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  1. I don't understand what do you mean. I don't talk about inch. What I want it's to be able to have a default unit to the document that already exist and that I want to edit into AP (always mm or px or…).
  2. Indeed. And it's my problem. I think it will be a good feature.
  3. My mistake, I misunderstood. Each new document that I open with AP.
  4. Each new document have always the Pixels unit selected, even if I change as JFisher said.
  5. Hi! When we have a lot of photos to edit with the same size and export each photo, we can save a precious time if we can add the ability to export into the Macro.
  6. Hi there! I'm wondering how can I change the unit by default in to Affinity Photo? In fact, to all new picture that I open, the unit is always on Pixels. When we have a lot of photo to edit, it's more easier to change this by default.
  7. +1 When you have to change a lot of photos, it's a real labor to change ANYTIME the unit.
  8. Can you tell me why I can do that with Photoshop? Plus, if I do with Photoshop and import the file with Affinity Photo then export to EPS, it's work perfectly. Can you explain?
  9. Hi everyone! I want to know how I can export to EPS format (to impression) with transparent background. I have a image (with (Pixel) type in the Layers panel, not (Image) type). This layer have a mask. But when I export to EPS format, the mask doesn't work. I did the same thing into Photoshop, export to EPS and import into Affinity Photo to see what's happened. The only difference that I can see is that the image have (Image) type and not (Pixel) type. I don't know if it is the key, but if it is, I don't know how I can change the type of the layer (Pixel to Image). Someone can help me? PS By the way, I'm a French guy, so I'm sorry for my english (correct me if you want, I learn)