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  1. Right now the index markers are a kind of light blue-grey, which is sometimes very difficult to see. It would be wonderful if the colour of the markers could be chosen freely. Like red or cobalt blue, etc...
  2. Hi Walt, Some of them are just white pages, one has copyrights on it, one has the title, etc... Just pick up a book and you will see. The good news: Although the numbering in the panel is the absolute page (and not the numbered page), once I generate the index, the numbers are correct, meaning the index items have the correct (numbered) page numbers. So, an item on Page 1 shows up as being on page 9 in the index panel, but that same item has page number 1 once the index is generated. I hope I make sense. The only challenge left is to get the panel to do the same as the generated index.
  3. My page numbering starts at page 9 (start of book content). How can I make my Index also to start counting on that page? Right now an index mark on page number 1, shows up in de index as being on page 9.
  4. When I copy the 'effects' from one layer to another layer it does NOT copy the absolute values, but instead a kind of relative values. See attached photos. The first layer has an 'outline effect' of 20px. When I copy this effect to a second layer, this layer has now an 'outline' of 38,7px. I would very much like the option to copy the effect in absolute values, independent of the size of the layer the effect is copy to.
  5. Copy bug using Marquee Tool and Quick Mask Starting with a file consisting of 2 layers (whereby the top layer is of another photo then the bottom layer), I want to select a part of the top layer using the Marquee Tool and paste it to a third layer. To achieve this, I do the following… I activate the Marquee Tool, make a selection and subsequently use the Quick Mask tool and Move Tool to refine the selection. As you can see I moved the selection and changed its size. By activating the Marquee Tool again and deselecting the Quick Mask, I have now my refined selection which I can copy and paste. Doing that results in a totally wrong copied area. In the example I have included, I have the second layer de-activated, so that you can see the selected area (marquee) and the result of copy-paste.
  6. Also the copy and paste function using the Marquee Tool, including the use of Quick Mask to alter the selection, seems to have been fixed. Thanks!!!
  7. While you look into this, can you please also have a look at the related "copy and paste" problem that has been haunting Affinity Photo since the first Beta... See:
  8. Problem still the same in Beta
  9. When I copy an area using the Marquee Tool and subsequently paste, then the pasted copy lands up in the upper left corner. See attached photo.
  10. Hello Chris_K, Sorry for the confusion, but I am talking about two different things. In post one I show a different problem then in post two. To clarify more. Post one. I have a multi layered project and I want to copy a selection of the top layer using the Marquee. This works fine. But, when I change the size of the previously made selection, by using Quick Masque and the Move Tool, the chosen selection is copied incorrectly. Post two. I have a photo with a slanted horizon which I have corrected using the Straighten Tool (in the Crop menu). I made a selection using the Marquee and copied it. All worked fine. But when I tried to resize the selection (using Quick Mask and the Move Tool), the selected area (Move Tool) showed up rotated. The two posts are not related except that they are both dealing with Selecting (Marquee) and Copying.
  11. Hello Chris_K I have tried it with numerous photos and also with restarting my computer and only starting up Affinity. The result is every time as I posted. I today came across another artifact in the selection and copying department. I straightened a photo, made a selection and copied it. All worked fine. But when I tried to resize the selection (using Quick Mask and the Move Tool), the selected area (Move Tool) showed up rotated. See attached photos.
  12. When you make a selection (using the marquee tool) on a layer and subsequently copy that selection, everything works fine. See photos ‘Capture20’ and ‘Capture21’. But, when you change the size of the selection, by using quick masque and the move tool, the chosen selection is copied incorrectly. See photos ‘Capture22’, ‘Capture23’, ‘Capture24’, ‘Capture25’ and ‘Capture26’.
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