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Found 54 results

  1. Hi, I once made it that I could use a pixel brush to draw over areas of a specific color of a vector image that became transparent. But I can't remember how I did it? It's a very cool feature where a mask is created automatically. Can anyone enlighten me how to do it?
  2. In photoshop I regularly used the feature trim transparent pixels so that my image would only contain the parts that were actually being used. Is there a feature like this in Affinity Designer?
  3. Hello community, I'm new to affinity designer and never really used a vector based software before. Now I want to great a logo, but I'm having an issue with the font. Here is my current status: http://cl.ly/image/2V071f00172u The current outline of the "Robin" lettering is in the same color (red) as the background. But this was just a workaround, because when I change the background color now, the outline is still in this red shape. How can I make a transparent outline? I tried to punch the font with the current outline out of the circles with the "Substract" button, but I can't use this function an text and a shape. Thanks for you help! Greetings, Robin
  4. Hello, I have this logo designed in AD and I need to export it in png with transparencies (irregular shape and an 80% transparent filling of some parts of logo). How to achieve this in AD? I just tried using the 'export' function but it exports the whole raster (including white background)... I guess I should set the background to transparent (it is white at the moment), but I can not find the damn checkbox to do so :) Please help! :) Thanks in advance, Greg Ok, ok I have found the checkbox. Document Setup -> Transparent Background. I swear I have been searching for if for like 10 minutes before posting this help request. Ofcourse I have found it 10 seconds after posting... :) Cheers, Greg