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  1. Maybe something like Kickstarter? I have 3 programs from serif. I'm ready to pay once again for new Linux version.
  2. Ok. I checked AP 1.7.3 and 1.8.3 In both cases before dxvk install I can run AP. I can go to menu, change settings etc. When I try to open image AP crashes. After dxvk installation I can open AP but the window is black. When I move mouse sometimes I can see AP interface elements. When I move the AP window sometimes I can see whole AP interface but that's all I managed to achieve. What else I could do?
  3. I've been trying to run AP in linux for a long time. (I use Manjaro) I managed to install 1.8.3 version but... I wanted to create separate wine prefix for affinity to have possibility to install next version without damaging current one. I used command: WINEPREFIX=~/wine/AP183 winetricks remove_mono dotnet35sp1 dotnet472 It will remove mono if it is installed and install every version between 35sp1 and 472 During the installation there were many freezes. Mostly during dotnet above 35sp1 After many attempts I've found the solution. I opened another terminal instance and did: WINEPREFIX=~/wine/AP183 wineserver -k Then on first terminal instance I repeated the command to install dotnet. .Net installer gave me a possibility to repair broken net version. To install Affinity I have to do WINEPREFIX=~/wine/AP183 winetricks win7 - I can't install AP when it is set to win81 WINEPREFIX=~/wine/AP183 wine <path to ap installer> WINEPREFIX=~/wine/AP183 winetricks win81 I didn't try to create shortcuts but with installation like above it is possible to run AP with: WINEPREFIX=~/wine/AP183 wine <path to Photo.exe> And now. I can run AP but it crashes when I try to open images. It freezes when I try to create one. To install dxvk I decided to go with AUR package dxvk-bin. To install it on arch based distro you can do yay -S dxvk-bin Then do install it inside wineprefix: WINEPREFIX=~/wine/AP183 setup_dxvk install --symlink --symlink option is because when you update your dxvk-package then it will be updated in wineprefix With dxvk I have black screen on Affinity Photo. When I move mouse I can see menu or something but it is unusable. Can you tell me if version from first post is the last that can be used in linux? is it 1.6.5? On lutris page it seems that I could run 1.7.3 version. I would like to test it. From where can I download it?
  4. I know that it's possible because I've done it but... Can't remember how. I've crated a text and than changed font size. Now around text there is empty space. I want to get rid of empty space. simple example: pies as text frame | test | I wan't: |text|
  5. With previous version (1.5) everything was ok. Now when i try to use Healing Brush Tool (current layer and below) AP slows down. I can use my PC without a problem but AP does not respond.
  6. Did you remove possibility to change that shortcut? Now is ctrl+alt+F and I can't find it on the shortcut list.
  7. In preferences -> miscellaneous I wanted to reset everything so I pressed all buttons. Now AP starts every time in windows mode.
  8. Don't really know how to call this specific problem. Example: When I use Free Hand Selection tool and with this this toll I press space to move image around and than I release space, AP is not going back to Free Hand Selection Tool. I need to choose another tool from menu, and than choose free hand ST again. It's not only for FHST. I use shortcuts for zoom. space + alt + mouse drag to zoom. Many times cursor changes to little white hand from the View Tool and it stays that way. Even though View Tool wasn't selected from menu.
  9. To change brush size we can use: ALT+ RMB + LMB and drag left or right to change the size or up/down to change hardness. Can I change it to ALT+RMB + drag? (without LMB)
  10. I changed repeat last filter to CTRL + F After AP restart shortcut disappear.
  11. I'm not in front of my PC but I will try to help. Download Nik's plugin and install it. If you have Photoshop you can push next button until installation process is complete. If not in one of the installation windows you will have one with with little " + " on the bottom left. Press it and choose plugins for photoshop. Install wherever you want. In AP go to settings -> plugins You can add a folder with Nik's plugins. It requires AP restart. Nik's plugins are in the filters menu.
  12. Thank you for reply. I asked because my tiff from AP is almost 100MB smaller than from PS. I have one more question. I tried to open in photoshop tiff created in AP. This file contains two pixel layers. PS opens it in camera raw without any layers. Tried to export as PSD and than everything work like a charm. (at least with only two pixel layers). PS tiffs have .tif extension AP tiffs .tiff Removing "t" is not helping with anything. Tiff was created from one of my nikon NEF files. (export from lightroom 5). In lightroom I have made some changes. File's name was DSC_2005.tif After exporting from AP it was DSC_2005.tiff -> in lightroom file is shown as new one. If I change the name to tif than lightroom "thinks" than nothing has happened. p.s. It's for Affinity Team When my NEF is exported from Lightroom in exif data there is an info, that image was created in software: Adobe Photoshop. Same NED opened in AP, developed and exported - Software: Nikon ... Maybe you should change that. Something like a free commercial :)
  13. At the beginning I just want to say that it seems that everyone want to have photoshop but under the name Affinity Photo :) So... In Photoshop we can choose if we want TIFF with lossy jpeg compression or lossless ZIP or LZW. In Affinity Photo dialogue window there is no such thing. There resampler that suggest that AP compression algorithm is lossy. Can you tell me if it is lossy or lossless? Does it matter which resampler option I choose? What are the differences between them? p.s. Sorry for my English
  14. Question is in topic title. After image straightening there is transparent space near the borders. I tried clip canvas but it doesn't work. Is is possible to automatically trim the transparent pixels after straighten?
  15. Percentage units, more advanced brush settings, brighter UI (now the dark theme is tiring for my eyes) some mask improvements and I'll abandon adobe forever :)
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