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  1. My most frustrating thing about Affiinity is the inability to select a section of copy in a paragraph and try to change the color without changing the whole damn paragraph when using the eye dropper tool.
  2. How does one create a long shadow effect in Affinity Designer? There doesn't seem to be a blend feature. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tp_T5t8rJ8g
  3. NadoCat

    Cannot Edit Text

    Hi there, So I was working on a project with text overlaying the photo. It was working for a while and then all of the sudden it would NOT let me edit the text. It kept selecting the bottom layer. Is this a glitch? I have tried everything. Locking the other layers. Selecting the Frame Text Tool. Nada
  4. NadoCat


    When trying to resize a vector object to a small size it distorts the object. What I liked about Illustrator was being able to grab the corner handle and pressing down Shift button to resize the object proportionally. I have tried the Constraint panel and that is not working.
  5. In the transform the edges are are not working when clicking the anchors. The numbers are not right. I try to click on a graphic and the select the right side and the X number shows up but when I click the second graphic and select the left side, the X numbers doesn't change correctly. I'm trying to align the numbers perfectly on the X line, the Y line seems to be okay