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  1. Sorry if I am posting a question that has been answered; I searched previous topics and could not find this answer. In Gimp, there is a function to select and remove by color. Is this function available in Photo or Designer? WHERE, PRETEL?
  2. It would be really nice if you wrote some new code to provide me with a radio button on the "Save history with Document" function that enables me to elect "Don't show this again". After you have elected yes or no in this dialog box, it becomes irritating to keep confirming that you want to "Save history with document" It would be helpful as well if I could elect this function in app preferences.
  3. Yeah, when I reinstalled the Beta release, my paste functions returned to normal. I have no idea what happened here; maybe a gremlin in the Mac OS. Go figure...
  4. I am going to uninstall and reinstall; I will let you know if the problem persists after I reinstall. I have no 3rd party software that manages shortcuts. Any time I try to copy an image and paste it like in iMessages or Notes, it opens in Affinity Photo😡!!!
  5. Ever since I installed Affinity Photo Beta on my 2013 iMac, it has captured my paste function...I cannot paste amywhere; Affinity Photo opens every time I use Command + V or if I use Edit>Paste.... I will have to uninstall it to regain control of my past function.🤔😣
  6. IN Affinity Photo Beta, Crash occurs when I try to double-click the default font (Arial) and overwrite with a different font. It doesn't always crash, but trying to change the default font by double-clicking and overwriting delivers a short list which disappears after 1 second and multiple attempts to change the font by overwriting ultimately causes a Crash.
  7. I thought I would share this custom text style with everyone. I used it to send Christmas cards and it was a big hit! More than 2 people asked me if they could come over and learn how to do this. This style is based on the Snell Roundhand font which is in my top 5 favorite fonts. It is a very stylish, clean, robust font when you select BLACK weight. Snell Roundhand Red.afstyles
  8. In order to use Affinity Photo for MAC Beta, I am required to enter my Affinity Photo product key. The problem is, when you purchase Affinity products on the App Store, you only get a reference number, not a product key. How do I get my Affinity Photo product key so I can enter it to use Affinity Photo Beta? DATE OF PURCHASE: Nov 14, 2018 APP STORE ORDER ID: MMNKQ 6ZJW8 (This is all you can get from the Mac App Store: only an order reference number; no product key) DOCUMENT NO. 217236671477
  9. Yes. As an example, if I want to nest several rectangles of different size within each other, (as in the Gimp app) I would start off by creating a series of rectangles by "copy and paste" and then I would either want to shrink or grow the rectangles to have a multi-radius/diameter/width object with several more originating at the center; (so the way it works in Gimp is, you create several rectangles laying within the base rectangle by "copy and paste" and then you select the SELECT main menu and click on grow or shrink to nest the "child" rectangles within the "parent" rectangle") In Designer, you can't grow or shrink all of the "child" rectangles so that you can clearly see all of the "child" rectangles. You can only launch grow/shrink feature in Designer by having a SELECTION AREA. In Gimp, you can specify the width of each rectangle from the grow/shrink feature by stipulating numerical values for your transformation by so many pixels or so many inches; You can only grow or shrink selection areas in Designer; what would be a "real world" application of being able to grow and shrink a selected area, not an object? How would you use this feature to produce a certain numerical or percentage of the selection area? As soon as you deselect "the selected area" it is lost. In Gimp, you can grow/shrink OBJECTS; In designer, gow/shrink cannot edit the size of a REAL object, only a selected area of an object and I cannot for the life of me, think of a PRACTICAL use for that.
  10. Alfred, how do you put your software interests and portfolio at the bottom of your page? >>>>Alfred Affinity Designer • Affinity Photo • Windows 10 Home (4th gen Core i3 CPU)Affinity Photo for iPad • Affinity Designer for iPad • iOS 12.2 (iPad Air 2)
  11. (You would need to convert your "layered design" into separate layers, yes.)
  12. You determine the still shots to be used to create your animation and Gimp will optimize all images(layers) to create your animation; then when you come to the exporting, just assign a .gif extension. In the final export frame, you click the export as animation switch. I am no software officianodo and I have no problems using this feature in Gimp. Gimp is like all graphics program; you just have to spend a few hours with the learning curve.
  13. I finally have found the grow/shrink feature in Designer; I am disappointed...... The grow/shrink feature only works on selections, NOT on shapes; I don't know how I would use it if I can't grow/shrink shapes I have created. What is the use of growing/shrinking a selected area? I can do that on the fly when I "pull" a selected area. My only workaround is to go to the transform panel and adjust Shape sizes there; you guys, please make this feature work on shapes as well in the next update.
  14. I have been conversing with several members today about the "lack of" an animation creator/player/editor in the Affinity suite of applications, & I thought I would make a pitch for writing a gif creator/player/editor in Affinity Photo; here goes: Andy shared that he worked for 2 years without success, trying to develop gif creation/player/editor in Affinity Design; it would be easier to develop this feature for Affinity Photo. Just "throwing spitballs at the wall here"; if you approached animation from a pixel application approach like Affinity Photo, it might be easier to "reverse engineer" the code from the Gimp.app (a free and open source pixel application) @ www.Gimp.org than starting from scratch; if I read the tea leaves correctly, the developers at Gimp.org encourage "liberal use & sharing" with no licensing fees required. (I am sure that if you could use their code to write in a gif creator/player/editor and send them a nice donation, that they would be greatly appreciative). I hope that you will at least share this idea with the "dream team" and you guys might put this in the pipeline.
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