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  1. Hi, thanks Yes, it's only for pixel graphics like png. Also great for the pixel view mode. To preview the result. ... For what is the setting "Resample" in "Document Setup"? Is this the option I mean? To resample pixel? Isn't? Anyway, I am looking forward to the feature.
  2. Ok, thanks. This is a nice workaround. But in my opinion not the best / correct solution. It's a bit "dirty". Because the profile curve may not perfect snapped to the value 0 and 1. If the value of one point is just 0.999999, you still have a bit smoothing (alpha). And this is only for single objects. Not for the whole project. Please don't misunderstand me. Blend gamma "solution" seems to work. But it's only a workaround. Fine, I'll test it with more complex scenes. But the suggestion for the resample option "none" still present.
  3. How to disable the smoothing (anti-aliasing) for the pixel rendering (view and png export). Currently it's only possible to choose a smoothing Resample like "Bilinear" or "Lanczos". This is great. I miss the option "None". Important for pixel art or gif images. (images without alpha channel). e.g. I want a pixel perfect circle. Is this already possible? If not, I want to suggest this feature. Just disable the resampling.
  4. Ok I have now the beta of designer. And the issue is fixed for me. The performance is much better. What did you do? Now the program is usable. Please do the same with Affinity Photo!
  5. @Mark Ingram Just created a visible grid on a empty document. Because it's a visible thing to demonstrate in a video. But anyway. It does not matter if the document is empty or with content. In any cases the program extremely lags. I will try the beta now.
  6. Where can I download the latest beta version?
  7. @Mark Ingram No document is loaded. I just open the designer and creates a new empty document. e.g. profile: web with size: 480x272. It's difficult to show performance issues in a video. You have to control the input by your self. To recognize the lags. A example for scrolling. I press CTRL + Mouse Wheel. And the view is scrolling with a huge delay. And panning (move view with middle mouse button) has also lags. Same problem with object to draw. The whole program is lagging. It is impossible to work with this program on this computer (specs posted on topic post.)
  8. I think no one wants to hear the truth. Affinity Designer and Photo were a good idea. But unfortunately it failed in performance. I tried this software on different computes. And the performance really sucks on each one. Inkscape and Gimp are much better in these things. Why did I buy Designer and Photo? Because look modern and has features which I missing in free software. Like the curve-features for polygon. Round corners also if they combined by boolean function. That's pretty cool. Anyway, you (Serif) have to work hard on this software to improve the performance. Otherwise the software is a money and time wasting thing. Maybe you think: The business is doing well with these software. But I think it's because marketing and the look of this software. Also the features. But NOT the peformance. THIS is the thing you have to work on it.
  9. Hi there. I have just bought the affinity designer and photo. And unfortunately I see that the program is extremely slow, lagging and glitchy. What should I do? I cannot work with this until the performance is so terrible. -.- PC Specs: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (1703) GeForce GTX 745 (With the latest drivers: 06.10.2017, version: Intel Core i3-6100 3.70 GHz 16 GB RAM Affinity Designer Version For more system informations, take a look to the dx diag file. DxDiag.txt