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  1. Hi, I still don't find the affinity menus intuitive. Compared to all programs I know so far. But unfortunately I sometimes MUST work with them. At the moment I have the task of duplicating an artboard with objects and slices, adjusting and outputting the objects within the slices. But, why isn't the slice displayed in the copy of the artboard? Cheers
  2. Hmmmm, I have to design something with AD for a long time. 6 Artboards. Each a logo, a world map (dots) and some text. If I move an artboard to another position, everything jolts. snoring slowly. Not to think of, I would have a larger file to edit. MBPro 10.14.6 NVIDIA GeForce GT750M 2 GB Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB RAM 16GB Open GL + Open GL (easy) - no improvement Metal - no improvement Crazy
  3. Just what I was looking for.... Thank you very much. As further info a hint: If you export the file as SVG to open it in Sketch App, the lines will not be scaled anymore. Even the dimensions are not correct. 22px x 16px become 101px x 76px (???) But if you export (from AD) as .EPS everything works fine. Thanks :-) Thanks Affinty
  4. Hello, is there any option to scale also the strokes of an object? I have tried to scale in some other software .... but without success :-( The original file is 640px (width), i need 22px width If possible, i would like to export th result also to an WMF File. Thanks for any ideas
  5. Lets change the licenses. Affinity can't handle it. Here you are to blame yourself. Affinity never. You have to look at the company more than 2 x otherwise you have unfortunately bought wrong. Has not happened to me with all programs in the last 25 years. But why does this not surprise me here. Too much trust is not always good :-) If you like - PM
  6. I followed the first call and ordered/paid immediately. Now I got my license key, but for the Windows version. I need the MacVersion ... as usual! And also the Affinity for Mac downlaod Thanks
  7. Ich dachte schon, ich bin "immer" alleine ...
  8. It's been a year. And I guess there are also older posts about organizing and saving workspaces. Now there is an update and still everything is as before. Dear Affinity Team, what is so hard about this step of improvement to go. It's certainly not due to expertise. Aren't you allowed? Do you have a "nerd" as project manager who has nothing in mind with usability? Or are you just stubborn? Take a look around the real world and see how something like this works. Then you'll notice how useful it is. I am glad that I can still use Photoshop.
  9. Many thanks for the helpful information. I look very rarely here, because I don't use Affinity very often anymore. Especially because so many things didn't really work or were missing. I don't doubt the ability of the team. But, sorry, I'm only interested in the result :-) Thanks again
  10. Sorry, I just don't have time for beta versions right now. Affinity is not the only provider of software. And "thank God" I don't have to use it every day either.
  11. I'm not sure, but I think Affinity is in a game of deep sleep. At least if you think about the updates ;-)
  12. Fresh installation? what does that have to do with a fresh installation? Open program, open saved workspace (e.g. image editing), work. Or maybe, open the workspace - "working with text" .... OK, guys, the subject is for much simply difficult to understand. Small hint from another "world" Most people love their cars more than anything else. Now they buy a new car (other brand) after a comprehensive inspection. But then, oh, fright!!! The side mirrors must be completely readjusted after every engine start ... Start, adjust, drive off, switch off. Start, adjust, drive off .... Or, simply to avoid this, let the car run. 24 hours ... every day Translation -> suggestion (from my point of view) Any suggestions and ideas are welcome /Alle Vorschläge und Ideen sind willkommen. He had a sound rationale for his suggestion / Er hatte für seinen Vorschlag eine gute Begründung. I am always open for suggestions from the audience / Ich bin immer offen für Anregungen aus dem Publikum. This suggestion / feature request is as old as the Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer software. Now it would have been the time to use this option in Publisher. Then update AP and AD But it doesn't seem to be important for Serif at all. That's why I suggested the topic again and at the same time expressed my displeasure (because it has still not been implemented) Since I have noticed now also here in the forum that it does not seem really important, the matter is not further important to me to discuss here. No problem! Thank you very much for your critical remarks. It's really too complicated for me to discuss such a basically simple matter too misleadingly and in small parts ;-) workflow.mp4
  13. I don't understand!!! it's about the options of configuring the palettes and connecting them to each other as you would like them to. And then save this state. I must wonder what the answer is supposed to tell me. If this is too difficult, please close or delete the thread ... What is a suggestion that is correct labeled (?)
  14. Hello, Today i have installed Affinity Publisher and first of all I have compiled my worklow as far as possible. But it is not possible. I had hoped the many suggestions (earlier for AP and AD) would have had an effect. But nothing at all has done. The possibility to create, organize and save your own workflow is extremely important to me. And also the lateral docking is still not possible. I have opened 7 to 10 programs at times. And again and again a fragment of affinity lies in between and disturbs the complete working process. Really embarrassing. Sorry. I just can't understand it. It doesn't have to be as perfect as in Capture One Pro :-) Maybe that doesn't interest most people at all. But me very much. Publisher uninstalled! Thanks for trying out a minute

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