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  1. I'm using Affinity Photo (not Designer) I have a color photo that is the correct resolution for putting the image on coffee mugs using the program the coffee mug maker has. I changed the photo to black and white (using Snapseed photo editor - not Affinity) and it lowered the resolution. I can't use it with the maker's program. I follow the Affinity instructions for changing it to a better resolution (I change it to 300dpi) then I try to use the coffee maker's program with it, the maker's program gives the following message: Resolution 59dpi Some layer resolution is too low Products with low resolution layers cannot be edited/updated until they are scaled down to average or good resolution, replaced with higher resolution layers, or removed. These are the Affinity Photo Instructions I follow: To scale an image: From the Document menu, select Resize Document. Ensure the Resample option is switched off. Change the DPI to control the number of pixels (dots) which will be printed per inch when your document is printed. Set higher values (e.g., 300dpi) for professional printing. Click Resize. I have tried this several times and keep getting the same results. Do you have any idea why this is happening and how I can fix it? Thank you
  2. Oh sorry - just looked up Criswell and I see he was known for ‘wildly’ inaccurate predictions. All this time I never understood my husband’s reference to him. Some of us are slow to catch on.
  3. R C-R Good grief, you know you’re stuff. I don’t even know how you figured I have a Mac. Will try this tomorrow. Thank you!
  4. Dear R C-R I tried what you said several times and, unfortunately, it didn't work. I am attaching the below screenshots. 1) Image from my computer files with matte background 2) Same image imported to Affinity now has transparent background 3) The rectangle was matte as you thought. I changed it to have the red slash, although the method of changing it was slightly different from your description. 4) Export was set as PNG 5) After exported to my computer file, background was matte again. Any hope for me? Could it be a bug of some sort? Affinity Photo 'About' says I have version 1.5.2 if that helps any. Thank you
  5. Toltec - thank you also for your time and effort to help me. It seems people at this forum are helpful and kind.
  6. OMG - thank you so much! Will try first chance I get!
  7. Thank you for getting back to me. I saved it in png. If I reupload the image with the white background into Affinity, the background shows transparent in Affinity. Then when I export it as png, it has the white background again. I looked this up online the other day and thought I saw something about a bug in Affinity. I’m sorry for being so incomplete in my explanation last night. I was exhausted from a long day at work and not thinking clearly. I work terribly long hours and can only do my personal things during short breaks. Thank you
  8. I am using Affinity Photo. I'm a novice to photo editing. Please excuse me if I don't explain what happened well. I uploaded a photo to Affinity with a transparent background. When I exported it back to my computer, the background became white. Or maybe I saved it. I don't exactly recall. At any rate, I've lost my photo with the transparent background and I need it for changing backgrounds on it. How can I get it back? Please help.