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  1. YEAHHHH… Finally, on 1.7 this is already possible. Thanks, Affinity :-)
  2. And here is again another bump…
  3. I'm a little embarrassed to ask, but is this already possible with AD 1.6.1? I don't find a way to do it...
  4. Thats is great news! :-D Looking for to try it once is available. If you could also take a look to this old feature request would be fantastic! Thank you so much for your effort.
  5. Thanks for your feedback, MEB :-) I hope so… some day… This functionality is an absolute “must” for precise drawing.
  6. BUMP! Is there some “magic” keystroke to achieve this? I'm trying on 1.5.5, without success. And this is a “must” for me… But maybe there is some trick I don't know? (apart from re-dragging out a node using the Pen tool, I mean…)
  7. Just a BUMP to this, since I don't see how I can achieve this feature using the latest 1.3.2 version. Another user, Nametag, is asking for same feature on this post (look to mov video shared on post #4 there) Maybe is there some hidden shortcut to get this that I'm not aware?
  8. I asked for this feature long time ago (here). Someone said that “The features you are requesting (snapping) are being discussed in this thread”, but almost 1 year later I don't see how I can really do what you show in your latest video, Nametag. And this is an important feature, IMHO. Maybe is there some hidden shortcut to get this that I'm not aware?
  9. Just came here to say 'yes', this is really important: Global colors with Names. And I would add Global Gradients also (stored, with names) Glad to know you have this in your roadmap :-)
  10. Glad you find this option interesting, Matt! Thanks for hearing :-)
  11. Cristobal Vila

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi Rui! Your name is very familiar to me. I suppose you are this Rui, right? :-) I remember reading about your tools, utils and tutos from the C4D Cafe forums. Glad to meet you around here :-)

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