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  1. No problem. I did first pic what happens when I click (everything goes away) and second pic of what happens when I click it again (returns to what I had before) Oh for heavens sake! You are the winner. That resolved my problem. And yes sometimes the items in the context toolbar show up and sometimes they don't. Thank you.
  2. I'm not understanding what you mean by type the "tab" key. Studio is visible if you are referring to this (see screenshot)
  3. My left side toolbar has gone missing. I've restarted my mac. I've looked to see if designer needed updating - no. I've checked to see if my mac's operational software needed to be updated - I'm good. I also refreshed studio too. I did recently get a Huion drawing tablet and connected it and was working fine. Not sure if that caused something to go awry. The only thing I think that might have made it disappear is that I had it hooked up to a monitor. But that really doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me why that would interfere. Screenshots are of a file I previously was working on therefore why I have objects. Your help is appreciated. Thanks. JoDee
  4. I downloaded the brushes and they just show up blank in affinity. I have version 1.6.0. I opened the downloaded file and it asked if I wanted to install. I said yes and that was that. Is there another way to instal them? Thanks.
  5. Hi all. Is there an effects option that I'm missing for fonts? Like in Illustrator you can bloat, pucker, fish eye, etc. your font. I'm trying to achieve the attached. Sorry technical words are not coming to me at this moment.
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