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  1. I attached a screenshot below. My question is - how do I manipulate text like the picture to curve/warp only the bottom or top part of the text? I understand that I would likely have to convert the layer to curves. But after that, what would I do to keep the top of the text on a line, and and curve the bottom of the text as it looks in the picture. The red lines are added to emphasize what I mean. Thanks!
  2. Hello, Wondering if there is a way to automatically place page numbers somewhere on a mult-page PDF in affinity designer. I imported 120 page and affinity has small identifier above each page/art board showing it's page number. Is there a way to actually place number onto each page without manually adding text to each one and typing it? Thanks! Jason
  3. It doesn't look like Affinity Designer can create it's own halftones from a gradient like Adobe Illustrator can. Am I correct in seeing this? Unfortunately that means seeing a bunch of tutorials online for drawing tons of tiny circles. I hate when I can't find the identical features. Anyone have a work around? See example of what I'm talking about. http://shirtoid.com/tutorials/halftone-gradient-in-illustrator/
  4. Many time I close my laptop lid and open it again I find Affinity Designer with a black background. It appears as though it has had some sort of display glitch. I can't remove it unless I restart the program. Any solutions out there? See picture for example.
  5. I've tried to search this on the forums with limited response. I want to know how to remove a black or dark background from white or colored lettering to reveal transparency. Generally this is for text logos etc. I'm some cases the text has graphics inside it that the selection tool struggles with. Would like this to be one click! Thanks!
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