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  1. Apartments247

    Bezier Curve Issue in 1.7

    So, in summary, Alt+Clicking in the version of Affinity Designer that I was using removed the end handle of a point. When mousing over a point with the pen tool while holding Alt, the ^ icon was displayed, just like Adobe products, and it functioned the same way as Adobe products. Now, it deletes both handles. Maybe they removed a bug that I had thought was a feature? I had never simply clicked on the point before
  2. Apartments247

    Asset Window Streamline 1.7

    Ahhh apologies, new to the forums and Affinity. Thank you
  3. Adding new assets to the assets window thing is pretty easy and slick, but, the search functionality is kind of unpolished. It has no margin for error, and it's even case-sensitive meaning if you type "horse", the icon named "Horseshoe" won't come up. Am I using this correctly? Am I missing something?
  4. The new rubber band mode for pen tool is pretty neat. Draws your path in real time so you can see it before you drop a new point. Helps streamline the process a bit. Great Feature!
  5. So, the first hangup of working in 1.7, you can't snip off half of the Bezier curve. It deletes both handles. So ppl are gonna have to learn how to approximate the middle of the curve and build that way. I dont know if this was an unintentional change, but if it was made intentionally, It's not really ideal. Thoughts?