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    Roland Dicke reacted to katrinrr in block text wrapping   
    I found out, how it works, but I can explain only for the german version, as I don't know the english expressions in the menues:
    select the textfield you want to off the wrapping, go to Ansicht (view?) > Studio > Textrahmen (textframe?) and set a hook at "textumbrüche ignorieren" (ignore text wrapping?)
    I hope thie helps
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    Roland Dicke got a reaction from haakoo in StudioLink -Personas in Publisher   
    Yeah.... that's it! :-)
    The thins with running as admin, once..... let's give this information to all----
    ..... strange thing...
    Thank you so much!
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    Roland Dicke reacted to haakoo in StudioLink -Personas in Publisher   
    Have all bought versions installed Ctrl +launch all three apps and reset everything. restart pc Open Designer once>close Open Photo once>close Open Publisher and it should link the persona's now.
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    Roland Dicke reacted to haakoo in StudioLink -Personas in Publisher   
    Sure you are opening the bought apps and not the beta versions?
    Try running as administrator,does that work?
    You could uninstall and clear everything from the registry(if you know how that works)
    And then re-install with the mentioned steps.

    (Try installing to a different drive instead of just the default C:/)
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    Roland Dicke reacted to haakoo in StudioLink -Personas in Publisher   
    I meant: go to the any of the apps exe file>rightclick>run as administrator(you only need to do this once)

    I always install non system apps in my D:/ partition.

    Well,those are the most common suggestions I could make.
    So maybe one of the devs can shed a light on your issue.
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    Roland Dicke reacted to Chris_K in New Assets   
    Hi Roland Dicke
    You can only add native affinity objects eg text frames, shapes, curves pixel layers etc. This has been restricted for whole document as Publisher now has a link or embed policy. Designer 1.7 also has this new document placement policy and has the same behaviour for adding assets as Publisher does
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    Roland Dicke reacted to MickRose in New Assets   
    I can import an AI file into Apub, double click to open a new windows with the AI file shown as embedded, group it all, then Assets, Add from selection. Doesn't this work for you?
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    Roland Dicke reacted to Tom Schülke in Assets should be much improved.   
    Hi ,
    While this for sure is not on the highest list, i think the assets at the moment are not developed enough..

    1. As far as i have seen,  you can only make a folder and a subfolder. If you need to make a deeper three as iwould have to do for our corporate Designs, that we use for our comuication stuff, this is not enough.
    2. Drag and drop at last from an opened document to the Assets pannel should be enabled..
    3. This should of course be possible for several Objects at a time.
    4. Drag and Drop from outside of an Af Publisher file should be possible.  for example from the Windows Explorer.
    5. You should be able to define folders on your network, to be able to share content for the whole company.   and.. 
    6. You should be able to define Pathes for this,  that you also should able to set while network installation , so everyone starts his new copy of shining Affinity Software, and can jump in from the start whith all footage he/She needs.
    At last a feature i would suggest, that this should also be possible ( for the corporate Colors to load them and also for usual Styles, that one should be able to load as templates or that should be predefined at hands. )

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    Roland Dicke reacted to KenzDen in How can I open Indesign (indd and idml) Files in Publisher?   
    I'm DISmayed at the number of DISSes here for a beta app. 
    Patience, people; patience.
    Indd and idml import capabilities are important to me, too, just for the record, but I wasn't surprised to find out they are not yet included in the app.
    Thanks to all at Affinity for your hard work. I'm certainly not writing you off, yet.
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    Roland Dicke reacted to Ian Brockbank in Borderless printing has offset on WF-3520   
    With the attached file, you will notice there's a few mm border around the grid (taken from the printer minimum margins).
    When I print it normally, it comes out as expected.
    My WF-3520 has a borderless print option.  If I print it using this, the output page has been shifted up and to the left - it appears by exactly the printer margins.
    I'm on AP 157, Windows 10 64-bit version 1803 (OS build 17134.345).
    I'm on a Lenovo X1 Yoga 1st Signature Edition, 16GB RAM, i7 6600U @2.6GHz 2.81GHz. Resolution 2560x1440, scaled at 125%
    I first saw this with an earlier version, but I have just checked again after installing 157.

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    Roland Dicke got a reaction from Imprex in Guides get lost   
    When I move a big scaled image in a frame AP crashes. That means it take a while, than all guides aren't shown any more although they are activated.
    When I then close AP I get a crash window.
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    Roland Dicke reacted to souacz in Hyphenation   
    Try that settings:


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    Roland Dicke got a reaction from SwissGraphicDesign in Problem replacing images by drag and drop !   
    I think the image frame is stil strage.... scaling the image and replacing it doesn't feel familliar to me .... maybe because I come from InDesign - this is my only point I really prefere the InDesign way.
    No control+D (or other)
    When scaling the palced image the frame itself isn't showen - that ist the most important point!
    When changing the image the scaling doesn't feel good to me - same as Tom wrote
    I can't find a proper sace to fit maximum (the one doesn't work al the time)
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    Roland Dicke reacted to dominik in No way to edit corners of text frames   
    Hello @Peter Sohn,
    wellcome to the forum.
    What you can do is to first create a picture frame and edit the corners in a way you need it.
    Then right click on it and select 'Convert to curves'.
    Finally select from the menu 'Layer > Convert to Text Frame'.
    The drawback from this method is that you can not modify the cornes anymore as you can do in a picture frame at any time.
    PS: BTW, since you are new to the forum. You may not have noticed it, this is the bug report section. A question like this would be better posted in the 'Discussion and Suggestions for Affinity Publisher' forum. It just helps to keep track of topics 
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    Roland Dicke reacted to Tom Schülke in Problem replacing images by drag and drop !   
    I am not sure this is wanted....  I think its rather a bug ?
    When i have made an imageframe , positioned an image  , in this case a pdf of a florplane inside,  and i want to exchange it with new conted by drag and drop !
    The new pdf file doesnt seem to remember the old settings of scale and rotation ....     

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    Roland Dicke reacted to Tom Schülke in Problem replacing images by drag and drop !   
    Well it exchanges the content of the one pdf by the new one..  but because they are both of the same size, i had expected, that publisher would knowtice this and remain the size and orientation of the old  pdf
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    Roland Dicke reacted to Chad Lindsey in Bleed - Guides   
    Can bleed be shown when making new document? Instead of having to enable the dimension by going to Document Setup... after it has been created.
    Also, can the guides be visible on the pasteboard outside of the trim area?
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    Roland Dicke reacted to Steveporter in Guides   
    I feel that it should be possible to:
    1. Type in the position for a guide (as in InDesign and Quark Xpress.
    2. Have guides show outside the document area (again as Indesign and Quark Xpress.
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    Roland Dicke reacted to benwiggy in How can I open Indesign (indd and idml) Files in Publisher?   
    At the very least, importing IDML files is a must. Scribus and VivaDesigner both do this, and it's the only way to get punters to switch, if they've got legacy documents.
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    Roland Dicke reacted to vaultdweller in How can I open Indesign (indd and idml) Files in Publisher?   
    Is there any planned timeline for this? Are we talking months, years?
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    Roland Dicke reacted to Patrick Connor in Export or print bleed   
    @Roland Dicke
    Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums
    The developers have accepted that there are problems with bleed at print and export and also in the way that they are presented and executed for new pages. We think that they are working in some cases and will fix the issues that have been brought up.
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    Roland Dicke reacted to DavidHeatherington in Bleed on document setup   
    InDesign has a tool to view the bleed so that you can set images etc accurately and when exporting to pdf to send to a printer there is an option to show the bleed, crop marks etc. These features are vital to producing a print ready file.
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    Roland Dicke reacted to hexe007 in Bleed on document setup   
    would also be nice to only insert it once (for top/bottom/left/right)
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    Roland Dicke reacted to Stefan75 in Bleed on document setup   
    Furthermore, when you add a new page, you will have to enter the bleed again as it will not automatically apply to new pages. This looks like a bug to me.
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    Roland Dicke reacted to DingesDesign in Bleed on document setup   
    first of huge fan of the fact that I can almost trow out my indesign. Props for Affinity!!
    What I noticed when creating a new document in AFP is that you do not have the option to enter the amount of bleed you 
    want on the document. 
    This is to be found afterwards in under: File -> document setup -> bleed
    would we nice to have this in the new document creation dialog as well

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