much time, I will write my document (in publisher) using the Office functions of Google. Almost a blessing Stay safe!
  4. Thank you, that's what I was thinking about. The tutorials on "refine" made me think that went particularly well with it. Because you can just avoid the tedious manual work with it. But, as they confirm, nothing has really changed in the procedure Nevertheless, it still bothers me a lot that already masked areas are changed... That could be worked on, couldn't it? And, it would be great, if Affinity brings out a special brush set for it
  5. Thank you very much. And that is exactly how it is. I make it exact until 02:00 in the video And exactly then I have the representation like in my screen (see above) In relation to the video, the lower edge of the mouth loses its mask again (see Hair in my screen (3) 😞
  6. Sorry for the late reply and thanks for the hint. So I had the setting. Attached is a screenshot with the steps in the order I saw in the tutorials Mask, refine Show mask Terrible
  7. Hello, I'm watching a lot of tutorials on cropping right now. Especially hair. Unfortunately, none of them work for me. Are there any presets that need to be fixed beforehand in the preferences? So, selecting a person with brush (W) goes. Then refine the hair area and select further doesn't work, because all areas that were already selected before are partially undone. So if you click on apply, you have a smear at the "edge" ziwchen hair and background. Thanks
  8. As a default setting? WHO like this? Thank you, I know there is a manual. With all due respect. All of life is a manuel. If you've been driving many different cars for 20 years, and now you switch again to another brand... what do you expect when you get in and start to drive? That it will go backwards? And then someone tells you... look in the manual.... Haha - if you want to make learned things worse... then look at Affinity....
  9. Hi, I have permanently a blue semi-transparent circle at my input. no matter if pen, text or whatever. Just like in a screen presentation. I can't find anything to turn it off. And it's really annoying. And only with Affinity 🙈 Thanks
  10. Hello, is there any way to link AD and Ap? So working in AD as the master composing document and get images from AP, without using copy and paste? Like Auto-update! Like in FinalCut and Motion? Or After-Effects and Illustrator Thanks Mischugo
  11. Thank you very much. The Picker-Toll remains a "mystery" for me. The way it is designed, I can't remember it. And since for many of these reasons very little "work" with Affinity is also a "problem" every time ... But, that is another topic 🙂
  12. Ahaaaa... the picker gives me the original color (black in the screenshot), but not the info from the layer. There I find the setting 50%. I would have expected that Color black, but in the slider then 50%. So it would make sense for me sponatn. Or the hint to the layer Nevertheless. Problem solved - Thank you!
  13. Kann mir irgendwer erklären wie ich an die exacten Farbdaten und Anzeige der Buchstaben im Bild komme? Ehrlich gesagt finde ich, auch 2021 sind die Tools von Serif intuitiv wie eine Eisenbahnschiene. Sorry, ich finde keine passende Worte für den Frust Can anyone explain to me how to get the exact color data and display of the letters in the image? Honestly, even in 2021, I think Serif's tools are as intuitive as a railroad track. Sorry, I can not find the right words for the frustration
  14. Font not available Installed font is not available in Designer In Afinity's other apps, yes. In all other apps on the computer yes. Is this a feature or a bug? The help file on the topic is also not correct as I see it. Open the font management: Select Manage Fonts from the Document menu. In my version of Affinity Designer there is no "Document menu" Inappropriate wording maybe
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