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  1. yes i know that. but i just want to have the pasteboard area the same pattern not just change it's grey-level. but it's ok. thank you!!
  2. oh, thank you very much for your fast answers! ah cool, that works quite fine, @MEB, thanks! but there is no option to set it as "transparent" in its color (the grey white block pattern)?
  3. hey there. i just got my hands on affinity designer and have allready a question i couldn't find an answer to. in affinity designer you can set up your document with page size and so on, fine. but if i choose, for example an A4 paper and set the background to transparent i get an A4-page that is transparent but surroundet by a black frame all over. if i drag an object on this "black frame" (don't know how to call it), it is no longer visible, and that's pretty disturbing. So is there a possibility to remove that frame so one has this grey and white blocks pattern all over the screen, and only a line to show my document size?? thanks in advance, a random dude