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  1. Many thanks to DWright for your help and patience for helping me to solve my problem.It is very much appreciated.
  2. Thanks again for your help.I will try that.
  3. Thanks for the very speedy reply but could you give me more details.e.g.where do I type in the url address.I tried typing them into Google and Internet Explorer but it just gave me a lot of links.As I said,I am not very knowledgeable with computers so sorry for being so thick.
  4. Sorry to ask such a newbie question but could someone tell me how to install the resources in the Affinity Photo Workbook on to my laptop.I am not particularly knowledgeable on computers so please be patient with me.
  5. Thanks for the reply.I have noticed that sometimes it works okay and other times it goes wrong as I have described in my post.
  6. Windows 8.1.Thanks for the help.
  7. The + stays at the source point and I can clone but it starts to paint in other bits of picture which I haven't set as a source point but the + is still sitting at the source point.It worked okay until I installed the update so I'm using it okay.
  8. Thanks for the reply.Yes,Aligned is ticked.I've tried it with it unticked but it's just the same.
  9. Since installing the latest upgrade,I am having problems with the clone tool.When picking the spot to clone from and moving the circle to the area I want to clone too,the + doesn't move.I can clone a small area but the tool must be picking up areas of the picture in spite of the + not moving.I hope I've explained my problem clearly what I'm meaning. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but I still have the same problem.Any help and advice how to rectify this?
  10. Thanks very much for the speedy reply.File size is not a concern so I will follow your advice.Thanks again!
  11. I have a batch of old family photos which I have edited to the best of my ability and now want to print them out.What is the best format to export them to for the best quality.I am using Windows Photo.
  12. Thanks for the reply.I should have said .afphoto.The reason I asked was I have partially edited some photos on Windows Affinity and saved them as .afphoto.I was wanting to put them on my phone until I learned more about Affinity Photo and then go back into them to try to further improve them.Looks as if I'll need to export them then put them on my phone as JPEG's.
  13. Could someone tell me of an Android app to open .afphotos which I have downloaded to my Samsung Galaxy S6.
  14. Thanks very much for your speedy reply.Strange thing is I had tried this before I posted on the forum and it didn't work.Now it is working.Thanks a million!
  15. I must have done something wrong when editing a photo because the tools down the right hand side of screen have disappeared.Could someone please help and tell me how to get them back?