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  1. Thanks for letting me know. I really hope this becomes a feature in future, as at the moment, the work around is a bit of a struggle.
  2. Thanks for your reply. Does the coverage map need to be applied to each layer, or can it be applied at the top of the stack? And what would a good general setting for designs destined for print be?
  3. Turning Anti-Aliasing Off. When will this frankly basic feature be introduced? I'm a big fan of Affinity Designer, and use it exclusively. Unfortunately, as a T-Shirt Designer, I'm really in need of a quick turn anti-aliasing off option, as anti-aliasing can lead to an unsightly white border around the edges of designs printed on black garments. I've heard that PhotoShop has this capability in the form of a simple check button. So far, all the suggestions have been to apply 'Coverage' adjustments to every single layer. Frankly this is a little tedious. I can't find anything online explaining how the coverage parameter works in Affinity. I've seen someone posting about this in 2015, and was wondering if we are any closer to a workaround that does not require a Guru level of technical knowledge to implement. If there isn't yet, perhaps it could be included in the next update of Affinity? Thanks in advance for your replies.
  4. Thanks so much First Defence! That is the second time you've come to the rescue.
  5. I’ve lost nearly a day of work trying to fix this issue, and am not ready to give up on it yet. I would really appreciate the help of some of the Affinity Gurus with this issue, as it is driving me crazy. I’m using the latest version of Affinity Designer on Mac. I’m working on a vector illustration of a shark. and I’ve attached a sample of the project I’m working on below, along with some screenshots. If you look at the gills, on one layer (gills erase), I’ve used an erase to punch through to the green. Then, I’ve duplicated that layer on top, change the erase to normal and used it as a container for a vector texture. Unfortunately, I cannot get rid of a hairline thin stroke around the border of the shape. Only it isn’t a stroke, as the stroke is deactivated. More of a border that maintains it’s size as you zoom in and out. I though this could just be affinity showing me the outline of the shape, but this unwanted out carries through to the export. You can see exactly the same effect between the layers ‘lower side’ and ‘upper side’. This line is the same size no matter how much you zoom in or out, and again, it carries over to the export. I’ve researched extensively on the forums, and found no fix so far. Some similar suggestions hinted at an issue with anti-aliasing, but I’m not sure that it the issue. Any help on this would be really appreciated. Affinity_Error.afdesign
  6. Thank you so much to both of you! You've been incredibly helpful!
  7. Magic! Thank you so so much. And thanks for saying my Screen Name is cool! I'm actually a Designer on RedBubble, and that's my Store Name there. Thanks so much again!
  8. Thanks so so much. Could you possibly send one where there is 0 gradient? I need the transparent stroke to have a hard border.
  9. That would be fantastic, as I'm having no luck with the outline method unfortunately.
  10. Hi! Wow! Thanks so much for your reply. I've tried to replicate what you advised me, but I kept ending up with gradients. Could you perhaps let me know the exact setting to achieve a solid transparent layer between the white parts? Also, is there an easier way to do this. I initially made 2 version of my text. One with the fill and outline, and one with just the stroke. I converted them to curves and tried to subtract one from the other, but had no luck
  11. Thank you so much for your reply. I'm afraid I'm too new to this to really understand your advice. Perhaps you could elaborate a little?
  12. I’m designing a University Style Logo in Affinity Designer, and am using the font you can see in the photos. I’m using a white fill, black stroke and white fx outline. I’m trying to make it so that the black stroke is essentially 100% transparent, so that the stroke takes the colour of the fabric it is printed on. I’ve scoured the internet for how to do this but found no answers. I’ve tried converting to curves and subtracting the black stroke from the white letter behind and nothing. Any help would be tremendous. Thank you.