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Can Affinity photo automatically trim transparent pixels after straighten?

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Question is in topic title.

After image straightening there is transparent space near the borders.

I tried clip canvas but it doesn't work.

Is is possible to automatically trim the transparent pixels after straighten?

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This would actually be a great thing to have – especially since it's already available with panoramas after the rendering process. Would love to see the "crop to opaque" function available as a general feature in Photo :)

Just tripped over this myself. I thought that whatever options are there after panorama stitching will be available later. Turns out I was wrong...

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Hi hlkhllhhhh,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

In the case of Panorama stitching you have an option (Inpaint) to fill those gaps automatically (instead of cropping the excess).


Please port this to all persona's that support straightening as well as crop to opaque. This would be quite the time saver as well as maximizing image size.

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I'd like to add my vote to this. I recently bought an iPad for the first time just to try out Affinity, since there's a bit of a buzz about it. Overall it's very impressive, but straightening images is far more of a pain than it should be. In Photoshop Camera Raw I just draw a line with the straighten tool and it automatically aligns the crop edges to the interior corners of the image, so that all the transparent triangles produced by the rotation are trimmed away leaving me with the maximum amount of image that will fit.

In Affinity this simple process is a lot more difficult. Since navigating around the crop with two fingers is a bit unreliable (often resulting in accidental panning or rotation of the crop) I end up having to straighten with the crop tool, then add 2 horizontal and 2 vertical guides which I can position precisely at the interior corners while zoomed in, then running the crop tool again with snap to guides on.

I know you're a small team, but this is the sort of workflow improvement that might not look impressive on a feature sheet, but makes a real difference in day-to-day use of the app. I'd really like to see it get a higher priority on your roadmap, since straightening images is such a common requirement.


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