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  1. The custom on the photo refers to the shortcut I created on my printer, which is size of paper 6x4,borderless,and the paper I am using is 6x4.Also,when I click on properties,I make sure that everything set on custom is showing e.g.paper size is 6x4 in.
  2. Hope I've done this correctly but this is the photo that when I print,About 6 mms.is missing from left hand side and the bottom.
  3. Could you tell me how to get screenshots on to the forum?
  4. Thanks for your reply.Could you guide how to put a screenshot on the forum please?
  5. I am printing out a photo,Putting in the proper pixel sizes on the Photo dialogue box but the photo is missing about 6mms.on left hand side and bottom.The only way that I can avoid this and print out all the photo is to increase the numbers I put into the pixel boxes.Can anyone tell me why this is?Printer is an HP Envy 5020.
  6. Vauxhall60

    Print different from view on laptop.

    Thanks for the reply.I will look at the tutorials.
  7. I have edited and printed some photos with Affinity photo (Windows 8.1,HP Printer F4580).Some of the photos look okay but some of them look different from what I see on my laptop screen.Some are lighter,some are darker.I think it depends what angle the lid of my laptop is at what I see on the screen,and that is what is causing it.Is there any way round this problem?Sorry,printer I am using is the Kodak Verite 55,not the HP Printer mentioned above.
  8. Vauxhall60

    Resources in Affinity Photo Workbook

    Many thanks to DWright for your help and patience for helping me to solve my problem.It is very much appreciated.
  9. Vauxhall60

    Resources in Affinity Photo Workbook

    Thanks again for your help.I will try that.
  10. Vauxhall60

    Resources in Affinity Photo Workbook

    Thanks for the very speedy reply but could you give me more details.e.g.where do I type in the url address.I tried typing them into Google and Internet Explorer but it just gave me a lot of links.As I said,I am not very knowledgeable with computers so sorry for being so thick.
  11. Sorry to ask such a newbie question but could someone tell me how to install the resources in the Affinity Photo Workbook on to my laptop.I am not particularly knowledgeable on computers so please be patient with me.
  12. Vauxhall60

    Clone tool since upgrading to 1.6

    Thanks for the reply.I have noticed that sometimes it works okay and other times it goes wrong as I have described in my post.
  13. Vauxhall60

    Clone tool since upgrading to 1.6

    Windows 8.1.Thanks for the help.
  14. Vauxhall60

    Clone tool since upgrading to 1.6

    The + stays at the source point and I can clone but it starts to paint in other bits of picture which I haven't set as a source point but the + is still sitting at the source point.It worked okay until I installed the update so I'm using it okay.