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  1. When I copy the 'effects' from one layer to another layer it does NOT copy the absolute values, but instead a kind of relative values. See attached photos. The first layer has an 'outline effect' of 20px. When I copy this effect to a second layer, this layer has now an 'outline' of 38,7px. I would very much like the option to copy the effect in absolute values, independent of the size of the layer the effect is copy to.
  2. I have a FH file that extensively uses the glow effect; I am wondering if AD can't open that? Another FH files without the effect appears to be able to open the file.
  3. Hello. The photographic tutorials are really excellent. It seems very difficult to match the range of especially 3D effects in AP with those available in Photoshop, especially things like the tags above. This might be due to different methodologies. Is this something still in development perhaps? Would it be possible to produce some tutorials about this feature for AP? Or in Designer for that matter. I have tried to apply methods used in the past with Photoshop learned through the Photoshop Wow Books, things similar to glass marbles for example, but that doesn't seem to apply. Neither in Photo nor Designer.
  4. Hello everyone.I want to create a stand alone shadow but couldn't find a way to separate it from the base shape. Any one has a solution for this?
  5. Hi, I'm trying to create a shooting star effect that is similar to my avatar. This would include the strike through and the shiny star on the end. Please, can someone help or at least point me in the right direction if this is possible to create in AFD.
  6. What I mean? You know if you right klick a style you can only rename and delete, but it would be great if there would be an option that allowes you to say how you want the style to be transfered to your layer. If it only should add effects or only the properties... In my opinion you should be able to add more effects to a layer. This should make you able to duplicate the inner glow twice or other type of effects.
  7. Hi all. Is there an effects option that I'm missing for fonts? Like in Illustrator you can bloat, pucker, fish eye, etc. your font. I'm trying to achieve the attached. Sorry technical words are not coming to me at this moment.
  8. Could you add the ability to stack effects? For example I would like to add to a one shape two outer shadows but with different colours and options like opacity so that they "intertwine" one through another.
  9. I'm trying to make transparent text with a drop shadow in the Windows Affinity Designer Beta. So far I have had no luck. I want the end result to be similar to this. (It's hard to tell, but the text is transparent) Is this possible?
  10. First, let me thank everyone at Serif for the amazing job they've done creating Affinity Designer - you're awesome! I would really love to see the addition of transformation effects - scale, shear, rotate, positional adjustment, cloning with recursive transformations, path offset, geometry manipulations, shape distortion, etc. - and, before you tell me that these requests have already been made ('cause let's face it, none of those requests are very original ideas), I'd really love to have the ability to create (and save for later use) a stack of transformation effects that can either act on an object in a specific order according to where they are placed in a hierarchy or can be independently applied where possible (kind of like the way an effects-pedal loop on a guitar amp can apply an effect to the raw, "dry" signal without it directly having an effect on or being directly affected by another effects-pedal). Then, let these transformation stacks be chained together with other transformation stacks. This could be an incredibly powerful and useful tool. I'd suggest also including an option to randomize the variables for those transformations within a user-set range. If anyone else agrees or has additional ideas on this, please post a reply.
  11. Is it going to support import Fireworks PNG and retain Fireworks layers, effects, vectors etc ??
  12. In Photoshop it's easy to copy or move fx from one layer to another. I can't figure out how to accomplish that in Affinity Designer though. Try this: 1. New document in Affinity Designer. 2. Sketch 2 rectangles on the page. 3. Give 1 of them a drop shadow. You should then see the white "fx" mark at right on that layer. 4. Try moving that "fx" to your other rectangle layer. You can't. 5. Hold down the Option key and try copy the "fx" to your other layer. You can't. 6. Right-click on "fx" and see there is nothing directly applicable to "fx" If there is no feature to accomplish this important task, please consider this a feature request. Thanks.
  13. Hi All, I'm attempting to make a simple logo for my organization. If you'll take a look at the image file I've attached, you'll get a better idea of my dilemma. I'd like to have my drop shadow show up where the 'K' intersects (goes over the top of) the ellipse. I've made a number of stabs at this and so far I've not found the proper solution. I made a copy of the logo and then attempted to use the intersect button to create a shape that is exactly the same as my intersection so I could just apply my shadow to the newly created shape, but that doesn't work since my ellipse shape is in fact just a stroke around a circle. Any ideas on how to easily accomplish this? Thank you! P.S. I'm not sure if I explained that very well, so please let me know if more explanation is needed.
  14. fx Panel Problem: Opacity Setting no longer seems to work on Outlines. Why: For some product images I like to be able to apply a black inside outline when placing the product image on a dark background. Most of my product images are taken on a white or grey background and the images will sometimes have a slightly shiny edge to them that pops out a little too much on a black or dark background. By adding a black inside outline, and reducing the opacity to about 33-50% the edge blends in nicer with a darker background.
  15. Been working on this stuff right here and its almost there. Custom layers styles coming soon.
  16. I've been trying to recreate some older work in AD but I'm deeply missing the Contour setting for shadows and glows. I couldn't find anything similar reading the Help topics. This would be analog to the Photoshop feature where you can specify a graph for how the intensity of the effect changes over its spread. This is a picture from an old PS version just to illustrate the setting.
  17. In this quicktip [ GERMAN | ENGLISH subtitles ], I'll show you how to transfer styles and effects from one object to another object in Affinity Designer. https://youtu.be/gqp_dTqYppI Keep on drawin' Norbert
  18. Does the design loose some of it's effect like gradient/shadows when it is exported to EPS or SVG? I exported a design to EPS and SVG. I had a gradient button. I can't edit the features.
  19. hi all, Interested in seeing any good double exposure tutorials you've come across out there - obviously created in Affinity Photo. Perhaps you have your own project you'd like to publish to the Share Your Work sub-forum? Have a good day.. :-) Andy Capstick
  20. I just created a pretty hefty file with many components that all have different layer effects. And upon scaling the design for different purposes, of course there would be some effects that I forgot to turn on the scale effects button. So now I see how this global preference to scale effects and strokes in Illustrator is a good way to prevent this from happening. Any possibility we could get a global preference to turn on and off all effects? Unless there is a way and I don’t know how to do it.
  21. Hello! I'm trying to apply an inner shadow effect to my rounded rectangle. I don't want the inner shadow to apply to the border, only to the fill. This is how it works in Photoshop, for better or worse. I've fiddled around with the stroke and effect settings, but I cannot seem to achieve the goal, except by creating two objects and having one be the border, and the other be the fill. Is there a way of having the effect only apply to the fill, so I don't need to manage two distinct objects? Using RC2 on Windows 10. Cheers Alex
  22. Every time I try to do this with the effects the shadow goes both outside and inside the rectangle. I have a photo inside of the rectangle and I want for there to be a shadow coming from the rectangle onto the photo. I would think that I would go to "inner shadow" under effects to do this but it isn't working for some reason.
  23. I want to make text that looks like I have written it with gold paint. Can anyone help me out here as I'm new to using affinity?
  24. Photoshop used to have an Effects plug-in called 'Paint Daubs'. I'm wondering if anyone in the Affinity community has ever come across a way to create a similar effect in Affinity? I used to use the Paint Daubs when working with SD footage from video (pre-HD, pre-4K). Very subtle use of the effect could make a video-looking still pulled from the film look like a much higher quality image, even slightly painterly, getting rid of any sense of the video-look. I've even used it on HD, and it makes a still pulled from video look much better when going to print. All ears, Ben I still have the Paint Daubs effect in an earlier version of Photoshop (which no longer runs on my current OS). And tried to install that specific plug-in into the Affinity-folder-for-effects-plug-ins ... but it doesn't seem to translate. I heard something like this could be done. Nada, it seems, in this case.
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