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  1. Ok thanks. Also is there a fill gap auto snap? For example you drop object into gap and it will size to the edges for time saving? Why is it that the corner near the rotate whole object icon, don't give me complete free movement with one click like the other two corners?
  2. How do I snap lines together? I want to avoid gaps and overlays. I also want to be able to pull corners over without the whole triangle moving. For example the bottom triangle on the right hand side of it has white area I would like to fill all the way up to the corner.
  3. Software A/D Hi, is there such a thing as a pixeled template to start designing on? I have seen this in other software. This would help the designer for correct placement of designs etc, or is there some other function that has this already?
  4. Hi, does anyone have any tips or examples for creating 3D modeling in a gaming aspect?
  5. Thank's for your reply Jhoy. I'll show you how it turned out when I return to my project.
  6. Hi, I'm trying to create a shooting star effect that is similar to my avatar. This would include the strike through and the shiny star on the end. Please, can someone help or at least point me in the right direction if this is possible to create in AFD.
  7. Thanks for your reply. However, do they have such a tool in Affinity Designer?
  8. Thanks for your reply. Although I think I understand your answer which is also useful to know, I think I may have worded my question incorrectly. So I will try to explain again. I will use a picture of a starry night with text in the middle for an example. Let's say I wish to remove the text in the middle and keep the starry night effect where the text was. So to do this I would need to copy some of the starry night and overlay the text with the now copied starry night. Please advise if this is possible.
  9. Is there a texture picker? ie: to be able to pick a texture from an image?
  10. I didn't get that message. If I create and go straight to export. I don't get the save message. I only see the save message if I create then try to close app.
  11. I would like to see an Auto Save feature. Gee this post is old. Is Auto Save out now?
  12. Hi, I'm not sure if I've missed something here as I am new to A/D. However, I have come across a possible issue that may need to be safeguarded at some time. I have made the mistake of exporting without saving the A/D file. This becomes a problem should you wish to re-edit again without starting from scratch. I would like to see a warning message in place if this becomes a known issue. Is anybody else having issues like mine?
  13. Hi, I'm liking all these replies. It's certainly helping me to understand more about Vector. I did the split screen test on a logo that I Exported as JPEG and that clearly showed up as Raster/Bitmap. I did another test with a letter in A/D and that clearly showed up as Vector. Do I lose Vector depending on what format I export to? What format should I choose to export to for Vector?
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