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  1. I am now facing upgrading my iMac (because it's Safari 9.1 is no longer supported) OS. I have used Lightroom 5.7 for years and found it quite useful, especially as a beginner. I now realise that if I upgrade my iMac, then my version of Lightroom will no longer work. Solution? Upgrade to latest Lightroom that IS supported on latest Mac OS. My answer: NO!!! The only choice offered by Adobe is known colloquially as highway robbery - either pay a monthly £10 (forever...) - or sod off. So this brings me to facing up to fact that I need to move totally over to Affinity PHOTO. However, as an amateur, I am not sure how to totally say goodbye to Lightroom- because it contains 3,000 20MB photos in its catalog. Is there anyone out there who can point me in the best direction for this task, and how easy/practical will it be? Is there any facility within PHOTO to catalog my images in a similar manner to Lightroom? Sorry to be asking a question that many others must have done, but I would appreciate some guidance from the Affinity community! Many thanks!!
  2. Dear MEB, Many thanks for your succinct answer! Much appreciated and I will certainly remember that in future. Robert
  3. I have created a logo including letters and symbols in Affinity, and am trying to export the logo as a jpeg file for import into my website. Problem is that no matter what technique I try, the exported image includes a rectangular white background - even though the logo was created against a transparent background. What am I doing wrong? Sorry again to ask a stupid question... grovel grovel ... Robert
  4. Sorry, but here comes another "newbie" question - with a difference! i.e.- cash available... I have been unable to get my head around using Designer (mostly through not spending enough time looking at the tutorials, admittedly). Frustration level now unbearable, so want to know if there is any Affinity professional who would be interested in: 1. Providing one-to-one onsite tutoring in a 4 hour session - helping me to move my design from my head to the digital finished product? OR 2. Any good graphic designers (they would be, if they are using Affinity...?) out there able to produce my logo as a finished set of files? Points to consider - Solution 1 will only be practical if you are within easy reach of York. In either case, obviously I am willing to pay for services rendered. Anyone out there interested in this sad case? Many thanks, Robert Finch
  5. Thank you very much, mystrawberrymonkey. Nice to know that 'advanced' members can lower themselves to MY level... :-) Dunedoggy
  6. I have just had a logo designed for my website, and it contains a "transparent" version - to use as overlay over other images. I simply wish to know HOW to take 2 images (one logo) and (one photograph), and blend them together so they become ONE image for export to my website. Thanks for your help, and sorry to ask such basic questions!
  7. I am trying not to look a fool at posting this comment, but I have only just joined the Affinity Forum today! Not sure what to put in Topic Tags, so left it blank. From reading other recent user comments about the new, fantastic "Photo", I take some comfort in seeing a fair number of comments having the same theme - help for newbies. I believe this generally means people who have never used PS (and didn't want to spend a significant portion of their lives trying to understand it). I now have a Canon 6D (formerly a confirmed film-generation luddite), and determined to shoot all images in RAW. Very happy with the thousands of images taken over past year (yes, I know they need weeding down to just a hundred or two... give me time - I have only just retired last month). So this brings me to the point: I am getting my head around Lightroom 5, and having good success in general RAW manipulation. I like the potential of the new Affinity "Photo", as evidenced by viewing some of the brief training videos on Vimeo. Superb voiceover, professional presentation, obvious vast experience, - BUT as others have commented, they tend to be a bit on the short side, and some of the quick clicks, tool selection moves, etc are done so quickly that they are hard to follow. The most recent video for beginners (29/7) runs about 10 minutes, and great to see. However it could run to 30 minutes for my likes, and point out details that I think are "assumed knowledge". Why not a half hour presentation - taking a RAW image from Lightroom, developing it, then applying the sort of "dodging and burning" techniques that seem to win in photo competitions, and outputting to a personal web page for final viewing. Fully understand the vast amount of work that has gone on behind the scenes already to produce such superb products as Designer and now Photo, and appreciate that it is still early days regarding production of training material. I just want to add my voice the the audience of amateurs who are still slightly frightened. The pros (and glad to know that so many former PS types are jumping ship) are able to read between the lines of your videos. In the fullness of time please realise that there is a bigger commercial audience out there (types like me...) who long to progress in their photography but want to: avoid cons like Adobe CC, limited usefulness of Lightroom 6.xxxxxxxx, and instead go with Affinity, but do need a bit of hand-holding. Sad I know, but just look at the popularity of the lengthy Adobe training videos for earlier versions of LR, PS. I will probably soon exceed my allocation of word count for this posting, so will close out for now and hope I have not offended too many people. :) dunedoggy
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