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    PAULRFONTENOT got a reaction from Chris B in Overwriting font in Photo Beta causes Crash   
    This  phenomenon seemed to have been fixed as well when I reinstalled the Beta release. 
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    PAULRFONTENOT got a reaction from mpowell in THEMES   
    Feature Request -Make more theme colors available than Dark or Light.
    -Make themes available as in the example shown in the screenshot attached "Gimp Directory Structure"
    -consider adopting the use of gtkrc themes which are editable as in the attachment "Gimp black" and "Gimp Directory Structure" and "Gimp gtkrc"
    -(I know that somewhere in your directory structure, you have the equivalent of a gtkrc file; consider making that file location within the directory structure revealed and editable so that we could choose colors we like for the background color, insensitive color, UI color, text, unselected text, selected text and insensitive text.)
    (Note that there is abundant third-party theme support for Gimp app as portrayed in the screenshot provided called "Gimp Directory Structure"
    -GTKRC files are editable and can stipulate any hex # for background color, insensitive color, tooltip color, menubar color, text, insensitive text, selected text, etc. as demonstrated in the screenshot attached called "Gimp gtkrc".
    Notice how, by editing the gtkrc file, when you have the ability to select black (hex # 000000) for both the background color and the UI color, for example, everything just jumps off of the background like a 3D effect ) Cool!!!
    -Alternatively, you could make these colors selectable via menus like in the Windows Operating system theme colors which can be selected by hex # for all of the aforementioned categories.
    -I have provided a copy of the Gimp theme gtkrc file and a screenshot of the main variables called "Gimp gtkrc"  for the  " Gimp Black" theme for your examination and consideration.
    -At a minimum, allow us to select the UI GAMMA slider all the way to hex #000000; that can't be much of a stretch as you already have written the code to allow setting both the "Background Grayscale" and the "Artboard Background Grayscale" to hex #000000      

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    PAULRFONTENOT reacted to v_kyr in Can't find my Affinity Photo product key on App Store   
    The beta and release apps are in actual sync now, thus the beta probably asked to "enter your Affinity Photo product key", which usually isn't required. - Further you should remove the attached MAS receipt from your inital posting, because that allows for everyone (hackers) to draw conclusions about your identity and personal data!
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    PAULRFONTENOT reacted to Fixx in Add "shrink" and "grow" features in Designer & Photo   
    Shrink/grow is used to manipulate pixels. 
    For vector objects transform tools are right choice.
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    PAULRFONTENOT reacted to Ben in Add "shrink" and "grow" features in Designer & Photo   
    I think @PAULRFONTENOT is still confusing raster and vector functionality.
    Affinity is not Gimp.  I think you need to read through the help and tutorials to familiarise yourself with the app a bit better.  Otherwise, we are just going to be telling you information that is already available.
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    PAULRFONTENOT got a reaction from wgphoto in Animation in Affinity Photo   
    I have been conversing with several members today about the "lack of" an animation creator/player/editor in the Affinity suite of applications, & I thought I would make a pitch for writing a gif creator/player/editor in Affinity Photo; here goes:
    Andy shared that he worked for 2 years without success, trying to develop gif creation/player/editor in Affinity Design; it would be easier to develop this feature for Affinity Photo.
    Just "throwing spitballs at the wall here"; if you approached animation from a pixel application approach like Affinity Photo, it might be easier to "reverse engineer" the code from the Gimp.app (a free and open source pixel application) @ www.Gimp.org than starting from scratch;  if I read the tea leaves correctly, the developers at Gimp.org encourage "liberal use & sharing" with no licensing fees required.  (I am sure that if you could use their code to write in a gif creator/player/editor and send them a nice donation, that they would be greatly appreciative).  I hope that you will at least share this idea with the "dream team" and you guys might put this in the pipeline.

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    PAULRFONTENOT reacted to R C-R in Grow/Shrink Feather   
    But from your screenshot it looks like you have not created a pixel (marching ants) selection. Also keep in mind that vector shapes are not defined by their pixel extents, so while you can create a pixel selection in Designer's Pixel Persona, it can't be applied to a vector shape unless you rasterize it.
    Some of the Designer Assistant settings affect what happens if you try to use the Paint Brush Tool or other brush tools on a vector layer or apply a filter to one, so maybe experiment with those settings if you are not getting the behavior you expect.
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    PAULRFONTENOT got a reaction from Pšenda in Add "shrink" and "grow" features in Designer & Photo   
    I finally have found the grow/shrink feature in Designer; I am disappointed......
    The grow/shrink feature only works on selections, NOT on shapes; I don't know how I would use it if I can't grow/shrink shapes I have created.
    What is the use of growing/shrinking a selected area? I can do that on the fly when I "pull" a selected area.
    My only workaround is to go to the transform panel and adjust Shape sizes there; you guys, please make this feature work on shapes as well in the next update.

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    PAULRFONTENOT reacted to Bri-Toon in Stop Frame Animation   
    I think what matters is what you use to preview the GIF afterwards. Two programs that come with Mac, Preview and Photos, do not preview animated GIFs. However, you can select the file in the Finder window and press Spacebar to get an animated preview. I really wish that there could be more photo viewers for Mac that can pan through images like a flipbook and view animated GIFs. I use ViewPic for panning, but it doesn't yet view animated GIFs.
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    PAULRFONTENOT reacted to Alfred in Stop Frame Animation   
    You can't animate pressure on a brush stroke created in Affinity Photo (because it's nothing more than a collection of pixels) but that's not what I understood us to be talking about. The point is that although you can only create vector brush strokes in Affinity Designer, you can edit them in Affinity Photo or any future Affinity app: you don't have to switch back to AD.
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    PAULRFONTENOT reacted to StuartRc in Crazy Brush and Assets Library   
    Added new version 1.7 Vegetation Brush set based on Project Brush 06 Set C
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    PAULRFONTENOT reacted to StuartRc in Crazy Brush and Assets Library   
    No Problem...hope you enjoy using them..Project Sets are more varied and would be a good starting point rather than downloading all the sets. 
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    PAULRFONTENOT reacted to SrPx in Animations and video?   
    Davinci Resolve and Davinci Fusion (for Premiere and After Effects (-ish) functionality). Pretty functional , free versions available.
    For animation, I'd recommend first the free ones (that's my habit)  , like Opentoonz and Synfig. Then, as mentioned, Moho. IMO Toonboon's Harmony is pricey, when you can do it with other tools (unless is for very specific professional work).  Spine is great for games , very standard for medium and small studios.  esotericsoftware.com 
    For frame by frame animation I like Animation Paper animationpaper.com  . But really, many other tools can do for this. If not requiring deep features, pro workflows, then even the free Krita ( krita.org ) animation features could do. Or if needing to have a comic drawing package anyway, just get the Pro of Clip Studio Paint EX, that one has quite some animation features. For easy dumb stuff to have some effects, and even for some frame by frame animation, and vector based, the abandoned yet free Vectorian Giotto can yet be of use. Only at download depots. Dunno if runs in Win 10, tho, I don't use that thing, yet....
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    PAULRFONTENOT reacted to StuartRc in Crazy Brush and Assets Library   
    Added link to small number of inkBrush brushes (10) and vector assets (no 6)
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    PAULRFONTENOT reacted to Alfred in Steps to Import Photoshop brushes?   
    Photoshop brushes are raster brushes, so you need to be in the Pixel persona to see and use them.
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    PAULRFONTENOT reacted to Fixx in Add "shrink" and "grow" features in Designer & Photo   
    In AP Selection menu.
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    PAULRFONTENOT reacted to Jens Krebs in Add "shrink" and "grow" features in Designer & Photo   
    Go, exhaust yourself and find it ... it's there.
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    PAULRFONTENOT reacted to R C-R in Add style from image   
    OK, to begin with you can't use styles created in the 1.7 beta versions with the 1.6 retail versions, so if you create a style category in the Affinity Photo 1.7 beta it will not import into either of the 1.6 retail apps. A style category created in either 1.6 retail app should import into the other 1.6 retail app & into either 1.7 beta app without issues. This is why it is always a good idea to specify which app you are using (& ideally to post questions about the beta versions in the appropriate beta forum).
    That said, I am not sure what you mean about 'exporting the new style' -- AFAIK, you can only export a style category, so a screen shot of the "Gold Wave" category in the app (beta or retail) that you say shows blank may help. For me, importing your "Gold Wave" categories import without problems, as long as I don't try to import the 1.7 (?) one into a 1.6 app. Aside form that, they all work as expected, & the "Gold Wave" style appears in the Styles panel exactly as it does in your screenshot pointing to it.
    Last but not least, the style you created apparently sets a bitmap fill & does nothing else. That works for me, applying the "gold wave animation-2019-03-12_17-25-28" bitmap image as a bitmap fill to whatever object I apply it to. To see this, in Designer select object with the Fill Tool -- it is the same in Photo except the tool is just named "Gradient." Either way, you should see in the Context toolbar the "Context:" set to "Fill" & the "Type:" set to "Bitmap."
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    PAULRFONTENOT reacted to R C-R in Add style from image   
    A created Style can include the fill, color, and transparent properties of selected vector shapes & text, but for other object types I think layer effects (fx) & transparency are the only properties that would be included. Your image does not seem to have any of those properties applied to it, so there is no style that can be created from it.
    BTW, it seems your .afphoto file was created in the 1.7 customer beta. As a courtesy to users who are not testing the beta, it would be good to mention that in posts that include them, since they won't be able to open them if they download them to help you out.
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    PAULRFONTENOT reacted to Gnobelix in Add style from image   
    @R C-R has declared, how Styles yourself on vector graphics and pixel graphics affect.
    In your attached file I noticed that the selections not very well selected is.
    This makes the application of styles very difficult.
    An option would be,  that tracing the contour with the pen tool, then apply the styles on the curves.
    Style applied  with improved pixel selection

    Style applied to curves

    The attached file is created with Affinity-Photo Beta 1.7
    Golden wave background-2.afphoto
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    PAULRFONTENOT reacted to GDPR-365024 in VOTE BLUE   
    @PAULRFONTENOT  I meant no disrespect Paul.
    Increasingly our planet is becoming more polarised (and hostile)—the growth of nationalism as one example, the current political and religious hostility between India and Pakistan another example.
    I personally feel both politics and religion have no place in forums such as this ... because of polarising ideologies.
    Of course that's my view, the mods here decide on what is and what's not acceptable postings       
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    PAULRFONTENOT got a reaction from Alfred in VOTE BLUE   
    Alfred, I was not confused by what you had to say, just confused about the polarity of the reception that my post had amongst the people who reacted to it.
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    PAULRFONTENOT reacted to Alfred in VOTE BLUE   
    Quite the opposite, Peter! An endorsement for Trump would be ‘Vote Red’ (Republican), not ‘Vote Blue’ (Democrat).
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