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  1. Hi, I simply want to say how much I love Affinity Publisher, right from the start. A BIG pile of congratulations for… Having colour profile options right there in the document setup panel An intuitive pages palette and the ability to add guides to a master page Clear font menu with previews, favourites and recents Visual text pre-sizing A drag and drop assets palette - works a treat! Picture-in-text / picture-in-shape made super easy in the layers palette Kudos!
  2. Thank you again Bri-Toon, and thanks @MEB Good to know. I only have Publisher as yet but intend to get the other Affinity programs once I’ve rebuilt the mac in a day or two. I got conned with one of those unauthorised reseller clone jobs and it's now getting daily messages from Adobe about non-genuine software.
  3. Thank you for the welcome, @Bri-Toon Your comments are most informative, thank you. I didn’t know about being able to edit the SVG image. However, I was thinking more of a JPEG or TIFF - pixel images as you say. Tracing it with the pen tool is worth trying - thank you for the tip. I have also found that all white areas in a graphic can be removed by careful use the blend options sliders in the layers palette. However, nothing beats the simplicity of a Creator-style 'magic wand' tool - click once on the surrounding background and it selects a contiguous area; hold shift and click again to add new areas, confirm and watch that background disappear! It’s my suggestion to the developers of Affinity Publisher... of course, very easy to talk about it, much harder to program it!
  4. Hello, I’ve just downloaded Affinity Publisher (Beta) and am enjoying my first attempts. It’s a lot friendlier than Adobe InDesign, less fiddly, and reminds me of my favourite advert making program, MultiAd Creator, which is little known outside of the newspaper industry and is sadly now obsolete. I appreciate the ability to choose from different colour spaces at the outset. One of the many features that made MultiAd Creator so easy to use was that you could place a logo or piece of clip art, and then use a magic wand similar to the one in Photoshop to detect areas of uniform colour (most typically a white background), and erase them - Hey presto, your graphic would no longer be a rectangle, it would have its own shape and let whatever was underneath it show right around the edges. Sometimes this is known as transparency, but it has nothing to do with blending or opacity. Q. I am wondering whether there is (or is going to be) a built-in way to create a clipping path / transparent background / alpha channel in a graphic after it has been placed? InDesign does this but badly - no-one wants to see a ragged edge of white around the graphic afterwards. When done well it really is a very, very useful tool. The ability to remove backgrounds on the fly saves the designer from having to prepare each graphic in photoshop beforehand.
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