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  1. I’m making a variety of small images for the web (320x50px for instance) and am struggling to figure out the best way to get crisp text at those sizes. I’m using Designer on the iPad to create them, but they need to be delivered as png or jpg. Obviously everything is fine as vector inside of Designer, but what is the best way to export those designs to keep them from getting too pixelated? I’m sure they’ll lose some crispness no matter what I do, but I’m hoping to keep the quality as high as I can. I do also have Photo if that’s helpful.
  2. Question about the Affinity ID login -- is that a separate thing from our forum login? I tried logging in with the email/pw I use for the forums but it came back as not found. Do I need to create a new account to get the new sync features?
  3. Not sure how I missed that! Indeed turning off the second filter does help a LOT, but like you I still have some areas of weird fuzziness, where one side of a letter is crisp but the other not (like your H). Thanks for giving it the attention.
  4. Sounds good, thank you. In the meantime I've gone ahead and purchased the desktop version, and like you said all looks good there, so I was able to export it there for my client. Interestingly, when I export the project as a pdf from the iPad, it looks fine! Hadn't thought to try it before but wanted to compare it against the desktop version -- I guess that points to it being a display/rendering issue (maybe exacerbated by my high dpi settings?) more than anything else? Anyway thanks again, always happy to support such a responsive company!
  5. Thank you, just uploaded. In the meantime, can you tell me if the suspected bug exists in the desktop versions as well? If not I’m happy to purchase a copy of Photo so I can continue working on the project.
  6. One more question — if I use it as a live filter and move back to Designer, does the text still get rasterized?
  7. Thanks — if you can give me an upload link that would be great (project isn’t public yet). This project did start in Designer and I sent it to Photo using the .afdesign method you mentioned (not sure if that affects anything).
  8. I usually use Designer for my work, but need to do a piece that has some text with perspective distortion, which I gather AD doesn’t offer. So I’ve made the piece in AP on iPad (11”x17” at 600dpi), but when I look at the text after using the perspective filter I feel like it’s pretty blurry (and with different levels of blur across the text, it seems?), so I’m worried about the final printed piece being pixelated. I know AP is a raster program but is there something I’m doing that might be making it particularly fuzzy (workflow, dpi, etc?)? My steps are: add text>add perspective filte
  9. Thanks — I realized after reading this that Power Duplicating would let me paste the copied letter AND apply the rotation at the same time, which helped streamline things. Figured out how many letters I wanted and divided 360º by that number to get my rotation angle. I still wonder if I’m missing something about how to distribute type/objects evenly around a shape though. Thanks again!
  10. I’m trying to place text on a circular path so that the letters are evenly spaced, but after dragging the start/end handles as far as I can there is still more space between the first and last letters than there is between the other letters (see photo). How can I make it so all the letters have the same amount of space between them on the path? If I drag the end handle any further the final W switches over to the inside of the path.
  11. What the heck—just did a walk through while screen recording and it worked fine! I feel like I may have forgotten to turn off resampling during my first go-through, could that have been the issue? I’m attaching the screen recording anyway but maybe this isn’t an issue after all. 472F11FA-2855-4229-B63F-71FCF7C5267F.MP4
  12. I have a png with a transparent background that I’ve imported into Designer on my iPad Pro. Original dpi was 150. I need to upload it to an online vendor that only accepts 300 dpi files. (I know.) Changing the dpi in Designer only seems to work if I uncheck Embed Metadata in the Export screen — but when I do that and save as png, the resulting image has a white background. If I leave the setting checked, the background is transparent but the dpi remains listed as 150. Is it possible to change the dpi of the saved png to 300, but retain the transparency? edit: I’ve discovered th
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