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  1. Thanks — I realized after reading this that Power Duplicating would let me paste the copied letter AND apply the rotation at the same time, which helped streamline things. Figured out how many letters I wanted and divided 360º by that number to get my rotation angle. I still wonder if I’m missing something about how to distribute type/objects evenly around a shape though. Thanks again!
  2. I’m trying to place text on a circular path so that the letters are evenly spaced, but after dragging the start/end handles as far as I can there is still more space between the first and last letters than there is between the other letters (see photo). How can I make it so all the letters have the same amount of space between them on the path? If I drag the end handle any further the final W switches over to the inside of the path.
  3. What the heck—just did a walk through while screen recording and it worked fine! I feel like I may have forgotten to turn off resampling during my first go-through, could that have been the issue? I’m attaching the screen recording anyway but maybe this isn’t an issue after all. 472F11FA-2855-4229-B63F-71FCF7C5267F.MP4
  4. I have a png with a transparent background that I’ve imported into Designer on my iPad Pro. Original dpi was 150. I need to upload it to an online vendor that only accepts 300 dpi files. (I know.) Changing the dpi in Designer only seems to work if I uncheck Embed Metadata in the Export screen — but when I do that and save as png, the resulting image has a white background. If I leave the setting checked, the background is transparent but the dpi remains listed as 150. Is it possible to change the dpi of the saved png to 300, but retain the transparency? edit: I’ve discovered that I can make this work if I first create a 300 dpi document and then use Place Image to add my image. I can then turn off embed metadata and retain transparency. Still not sure why I can’t start with an existing png, though.
  5. Is there a way to quickly move a selected object without first selecting the Move tool? For instance, say I've put in some text using the Art Text tool, and the text box is still selected--do I need to switch tools before I can move that, or is there another way to quickly move it (multitouch, etc)?
  6. I had the crash during share issue, but it turned out I needed to give Designer permission to access my Photo Library (I was trying to export a png during the crash). Because I hadn't tried to import anything from Photos into Designer before then, the popup asking for permission hadn't yet been invoked.
  7. Chiming in to say I'm seeing this issue as well. I also often find myself trying to move a selected object without switching to the Move tool first, simply by using a one-finger touch outside the selected area (a gesture I've gotten used to in other apps). I wonder if that might make sense to implement here, so we can move objects without needing to cover them with a finger/pencil.
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