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  1. In Publisher 2.2.0 and 2.2.1 on Windows 10.0.19045, the drag handles for picture frames can get dissociated from the actual frame position. Video 2023-10-20 11-18-31.mp4 When this happens, the lock children function ceases to work the way it should, the children are always locked. Steps to reproduce 1. Create an empty frame on the canvas 2. Fill the frame with an image 3. Move the frame around and/ or resize the handles (perhaps check and uncheck the lock children button a few times) 3. You'll notice that neither the content frame nor the picture frame are aligned 2023-10-20 11-27-44.mp4
  2. Hi, Is there a way to snap handles in Affinity Designer? I can snap nodes and objects just fine, but when dragging a curve handle, I can't seem to find a way to snap the handle. Thanks, Joona
  3. It's frustrating to have to select a point to show the handles: I don't have any reason to have any handles hidden, and if I press ctrl-a to select every point so that every handle is shown, then if I want to move a point I have to click click-drag when I want to move any point without moving all the other points.
  4. Hi Serif, it looks like the issue I reported back in March was fixed just partially. The same issue occurs when trying to zoom when using the Mesh Warp Tool - see the screencast below. Thanks for a fix in advance.
  5. Hi there, When you're adjusting a curve with the node handles, Is there any way to a) make the opposite handle follow your adjustment as exact mirror image – i.e., so the two sides of a curve are perfectly symmetrical? and b) have the handles themselves snap to grid? So that the curve can be repeated perfectly, on another node? I'm imagining this could be invoked with Control or Command Thanks!
  6. Another usability issue - a usability classic - objects look too similar. In a complex drawing this really is annoying and confusing. Node handles look almost exactly like smooth nodes. When you are looking at many nodes it just starts to blur together and I have made many erroneous clicks due to the visual similarity. Changing handler size in preferences is no fix. Could you please adjust the colour of the nodes or make some other change to the handles so they stand out? I think you have to choose another color - and if could be personalized it would be perfect. Extreme example with all nodes selected just to show how it turns into a show of identical bubbles...
  7. I much prefer Affinity's pen tool and ability to quickly add and delete nodes and bend existing strokes as I trace over things to what illustrator offers. that said... Is there a way to pull in one of the two handles of a node to the center of the node so the stroke on that side makes a hard point and the other side of the node still has a handle that can be manipulated? Basically i want to be able to create a hard stop of a stroke at a node point and then bend and curve the stroke after that hard stop. In Illustrator, I could just grab one of the handles and pull it in to the node and it would snap in and disappear. Right now the workaround I use in Affinity Designer is to select the node and use the "sharp" convert option at the top of the screen and then using the node tool, pull on the stroke further along to re-bend it. Hope that makes sense -thanks!
  8. As I'm still unable to add screen shots to forum posts I have to do this as a link to an image on Google Drive. I hope it works. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aABcWxnxTHtgUFO7z6o-MmPuWg9LbsOK/view?usp=sharing That screen shot shows the aftermath of the following steps: With an image in the clipboard (a screen shot): 1. Draw a frame with the Picture Frame tool. 2. With the frame selected, right-click and select Paste as Content The screen shot now appears within the picture frame. But there's something missing. There should be a second outer handle at the lower-right of the frame. But there isn't. When that kind of additional handle is showing, moving the picture frame handles can crop the image, though moving the outer handle at the lower right will resize frame and image together without cropping. Have I omitted some required step? What became of that outer handle?
  9. If I draw or select a shape, its handles and bounding box are active as long as it's selected. Okay so far. But when I elect to add a Layer Effect, the handles and bounding box should be temporarily hidden, as they can obscure the very effects I'm carefully applying. I realize that, unlike Photoshop, AD allows me to edit/deselect a shape even while the Layer Effects window is in the foreground. It's not really a modal window! So what's the solution? Well, a compromise might be to hide the handles and bounding box, when the Layer Effects window is present, unless my cursor explicitly moves over the active shape -- making those things more sensitive to my actual intent, in other words. Otherwise assume that I need those to be hidden until I've dismissed the Layer Effects window.
  10. So, the first hangup of working in 1.7, you can't snip off half of the Bezier curve. It deletes both handles. So ppl are gonna have to learn how to approximate the middle of the curve and build that way. I dont know if this was an unintentional change, but if it was made intentionally, It's not really ideal. Thoughts?
  11. My first question here! :-) Love the paths! Just a first thing that I don't get to find (maybe not implemented yet?) I know that I can press SHIFT to force Horizontal, Vertical, 45 degrees, when drawing. OK. But, how to force to that angles H/V/45 to some existing handles? (previously created, I mean) In Illustrator/Photoshop we press SHIFT. But Affinity uses that key to maintain existing angle (a fantastic utility, I love it). Thanks!
  12. I need perfectly symmetrical curves for a water symbol. How can I do this? I can snap the nodes to the grid and whatever else. But I can’t figure out a way to make the node handles snap. Help please. Thanks. C3559A0F-37E3-4429-B562-9CE51182E91C.MOV
  13. Hi, I'm working a lot with the pen tool to draw smooth curves or straight curves, but I find myself a lot of times wanting to make one handle in a 90 degrees straight angle (no curve) leaving the other side smooth (curved). Look at the video of a simplified situation I have almost dayly here. As you can see there's no way (at least I know rightnow) to make one side of the curve 90degrees straight. Just to be complete: I know about boolean operators and masks, but boolean operators unfortunately result in a lot of junk anchors at the current version of Publisher and change the way the curve is build. That's not what I want. Neither do I want to use non-destructive methods like masks, clips, artboards or whatever. I really want to cut off the shape destructive without creating extra/different anchor points that messes up the shape. So in short: I'd like to cut of one handle or make it straight... 1) Is there a way to cut a handle, or making one handle a 'straight' one, leaving the other one curved? 2a) Is there a way to snap a handle to a 45, 90, ..., 180, ... and so on degree angle or set the rotation from anchor to handle by numbers? 2b) Right now I can't find a way to know if the angle is straight. Is there any way to know at what exact angle a handle is to its anchorpoint? If this would be possible that would make my day(s) how-to-cut-a-handle.mp4
  14. Hey everyone! Do you know if there is a way in Affinity Designer to mirror the rotation of handles that are not aligned by 180° to each other? I also attached an image to illustrate this (I've got H1 and H2 and want to place H1 to H1 new): (EDIT: In the image, the distance from the node to H2 and from the node to H1 new are different. It should be the same, though. Using shift + dragging the handle will snap it to the same distance, but also force it to snap back to 0°) Also, when I make changes to a node's handles (N1 in the following image), can I paste those changes to another node (, maybe including mirroring, which in this case would be needed)? I could modify the data in 3D applications and import it back using SVG, but that approach seems kind of overkill and not like an efficient workflow. Thanks for any ideas, Greetings, Shu
  15. Hello! Is it possible to snapping the bezier handles to shapes in Affinity Designer? Thanks! wave.afdesign
  16. I teach a monthly class using a cutting machine so I am always on the look out for free SVG cutting files I can use. I have found that often these files have errors in them and need to be edited before they cut well. One common problem is double lines. This month's project had several score (dashed) lines duplicated which resulted in the paper cutting clear through when I did my test. In trying to delete the extra lines, I was having a terrible time clicking on the actual node itself and not its handle. No matter how hard I tried, I always seemed to grab the handle. Is there a way to turn off the handles when editing so that I am only moving or deleting nodes themselves? If not, would you consider adding that ability? I do have that ability in another program, unfortunately, it doesn't have enough other controls - which is why I got Affinity. That and I used Serif products back in the day when they could make my dot matrix printer look good enough for me to have a business in DTP.
  17. Hi, I'm going from AI to Designer. In Illustrator you press SHIFT to get 100% horizontal & vertical handels when dragging . Is this possible in Designer? Thnx for the help. Olaf
  18. Hello, one thing has been on my mind lately. Designer would be the supreme vector program in the marketplace if it would take on a few features from the font creation softwares: 1. If user wishes, multiple handles from multiple nodes are selectable and movable without moving the unselected node(s): 2. Handles could be moved by the user with arrow keys, just as selected nodes are movable now: 3. There is an option that user can move a node (which has handles) but the position of the handles does not move: These things would make the vectoring terrifyingly more usable. Cheers, Markku
  19. Hi, I am a recent convert to AD and I have some questions. I come from Illustrator, so I have some workflow questions. I really like the intuitive way the pen tool works and this was the main reason for using AD. However I have some questions regarding the editing of nodes and handles. 1. Is their a possibilty to align different nodes (averaging) like in Illustrator? I find this quite a useful option and would love to use it in AD 2. When I draw with the pen, I can use shift to constrain angles, but after I have drawn a shape I have not found a way to constrain it to these angles, which is a bit frustrating as I can not be sure if they are perfectly horizontal/vertical. Is there a workaround or method to archieve this? Plus: is their a way to change the angles in preferences? 3. Following up on question 2: it is possible to snap nodes to a grid, but is the same also possible for handles? This would be useful especially for more regular geometric shapes. BTW I love the new grid options in the Beta, AD is getting better and better!
  20. Hi there, Request for better visual contrast between Smooth Nodes and their Control Handles. Blue Circles, all! Because the Control Handles are only distinguishable by being a bit smaller, when you've selected a bunch of nodes, it can be a real visual challenge to sort them out. It's not a big deal if you're mostly drawing straight lines. But when you draw complex, organic shapes (like sketching in vectors with a stylus), you get long lines full of nodes, and when you select them, it looks like a string of blue Christmas lights! (<—Click attached JPG of the same path: Top is nodes unselected, Bottom is selected.) The Control Handles make it look like 3 times as many nodes. Personally I'd prefer if Control Handles were either - a different colour than nodes, or - a different shape, or - both. (Or customizable in Prefs!) Thanks, - pbass
  21. 1. Is there any way to constrain the movement of the handles, (e.g. 45°) when editing the nodes? 2. Is there anyway to select different curves by dragging the tool instead of clicking on each curve when using the node tool? Thanks for the help
  22. While doing the tutorial on Ketchup for Blood. I followed it to the letter, even retracing each step of the trainer. I could not select the right corner handle and get the red resizing ring to extend. After discussions with members, they suggested selecting Smart Mode in the Pen tool was the reason. The handles do not look like the corner tutorial or the Ketchup for Blood tutorial. Instead of blue square handles they are too small to grab and and they won't pull out with the red ring. When I recreated the design from scratch, the corner tool behaved perfectly, and that was using Smart Mode. So that is a mystery to me. Maybe it is something I did, so I am willing to send the project file for examination, but it does seem this corner tool is not consistent. Please let me know. I have attached this link that shows the handles are round instead of square HERE. Let me know if you need more file(s) and/or info as it is all saved. Michael
  23. I have a group of masked adjustment layers. When I try to move the hole group to position it, the borders of the group don't represent the borders of the sum of the masks inside the group. In fact the handles are far outside the image and the group "area" is very small. (see attached sample)group borders.afphoto
  24. Would be great to have handles snapping to grid and guides.
  25. Hi, 1. I think it is crucial to have the possibility to align node handles in 45 degree steps AFTER they are created. Preferably with a keystroke like alt-shift or something like that, of course. So far it is only possible to so WHILE creating the nodes. 2. I would love to to be able to change both node handles of a curve at the same time in order to keep them equal. So far I just can make them equally one after the other. Thanks and best
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