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Assets should be much improved.

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Hi ,

While this for sure is not on the highest list, i think the assets at the moment are not developed enough..

1. As far as i have seen,  you can only make a folder and a subfolder. If you need to make a deeper three as iwould have to do for our corporate Designs, that we use for our comuication stuff, this is not enough.

2. Drag and drop at last from an opened document to the Assets pannel should be enabled..

3. This should of course be possible for several Objects at a time.

4. Drag and Drop from outside of an Af Publisher file should be possible.  for example from the Windows Explorer.

5. You should be able to define folders on your network, to be able to share content for the whole company.   and.. 

6. You should be able to define Pathes for this,  that you also should able to set while network installation , so everyone starts his new copy of shining Affinity Software, and can jump in from the start whith all footage he/She needs.

At last a feature i would suggest, that this should also be possible ( for the corporate Colors to load them and also for usual Styles, that one should be able to load as templates or that should be predefined at hands. )



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just a between remark: how can I come as far as you are? How to get new Assets? I even can't get them in like in Designer. I ALLWAYS get the message "Assets cannot contain embedded documents" also the elements are not embedded and do work in Designer....


Edit: If I creat an Asset-Set in Designer export it and import it to AP, I can use these and even rezise them and get them back as new into the set  (but also not by drag and drop)...

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HI Roland,
Problem is, you first have to make your folders on the left in the Hamburger menue..

After this you go to your folder in the assets.   then you bring some footage to your document, you select it, and in the Hamburger menue you now can say...  something like...  get your asset from the selected contend...  (dont remember the exact command.)   but exactly this is horrible cumbersome, without any drag and drop, and only works for stuff you allready have  inside your document..

so drag and drog would be welcome as well as navigating to a predefined folder on your networkstrukture..

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Well I prepared a stucture, but new elements doesn't work... just these I took from imported assets rezised them and put them back as a new asset... I can't just take our logo that I had placed in AP in a document as a new asset in my asset folder... it has to be placed to the assets in Designer before and expoted there..  :-(


And yes: drag and drop would be great and getting from a PC-folder... just taking all your elements from outside... :-)


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Hi Tom

you said '. As far as i have seen,  you can only make a folder and a subfolder. If you need to make a deeper three as iwould have to do for our corporate Designs, that we use for our comuication stuff, this is not enough.'

An Asset folder can contain a lot of sub-folders.  I don't know what the upper limit is (The iOS12 asset folder holds 20 sub-folders and it is possible to add more IF you wanted to), but since each sub-folder can hold multiple entries (asset), which can be dragged and dropped into a publication, each Asset Folder could easily hold 100 entries. 

You could make new Asset folders (Category) for each main subject by clicking on the 'hamburger' for Assets   2061990618_AffinityAssetshmbrgr.PNG.d29c3b210e9f29dbc351c0b46c738001.PNG59081509_AffinityAssetssubcats.PNG.8d411ee5635ea2e39093564d36484a6f.PNG and then  new Subcategories in each, giving you a large number of assets.

Obviously it will take you some time to locate and save the assets you need for your main servers (you would prefer 'drag and drop' but I don't find it takes any longer to make a selection in my publication, click on the 'hamburger' and then choose 'Add from selection' to save an asset)

Once you have built up all of the assets you need ,  you could export these assets to a location, either for you to import in the future, or for associates to import into their Publisher for their use.



Affinity Assets hmbrgr.PNG

Edited by PMan
Forgot to insert location of 'hamburger' for opening Assets menu
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yes there may be some limitations such as having to use vector graphics (so they can be scaled when inserted), but once you have built up a 'library' it it such a time-saver to be able to quickly select an asset, from your saved assets, into any publication.  I'm not sure (nor overly worried about where Publisher saves these assets in it's programme file, but it is as important as with any file to make a backup of your assets by using import and export of your assets; in fact this enables you to build up separate libraries for different purposes.



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Hi there!

Although this discussion is a bit dated, the situation hasn't changed much when it comes to asset handling. Unfortunately.

We are currently evaluating for a client's project (a yearbook, roughly 80 pages) to switch from PPX9 to APub. In the last couple of years we used PPX8 and PPX9 to get the job done (yes, we still have some Adobe subscriptions, but we knew that this will end at some point in the future). Using APub for the yearbook would have been a logial step, having already switched to AD and APhoto. There are some compelling reasons to use AFPublisher instead of PPX9. The integreation of the Photo and Designer personas are just one of them. Another is the same UI.

However, most likely we will stick to PPX9 for now. One reason ist the better assets management - much more refined in PPX9 than in APub and a real time saver. Another one is the availability of a story editor in PPX9 which saves (again) a lot of time when editing text.

It is interessting to see what an exellent app PPX9 was (and still is). However, I am looking forward to seeing APub to become superior in these two fields.


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