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  1. Hi Jon, I've been trying to recreate the problem today for over an hour it doesn't seem that the error message is appearing at the moment. I have, however, encountered a different problem while using Windows 10 Games recorder to record the process. Now when trying to load the saved copy, Publisher froze, but I think that this a conflict with Windows 10 Game Recorder as it doesn't happen when I do the same operation without Windows 10 Game Recorder running. I have sent that file [Affinity Publisher file load freeze.mp4] to your Dropbox link but I notice that my actions saving a file with a new name, closing the file and then reloading it don't show up in the recording. Thank you for your time and help. If I find it happening again, I will try and record it using a different screen recorder On a different note, have you seen the error that BGSvM posted under the heading Master Pages not applied correctly on facing pages when inserting or moving single pages? Posted Saturday at 02:49 PM To reproduce the error: Set up a document with facing pages, starting and ending with single pages. Make a master page with items on left and right pages of spread. Now insert a single page or move the last page before the double pages. The master page items are now swapped left to right on the double page. Adding more pages increase the confusion. Document attached as example. LRSwap.afpub I have tried what he has talked about and sent him/her a reply noting that inserting a single page results in pages afterwards having TWO copies of the master page applied instead of 1 Pman Windows 10 64 Bit Home Edition 4GB Ram Processor AMD E1-7010 APU running at 1.5GHz + AMD Radeon R2 Graphics Affinity Designer Affinity Photo Affinity Designer Beta 305 Affinity Publisher Beta 293, Affinity Photo Beta 293
  2. Hi, loaded a previously generated Publisher file into Publisher Beta 293 and made some editorial changes and saved it. Saved a backup copy then loaded the backup copy. An Error message occurred. I closed both files and then re-opened the original, no problem. Re-opened the backup and the same error message popped up. I closed Publisher, deleted the backup copy and re-started Publisher and loaded the master file. I then saved it with a new name. When I tried to open that file, the error message again popped up. I closed Publisher again and re-started it. This time when I loaded the backup, no error message occurred but the error message popped up again when I closed the backup file and then re-opened it. Pman Windows 10 64 Bit Home Edition 4GB Ram Processor AMD E1-7010 APU running at 1.5GHz + AMD Radeon R2 Graphics Affinity Designer Affinity Photo Affinity Designer Beta 293 Affinity Publisher Beta 293, Affinity Photo Beta 293
  3. Yes, I see what you mean. To add to your dialogue, I have found that when you set up your new spread with a Master Page then as you hover the mouse cursor over a page preview in the Pages Panel, you are shown that Master A is applied, which is to be expected. When you add an even number of pages, this doesn't alter, BUT if you add a single page then all following double pages have TWO copies of the Master Page applied This is obviously a bug that needs some attention. It is possible to select all the pagers with two copies of the same master applied, Right Click on the selection then Apply Master choosing the option Replace Existing but one shouldn't have to do that. Your sample document makes it very evident that something is going wrong, but it's even worse if you had say only page numbers fields on the Master Page with left page numbers to the left and right page numbers to the right , then inserting 1 page means that suddenly you would find all successive pages would have the correct page number on them BUT NOT IN THE CORRECT PLACE as in this file LRpagenumbers swapped.afpub Pman Windows 10 64 Bit Home Edition 4GB Ram Processor AMD E1-7010 APU running at 1.5GHz + AMD Radeon R2 Graphics Affinity Designer Affinity Photo Affinity Designer Beta 305 Affinity Publisher Beta 293, Affinity Photo Beta 293
  4. Hi Jon, Having replied yesterday outlining how the error message appears when loading a saved copy during the same session, but the error message doesn't appear if I close and re-open Publisher then load the same file, I thought I'd try out the same modus on a different older laptop, so I loaded Publisher beta and updated it to Beta 305. I opened the file successfully, saved it with a different name, closed the file then re-opened it. Immediately on loading the saved copy, the error message about issues appeared. Closing Publisher, re-loading Publisher and opening the file that had caused the generation of the error message resulted in no error message, nor did it occur if I simply closed the file, then re-opening it. Therefore as I indicated last night, this seems to be an error which is caused by saving a file, then closing the file and re-opening it in the same working session of Publisher Pman tried now on Windows 10 Home Edition 64 bit, Intel Pentium P6000 @1.87 GHz, 8GB memory, Affinity Publisher Beta 305
  5. Hi Jon, I've found, tonight, that there is no error message when I first open the file in fact no error message when I closed and opened the file several times but IF I SAVE the file with a different name and then open that copy, the error message appears again every time I try opening the copied file whilst this session of Publisher is still open. However if I close Publisher and re-open it then reload the file that was giving the error message, then no error message appears. It seems, therefore, that some sort of error occurs within Publisher, triggered by the Save command. In fact I have just tried to save then reload the saved file again and this time Publisher has frozen whilst trying to load the saved file, forcing me to abort Publisher using Task Manager. Upon reloading Publisher, that file was then able to be successfully loaded. Perhaps the error is just on my computer, but I can replicate it using the file downloaded to you. I next tried loading a much simpler 3 page publication which would load and reload with no problem BUT if saved to a file with different name, then that saved file gives the same error message when loaded in the same session of Publisher. Hope that this information gives you something that you can replicate and then inform the team. Overall I am very pleased with the way Publisher has worked and, although I've used PagePlus (since it came out on a single 3.5" diskette!) I am looking forward to the time that Publisher will be made available as a full programme. Because of my long time use of PagePlus, it took me some time to adapt to the way Publisher works , but now I find it harder to work with PagePlus and will have no hesitation in making the final change Pman Windows 10 64 Bit Home Edition 4GB Ram Processor AMD E1-7010 APU running at 1.5GHz + AMD Radeon R2 Graphics Affinity Designer Affinity Photo Affinity Designer Beta 305 Affinity Publisher Beta 293, Affinity Photo Beta 293
  6. Hi Jon. Thank you for your reply. Have uploaded the file as requested. For more information I have now upgraded to Beta 305 and thought that the problem had been gone away as I hadf loaded my original, called 3ingredient recipes.afpub. I then a saved a backup copy of my original and called it 3ingredient recipesc.afpub and it loaded ok. However, tonight I have saved a backupcopy as 3ingredients recipesb.afpub which is what I'd called the backup when using Beta 293. That file (downloaded to Dropbox via your link) has again given me the same error message although the file size of the original and the two copies appear to be identical. It's almost like there is something about the file name that causes the problem Pman Windows 10 64 Bit Home Edition 4GB Ram Processor AMD E1-7010 APU running at 1.5GHz + AMD Radeon R2 Graphics Affinity Designer Affinity Photo Affinity Designer Beta 305 Affinity Publisher Beta 293, Affinity Photo Beta 293
  7. Hi Meztli, Sorry to hear Beta 292 hasn't cured your problem. As to getting Affinity staff to comment, on the three occasions I've started a thread in the Bugs forum, someone has got back to me within a week, telling me that they have reported it.Bear in mind that the opening section of the Bugs forums gives clear instructions on steps to take when reporting a suspected bug (4 instructions and 7 bullet points and maybe they don't manage to pick up so quickly on a simple comment as your original post was [When I add a hyperlink (go to page type) on a master page, none of the pages using this master gets updated unless I re-apply the master. Once I re-apply the master, the links start working on all pages but it creates a Hyperlink for each page so I end up with hundreds of hyperlinks in the studio panel.] As a further thought have you tried resetting Publisher. Sometimes when you load a new version, a settings error in a previous build can carry over. T|o do a reset, hold down the CTRL key while booting Publisher until the Reset screen appears These top three are always pre-selected but you can select any of the list before clicking on the Clear button. Publisher will then reset to factory defaults on any ticked selections. This MIGHT solve your I too have loaded and used and have encountered the crash that was outlined in red [Please note we have discovered an issue with this build whereby the application can crash after saving a document] by AdamW. I'm so glad that the warning was issued or I might have (almost!) had a heart attack thinking that I'd lost some precious work. Pman
  8. I can't see it as a fault because that is exactly what happens if you right click on an image frame (with image) and select Convert to Text Frame. Therefore it would seem that [as fde101 suggests] a useful shortcut. Additionally if you have the text tool selected then if you move the cursor over an image in a text frame the cursor changes to a PENTAGON with a T inside and if you left click while this cursor is over your image, you can draw a text frame and insert text . Once you happy with the text, style and position you could go to Layers tab, select and group the layers so that your image and text move together. Pman
  9. In my earlier reply I said "It would be great if one could produce a formula that could calculate which page you wanted to jump to". I had a little play and found that you could put a hyperlink on a page and enter in the hyperlink type Page target box a page number + 1 but as soon as you click OK that number becomes 4 (in this example). I thought then maybe a hyperlink could be seton a Master Page and in the target box enter the page number field + a number eg hoping that this would allow the document to jump forward 3 pages when viewed in PDF BUT this always creates a hyperlink to page 1. Somebody somewhere might be able to show a way to do that, then you could set hyperlinks on your master page(s) which would then let the user jump to Business I or Business II or Fitness etc from the first page of the week you're looking at Pman
  10. At a quick look at Before.pdf and After.pdf, my feeling is that Business I, Business II, Goals, Fitness and Budget would have to be on different pages for each week so I cannot see a way that they could be applied from a master. The months CAN be set as hyperlinks on a Master page and set to jump to the first page of a month. From there you would need to set a hyperlink for each week of that month, and then from each week you would need to set hyperlinks to Business I, Business II, Goals, Fitness and Budget for that week. Now by my reckoning, that would mean at least 52 * 5 hyperlinks that would need to be manually set. Like Old Bruce, I've done a roughout, for Jan to March, with only links for Business I and Business II set up manually. Months can be jumped to from either the cover or any open page and these were set as hyperlinks on Master Pages to the appropriate page representing the first day of the month. For January Bus I is on page 2 and Bus 2 is on page 4.To get from Bus I page 2 to Bus 2 (page 4) , I had to set hyperlink from Bus 2 text Page 2 to Page 4, then a hyperlink from Bus 1 page 4 to jump back to page 2. This has to be done for each month. Here is my trial Planner.pdf which shows the links working. The actual Publisher file is here trial planner.afpub and it does include some anchors which I originally used but realised it was easier and better to simply set hyperlinks to jump to pages. Is this the sort of thing you are trying to achieve? It would be great if one could produce a formula that could calculate which page you wanted to jump to so that if you were on the first week of January and wanted to go to Fitness for that week, then clicking on a symbol (such as one of your red squares) would jump forward to Fitness Pman
  11. Just to add that Beta icons are NOT the same as the actual program icons so since Publisher is still only in beta stage, we (ie those outside of Serif!) do not yet know what the final icon for Affinity Publisher Full version will be, but an educated guess is that it will be triangular just as Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo are whereas Beta versions are square Pman
  12. Having read Carl123's comment above, I looked at A couple of errors and recommendation.afpub again. This morning I had simply loaded it, made a new text box and typed with no problem. However if I click on text frame 1, then try editing it, there is a 2 second delay. After doing that I then created a new text frame as I had done this morning and now there is a 2 second in that too until, as Carl123 said, you delete or rasterise the image in text frame 1 Pman.
  13. PMan

    Printing Issue

    Ditto, and not only does it revert to single sided from double sided but page size reverts from A4 to Defined by Driver ie it seems that the Custom Save reverts to defaults instead of what we set before saving. PMan
  14. It is not something new in beta 283. I have had a similar problem (though only a short delay of about 1/2 to 1 second sometimes when working in a 60 page document from early builds onwards. Since it only occurs infrequently and never when Publisher has just been opened, (and JonasTH says that he didn't close Publisher down, just did a File New operation), and I tried his sample document [which comes up with this error message when loading but clicking on No let document load] When I set up a new text box, the parsing was working perfectly and could keep up with my highest speed typing, maybe there is some problem with his system's caching. My system has only 4 GB RAM and that is most likely why it appears to be slow at parsing sometimes especially when working on photo editing at the same time. Pman
  15. Hi, Going back to the start of this thread about the size of Beta being (on my Windows system 375,237kb) version is also 375,237 kb though it hasn't got any major changes, just fixes to some stability issues and my download took just 6 minutes. Interesting to me is the final part of the version numbers which would indicate how many times it was re-written between published updates! Update to went seamlessly for me Pman Windows 10 64 Bit Home Edition, Affinity Publisher Beta, Affinity Designer Customer Beta Affinity Photo Customer Beta
  16. Hi soundmanbrett, Following my post above, it is interesting to note that if you set the Down value to 3 but leave the Repeat at 1 then a) the preview pane shows ONE copy of whatever you are going to print, AND a dotted box (not immediately obvious until you know it appears), showing how much space on the page would be used. Printing at this setting only produces one instance on the print out. b) if you set the vertical gap too large so that the resultant printout wouldn't fit on one page, then the preview turns red. When repeat is set to more than 1 then the preview shows what the printout will look like but again if the resultant settings mean that the printout won't fit one page, the preview turns red Repeat set to 3 and V gap to 0.5 in V gap set to 0.7 inch results in last image NOT fitting on page ERROR Finally if you set Repeat to 4, 5 or 6 then you would get two pages of printout, set to 7, 8 or 9 you would get 3 pages, etc. Hope you sort out your original problem of not being able to see/set gaps - have you tried resetting Publisher Beta by holding down CTRL whilst starting Publisher until a prompt box appears? Pman (Windows 10 64 bit Home Edition Affinity Publisher Beta
  17. Hi soundmanbrett, Like Typo988, I have no problem with N-up though i) I change the paper size from defined by driver to the actual paper size I'm going to print on and ii) I changed from Range Document to Range Selection as I'd simply drawn a rectangle of the size you'd tried What version are you using I'm using Beta 257, and text is clearly visible using Light or Dark modes Finally I set up a spread of the required size, drew a rectangle on it then set N up to use Document as the range and that works too Pman (Windows 10 64 bit Home Edition Affinity Publisher Beta
  18. Hi gumbo23, I don't quite know why your page numbers are being moved down 1 line with your reduction of width shown. I have found that that only occurs in my table of contents when the text frame is reduced in width to LESS THAN THE WIDTH OF THE TEXT as shown in these three examples Original TOC in text frame TOC text frame width reduced TOC text frame reduced to less than text length. Perhaps someone more expert than me could suggest a remedy for you. Pman
  19. This post relates to Affinity Publisher Beta Following discussions on the topic 'Show Hyperlinks indication in Edit Mode' I thought I had solved a problem for someone who wanted two hyperlinks to a URL on every page, so I tried putting two hyperlinks on the Master Page of a 20 page (non-facing page) spread. Brilliant! Only 2 hyperlinks shown in Hyperlinks Studio tab, but 20 pages with working hyperlinks when exported as PDF for Web so I posted this information. . However the correspondent claimed to be getting more hyperlinks appearing in Hyperlinks Studio tab, which at first I couldn't replicate. However what I have now found is that if you select text on the Master Page and create a hyperlink from it to a URL, then adding more pages does NOT add more hyperlinks to Hyperlinks Studio tab. In my answer I had simply selected some text positioned over a filled circle. However if you select a GROUP [in my case a circle with text inside ] then creating a hyperlink to a URL from that leads to 1 extra hyperlink being added to the Hyperlink Studio tab for each page added, so the example below shows that when I've added five new pages to the spread, 5 new hyperlinks have been created. Conclusion - hyperlinks from text source on master page don't lead to increased number of hyperlinks when pages are added but hyperlinks from an Object source result in new hyperlinks being added when new pages are inserted Pman
  20. I can also state that I have no problem linking text frames in the way Kdog3682 wanted -> and I have a booklet of 32 pages with a total of 78 linked text frames without any crash occurring. As garretm30 requested earlier could you attach a document with the layout you are having trouble with and also which beta you are using? Hers is my publication shown above linked text frames.afpub Pman
  21. Affinity Publisher Beta, Windows 10 Home Edition (64 bit) Since posting the above, I' ve played around some more and have found that if you write some text and assign it as a hyperlink source to a URL and the hyperlink assumes the text as it's name. Once this hyperlink has been assigned you can re-position the text onto an object and group them and the hyperlink remains as a name. If you group the text and an object before assigning the hyperlink, then the hyperlink is named as hyperlink nn when you assign it. However as stated above, hyperlinks created on the Master Page are accessible and usable to all pages created at the set up and extra hyperlinks from objects (as shown on Hyperlink Studio tab) only get created if extra pages are added There is another thing I have noticed. When you create a hyperlink from some text, the next text frame you draw inherits the hyperlink style UNLESS one remembers to go to the Style tab and set it to [No Style] and to set the text style to, say, Body. overall I'm impressed by the amount of work that you have done and look forward to the launching Pman
  22. Hi, Following my earlier comment about reporting a possible bug, at first I couldn't replicate getting extra hyperlinks appearing. Here I've got a 20 page spread with just two hyperlinks on the Master Page yet every page has a 2 working hyperlinks on it when exported as PDF for Web Adding extra pages made no difference, there were still just 2 hyperlinks in Hyperlinks Studio One link was my name simply positioned on a filled circle and I simply selected my name when setting up the Pman hyperlink, and the other was simply text at the foot of the page. However I then thought I'd group my name and the circle so that I could easily move them together. Now when I selected this group and set is as a hyperlink source, i) it was now simply called Hyperlink 1 and ii) when I added more pages, the same number of extra hyperlinks appeared on Hyperlinks Studio tab. I have now reported this as a possible bug. My conclusion would be [until Serif have found a solution to links from objects being replicated) set up your spread to more pages than you would need, set your hyperlinks up on your Master Page/s and then after completing your work, delete your blank pages (or leave one or two in case you have to add a a little extra), then you will have minimal number of hyperlinks. Pman
  23. Hi Mr K et al, At first I was puzzled as to why you had more hyperlinks than I did when I tried putting two hyperlinks on a Master Page, attached to a 10 page spread, so I tried again by setting up a 20 page spread with a common master. Once I'd added 2 hyperlinks on the Master, I still got only the two hyperlinks showing in the Hyperlinks Studio tab and on publishing the spread to PDF, the hyperlinks on all pages worked yet only 2 showed on Hyperlinks Studio tab UNTIL I added more pages. As soon as more pages are added then that number of hyperlinks is added to Hyperlinks Studio. Deleting those new pages reduced the number of hyperlinks back to my original 2. It would seem that you would be better to set up your spread with more pages than you know you would want and then to delete all the blank pages before you publish. I will report my findings on this as a possible bug. Pman
  24. Hi Mr K, on closer examination of your Credenza Plan, you'd actually need two master pages, one for the first page where your logo is larger and in a different place and there is no web address at the bottom, and then the second for the rest of the pages. However, this still means that you'd only need to set three hyperlinks for the whole spread. Pman