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  1. Great, thanks. I was assuming the previous post was inside designer... i see using photo that the context menu changes. Thanks for that.
  2. Hey Fixx... thanks. But your response is mostly alien to me... with Pen tool selected, I have a "mode" a Convert and Action and Snap.... do not see a means to convert to selection. What do I miss? Thanks!
  3. Greetings.... Before I completely flatten my forehead against my desk... perhaps someone here can help me... I am trying to cut out a precise piece of my image. I wish to use that piece in another app to do some tricky animation. I thought to use the pen tool, outline the piece to cut, and command-x ... cut it out. Nope. I have tried this in both designer and photo... how the hell, does one "simply" cut out a piece of the image...? I have also tried to use designer > pixel perona and the selection tools, but there isn't enough tylenol in the free world to address that headache. I've searched the U-tube, and there are lots of 20 minute tutorials that are not what I need... any one offer some guidance? Thanks in advance. -JF
  4. Oh for pete's sake.... out of 15 things I did try, I totally missed that one.... duh. Thanks kindly.
  5. Greetings.... Don't you just hate when last night you closed an application, and all was perfect... then overnight some computer who-knows-what happens and you reopen your application to find everything has changed? Somehow this morning, my design interface is all separate windows. I have looked and tried several different menu options, but can not find the right one. How do I put the interface back to one solid screen? Thanks in advance.
  6. SrPx /owenr... Thanks for the posts, much appreciated. Unfortunately neither option accomplishes what I am trying to do. I think I'll need to figure out how to import into Unity and work it from there... Not sure I understand why in 2017 a popular image format takes such wrangling... but back to Lynda I go... Cheers.
  7. JoeFine

    Paint Brush Texture Sets 1 & 2

    Dido... thanks for the great share.
  8. Hello Meb... Thanks for your reply. These are textures I have purchased in .tga format... I was hoping I missed something... as you can see, the TGA file imports with an alpha channel? I am trying to export it in any format I can... without the background (with alpha). Is this not possible? If not in Affinity, I guess it's back to fiddle with photoshop. Thanks for your time.
  9. Greetings... There seems to be quite a bit of confusing regarding .tga files... to which I need to add another... In PHOTO how do I create some kind of transparent export from a .tga file with a transparent Channel? Any assistance is much appreciated, thank you kindly.
  10. LOL... Well then... ah,... I'll be on my way. Must have been a loooong day. DOH! Thank You.
  11. Greetings... Loving my Affinity Designer, for me, so much more intuitive than PSD. However, suddenly, my UI changed, and everything is gone, or floating. No side panels, no toolbars, nada. I found under the view menu a way to turn on floating tool bars, but this is not the usual default screen I have become accustom to. More weird, the Studio is mostly greyed out (see attached). What did I do? And how do I get my screen back? Thanks for any advice. :)
  12. I know... seems to do 'most' of what i need.
  13. Thanks for the kind replies. I think for this individual task, Affinity is not the right tool. I have a bunch of png/jpg icons with a variety of colored backgrounds and wish to remove those backgrounds. It's really as simple as the magic wand in PS... select the background color, constrain or expand it with a pixel slider and hit delete, creating a transparent background. Or like the 'Instant Alpha' option in Keynote... brilliant. Cheers!
  14. No worries... every bit of conversation leads to an outcome. However, I am lost that a vector "design" tool has no simple way to simply select a background color and one-stroke remove it. Must I go back to Photoshop?
  15. Yea, this is not very productive. Sometimes the brush selects, sometimes it doesn't, back and forth between add/subtract... 95% of the time it deletes the entire image, not just the selection. There has got to be a better way... c'mon... it's a png file with a white background... select color - delete, done.