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  1. edulofter

    Free Affinity resources

    maybe, it had been gave up....
  2. edulofter

    Free Affinity resources

  3. edulofter

    Free Affinity resources

    Looking forward to it. Registration is of course no problem.
  4. edulofter

    Working with Affinity Designer

    Affinity Designer is indeed a good tool, and my colleagues and I usually use it to do a lot of projects. Seeing the project you have done, I feel that my ability to use the tools needs to be improved.
  5. The doors of your country are very distinctive. I prefer classical doors and windows. Have you designed a similar one? source
  6. edulofter

    just because I can be different

    Thanks. I will try it.
  7. FX shadow/border is indeed useful to solve your problem, it is a great feature that I use often. If you want to get such clip art material quickly, you can search directly in the free download platform. Like snowman here : https://www.nicepng.com/s/cute-snowman/ source
  8. edulofter

    just because I can be different

    thank you for your sharing. Can you tell us in detail how to use tools to get this visual effect?
  9. It is indeed beautiful!!! I think your life is full of poetry and romance. Image Credit: NicePNG
  10. edulofter

    Good news for clipart designers

    Thanks for you reminding. I have found that "personal use". I think these interesting cartoon clip art is very helpful for children, they can be used to cut paper and improve their hands-on ability and creativity.
  11. edulofter

    Free Affinity resources

    Affinitio looks so good. Hope it will be free and open to public
  12. edulofter

    Good news for clipart designers

    I find a new free clipart site (ClipartMax) which focuses on transparent clipart images collection with png format. All png clipart pictures with transparent background are high quality, easy to use. Just to search and unlimited download for free. This is the first time I found this clip art resource site. I tried to search some clip art data inside, I am very happy, all the clip art is transparent and high quality. For example, i search "fish clipart" - https://www.clipartmax.com/so/fish-clipart/ For example, i search "flower clipart" - https://www.clipartmax.com/so/free-clip-art-flowers/

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