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  1. Will the mesh/ warp tool be available in the next beta? Is it already in the current one? This is certainly an essential feature. Thanks.
  2. This article by fantastic writer Tom Koszyk https://medium.com/product-design-ux-ui/the-perfect-ux-ui-design-tool-13-things-designers-needs-most-f35589ce18e1 highlights some very good points about Affinity Designer and the competition. I think it was well written and should be taken seriously. My question is: Will the issues raised here be addressed? I want to see Designer win all of these competitions. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I have attached the image (png) and the screenshot of what I get (tiff). I am selecting "New Textured Intensity Brush" and "New Textured Image Brush" and neither works. About the Mesh Warp in Affinity Photo, Photo doesn't seem to open my designer files as vectors, not that I would expect it to, but that makes using photo for only this function not plausible. Because it is on the roadmap, does that mean that I should download the beta(s) now? Would they enable this essential feature, or should I wait til later to get warps asap? Thanks. Brush Example Rope Affinity.tiff
  4. I am using the 5k iMac, but my vision is fine, so I do not experience the issue. I however, am in support of an option to change ui element size. I can see how this could definitely be an issue for some, and just a preference for others. I suppose the only solution for now would be to reduce resolutions. Perhaps increasing constrast by changing background color could be helpful to some. Best of luck.
  5. Hi all. I recently purchased both Affinity Designer and Photo (The latest versions from the Apple Store, not the betas), and have been loving them. I have used and am familiar with Illustrator, Photoshop, Gimp and Inkscape. I have been trying to master Designer and Photo, and am liking the workflow over even adobe's offerings. I love the innovative personas. I have run into some issues though. In Designer, I went for the Warp tool (Edit>Transform>Warp in Photoshop) and could not find it. I tried the help menu, this forum, and searching for it, but came up blank. Is it labeled under some other name in Affinity? I also attempted to create a brush from a png i created, but Designer compressed the image until it was much flatter, ruining the brush for me. I know that I am probably just missing something in both scenarios, so I appreciate any attempt to educate me. Maybe I need the Betas? I apologize for my incompetence. Thanks very much, and to the devs, keep up the great work!
  6. Great mockup. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Thanks so much, Pedro. This is quite useful. For anyone curious, what worked to customize the folders on Yosemite was to open the image in Preview, ⌘A to select the entire image, ⌘C to copy it, then go into finder, highlight the folder you want to change, and hit ⌘I (capital i). Then just select the folder icon at the top left and do ⌘V. I can't confirm that this works on lower versions or the El Capitan Beta.
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