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  1. I followed Carl 123' advice and got a satisfactory result.Going to do work on it another time to improve it even further.(cloning.)Thanks for enquiring.
  2. Thanks for all the replies and helpI will give them all a go later on..
  3. Thanks for the reply.It is an old photo.About 30 years ago it was taken.
  4. Thanks for the reply.The part I cannot get is the top third of the photo where it seems to have a white cast over it.I can manage the rest.I do not know where the white and the 10 came from.
  5. Could someone tell me how to edit this photo or point me to a tutorial which would help me.Thanks for any help and advice.
  6. Vauxhall60

    Improving a photo.

    Thanks very much for your reply.I will try these.I'm ok with the rest of the adjustments,healing tools etc.
  7. Vauxhall60

    Improving a photo.

    Thanks Gabe for your reply ,help and advice.I will try this on the 6 photos.Your help Is very much appreciated.One more thing,How do I get rid of graininess on a photo?
  8. Could someone tell me how to improve this photo?Thanks for any help and advice.I've edited well over 100 old family photos successfully but I've got 6photos similar to the above which as you can see are very grainy and a brown colour cast.I've tried a lot of adjustments but can't get it edited to my satisfaction.
  9. Vauxhall60

    Red skin.

    Thanks for the help.I'll study the tutorial and see how I get on.
  10. Editing old family photos.Could somebody tell me how to get rid of red on skin.
  11. The custom on the photo refers to the shortcut I created on my printer, which is size of paper 6x4,borderless,and the paper I am using is 6x4.Also,when I click on properties,I make sure that everything set on custom is showing e.g.paper size is 6x4 in.
  12. Hope I've done this correctly but this is the photo that when I print,About 6 mms.is missing from left hand side and the bottom.
  13. Could you tell me how to get screenshots on to the forum?
  14. Thanks for your reply.Could you guide how to put a screenshot on the forum please?