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  1. Unfortunatly, it's a big one. Maybe I can create a small one.
  2. I found it but I see no changing.
  3. Even when it's unchecked.
  4. I export: PDF/X-1a Overprint black option some text with only black and some with the black with overprinting option -> Don't work too
  5. Where I found this "Soft Proof" option?
  6. Because it's more intuitive than an export to check this detail.
  7. My mistake. I watched the CMYB seperation with Affinity Photo (by StudioLink) and, by this way, I didn't see the modification. I still have InDesign's automatisms.
  8. Yes indeed I didn't think about this. But it's doesn't work. I create a new color, I check the "Overprinting" option, I choose this color to my text, but I still have the white text below (it's not overprinted).
  9. Hi everyone. I don't know how can I translate this feature in english, so please excuse me it's already asked. I explain myself. Sometimes, inside a text, I can have 2 colors (black and white generally) and I want to overprint the black text only over the background (in french, I say that I want to avoid the "défonce", it's mean that I want to avoid the white text on the background below the black text). It's a problem only if I have 2 colors (or more) inside my text because if not I can use "Multiply" effect on the layer in order to obtain the same result. You can understand why it's a issue when I have a white text. Am I clear? Thanks
  10. It was so simple (I'm ashamed). Sorry.
  11. While the beta version was available in French, this final version is only in English. It's strange.
  12. It works fine in Designer.
  13. I don't know because it's go wrong only when the document is a CMYN profil and I don't know how I can change the profil in Designer.
  14. Enregistrement_de_l’écran_2019-06-25_à_12_13_27.mov

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