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  1. I don't have any problem placing a single page PDF file in a Publisher document, nor if I place multiple single page PDFs BUT I try placing a multi-page PDF file then Publisher crashes
  2. I can't replicate that. If I have several tabs open and I close the rightmost one, then focus simply changes to the tab which was previously the last but but one, exactly as I would expect. Have you tried re-installing Publisher 2? Pman Asus Vivobook 15 Intel I7 processor, Intel Iris X graphics, Windows 10 Home Version 20H2 (64 bit), 32GB RAM. Affinity Designer 10.5.1342, Photo, Publisher Affinity Designer Beta, Photo Beta, Publisher Beta Affinity Designer2 2.0.0, Photo2 2.0.0, Publisher2 2.0.0
  3. Hi I spent a little while trying to get Quick Grid to work. The help topic says Press the right/left arrow to add/remove columns and when I tried PRESSING the right key whilst drawing an object, it did NOT add a column. What I found instead is that if you TAP the right arrow whilst drawing an object, that produces an extra column for every tap you make. Hope this helps prevent some headscratching when you try it out. Now I've found the secret I look forward to drawing quick grids! Still finding my way around but generally loving Affinity2 Pman Asus Vivobook 15 Intel I7 processor, Intel Iris X graphics, Windows 10 Home Version 20H2 (64 bit), 32GB RAM. Affinity Designer 10.5.1342, Photo, Publisher Affinity Designer Beta, Photo Beta, Publisher Beta Affinity Designer2 2.0.0, Photo2 2.0.0, Publisher2 2.0.0
  4. Thanks Walt, I've no experience of Mac so it's nice to find some of these differences logged.
  5. But not on Windows as far as I can find and update is not found if you type it in the Search box
  6. Hey Kevinslimp, Following my update 16th Jan, it is possible to set any of the existing styles to whatever you want or to create your own styles. First as before, set the style to what you want [font, font size, font colour, any indents and paragraph spacing] 2nd To modify an existing style (eg Body), select some of your text and then open the Text Styles tab 3rd When you have done this select the style that you want to change [Body in this example] you should now find that the Paragraph symbol at the bottom is now no longer greyed out but White and if you position the mouse pointer on it it will tell you that clicking on it will Update Paragraph Style 4th Click on this symbol and Body text will now become altered to your selection [and the word Body will change to your selected Font too]. If you do this in a publication that has a lot of text frames with Body text, then all instances of body text will be immediately updated to your new style. Keep on learning!! PMan [Windows 10 affinity-publisher-customer-beta-]
  7. Hi Foolix To illustrate what Wosven replied to you, first open a text box and use the paragraph panel to set the line spacing to your desired height. Here I've reduced spacing from default of 12 [points] down to 6. Next, highlight some text and then open the Text STYLES panel Finally click on the Update Paragraph Style button Now all instances of Body text in this publication will be to these settings. For more permanent settings [assuming you have done this in a new publication, delete the text box(es) that you used to try out your settings so that you now have a blank publication and export this as a TEMPLATE [Note it is Export as Template not Save As. #f you open any new publication using this template, then Body text will be to your required setting. You can, of course, change any of the standard paragraph styles in this way and even create new styles. Then after altering/updating styles, as long as you Export as Template, you will have the changes permanently to hand. Also note that when you save a publication your text styles are saved within the publication so that when somebody else opens your publication it will be laid out as you set it [though the included styles are NOT saved in their Affinity programme. Find more information in the Help files. Pman [Windows 10, Publisher Beta -] set the
  8. Hi kevinslimp, 1st I hope your webinar went well! 2nd I woke during the night and thought "New text styles that are set up MUST be exported with the publication so that when somebody else opens the publication, it is seen as the creator designed it. A little experimentation this morning proved my point so if you open the attached publication Sample para styles.afpub then if you click on the Styles rolldown button, you will find some new styles in the list, A, A1, B, C and D. As noted in my previous post, if you set up paragraph styles then delete all text frames that you might have used while setting them up, then you can export the blank publication as a template. When you open a new publication using that template, then as soon as you start a new text frame, you will find your new text styles are available. Best wishes PMan [Windows 10 affinity-publisher-customer-beta-]
  9. Hi kevinslimp, Have you tried setting up a paragraph style that you want, testing it to ensure that is correct then exporting a blank document [with those settings ] as a template? When you create a new document from that new template, you should find that your new publication has your requisite settings. Hope that helps you - good luck with your webinar
  10. Hi Kylehumfeld, I've got the latest photo beta [] but had no problems with brushes in earlier versions either. Perhaps a reset on the app by holding down the CTRL key on Windows machine whilst loadikng the app. After a few seconds a screen will appear. I would suggest you clear the top two checkboxes and select Reset brushes before clicking on the Clear button. Affinity Photo will then restart. Don't forget that the latest beta [] is available and I would strongly recommend you download that if the above does not work Good luck Pman [keen amateur user]
  11. Thanks to the Serif team for all their hard work on Betas for Publisher, Designer and Photo. Also to all of you Beta testers out there! Have successfully pre-ordered Publisher and looking forward to Jun 19th (though I'm not ditching Pageplus or PhotoPlus YET cos after years of working with them I do still find some things easier with them, though not necessarily better! Pman
  12. Just to add that Beta icons are NOT the same as the actual program icons so since Publisher is still only in beta stage, we (ie those outside of Serif!) do not yet know what the final icon for Affinity Publisher Full version will be, but an educated guess is that it will be triangular just as Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo are whereas Beta versions are square Pman
  13. Hi, Going back to the start of this thread about the size of Beta being (on my Windows system 375,237kb) version is also 375,237 kb though it hasn't got any major changes, just fixes to some stability issues and my download took just 6 minutes. Interesting to me is the final part of the version numbers which would indicate how many times it was re-written between published updates! Update to went seamlessly for me Pman Windows 10 64 Bit Home Edition, Affinity Publisher Beta, Affinity Designer Customer Beta Affinity Photo Customer Beta
  14. I can also state that I have no problem linking text frames in the way Kdog3682 wanted -> and I have a booklet of 32 pages with a total of 78 linked text frames without any crash occurring. As garretm30 requested earlier could you attach a document with the layout you are having trouble with and also which beta you are using? Hers is my publication shown above linked text frames.afpub Pman
  15. Hi, Following my earlier comment about reporting a possible bug, at first I couldn't replicate getting extra hyperlinks appearing. Here I've got a 20 page spread with just two hyperlinks on the Master Page yet every page has a 2 working hyperlinks on it when exported as PDF for Web Adding extra pages made no difference, there were still just 2 hyperlinks in Hyperlinks Studio One link was my name simply positioned on a filled circle and I simply selected my name when setting up the Pman hyperlink, and the other was simply text at the foot of the page. However I then thought I'd group my name and the circle so that I could easily move them together. Now when I selected this group and set is as a hyperlink source, i) it was now simply called Hyperlink 1 and ii) when I added more pages, the same number of extra hyperlinks appeared on Hyperlinks Studio tab. I have now reported this as a possible bug. My conclusion would be [until Serif have found a solution to links from objects being replicated) set up your spread to more pages than you would need, set your hyperlinks up on your Master Page/s and then after completing your work, delete your blank pages (or leave one or two in case you have to add a a little extra), then you will have minimal number of hyperlinks. Pman
  16. Hi Mr K et al, At first I was puzzled as to why you had more hyperlinks than I did when I tried putting two hyperlinks on a Master Page, attached to a 10 page spread, so I tried again by setting up a 20 page spread with a common master. Once I'd added 2 hyperlinks on the Master, I still got only the two hyperlinks showing in the Hyperlinks Studio tab and on publishing the spread to PDF, the hyperlinks on all pages worked yet only 2 showed on Hyperlinks Studio tab UNTIL I added more pages. As soon as more pages are added then that number of hyperlinks is added to Hyperlinks Studio. Deleting those new pages reduced the number of hyperlinks back to my original 2. It would seem that you would be better to set up your spread with more pages than you know you would want and then to delete all the blank pages before you publish. I will report my findings on this as a possible bug. Pman
  17. Hi Mr K, on closer examination of your Credenza Plan, you'd actually need two master pages, one for the first page where your logo is larger and in a different place and there is no web address at the bottom, and then the second for the rest of the pages. However, this still means that you'd only need to set three hyperlinks for the whole spread. Pman
  18. Mr K, This may solve part of your problem - I have found that you could put your Logo on the Master Page and set a hyperlink to your URL, then you could put your web address on the bottom left of your Master Page and set a hyperlink there. If you select No Style while setting the hyperlink the text will NOT turn blue. These hyperlinks become active on every page of your spread. Therefore on your Credenza Plans for example you would no longer have to set a hyperlink to your logo and your web address on each page, therefore reducing the number of hyperlinks from 20 to just two! as indicated here It doesn't help solve the problem of seeing if an object is hyperlinked or not but you'd be working with a lot less, and you'd only have to check these on your master page. I have tested out this idea and it works, one master page with hyperlinks which then work on every page in the spread Love your web site by the way so hope this will make it more successful Pman This information may help others who have wondered if a hyperlink can be set on a Master Page
  19. Hi Mr K , Your original question was about showing text AND objects. In my earlier reply I hadn't found out how to apply a hyperlink to an object. Since then I have done that to a simple shape (a triangle) by selecting it, clicking on Add Hyperlink from Hyperlink Tab, selecting as URL and pasting the URL in the box which opens. As you say , there is no way to see that that AN OBJECT is hyperlinked. There again, unless you are going to tell the reader to click on that object, how will they know it is going to be a hyperlink or where it will potentially take them?. I've attached the relevant PDF file to show that the link in the triangle works. hyperlinks.pdf Pman
  20. Hi, I've been 'playing' with hyperlinks for a few hours now. To answer your question about showing what text or object has your hyperlinks attached - it seems that you cannot put an anchor (the point to which a hyperlink will jump) onto an object but if you right-click an object and select Convert to Text Frame, then you can select this text frame and select Text -- Interactive -- Insert Anchor. As Walt Farrel has said, if you create a hyperlink then the hyperlink will be shown as Blue (CMYK values C 88 M 77 Y 0 K 0).If you select Text menu ---Interactive -- Show Anchors OR Text Menu -- Show Special Characters and also Show Fields then your ANCHORS will be displayed as blue anchor symbol and the Double S (or End of Section ) will also be displayed. This image shows i) an Anchor in text, ii) A hyperlink which would return the reader to Page 1 and iii) a cloud converted to a text frame and then an Anchor placed in it. These two anchors are on Page 4 of my spread with the hyperlinks on Page 1 This image shows Hyperlinks tab, opened from View -- Studio -- Hyperlinks. When I first loaded beta 249, that didn't work so I was forced to do a reset (Hold down the Control key while starting Publisher and then when the reset screen appears, tick the top three items before selecting Clear) and then it became operational. From this you can, as Old Bruce has said, select a hyperlink and then click on the Bottom Left icon to go to the Source (or start ) of the hyperlink. Since these terms are used in Publisher, can we use Source as the point at which you want the hyperlink to operate from (ie when clicked it will jump FROM that point to a Page, to an Anchor or to a URL) (THE SOURCE WILL BECOME BLUE once made) and an Anchor is a specific point in a spread that the hyperlink will jump TO when selected? Hope this helps you and finally here is the PDF file I generated whilst playing. In two text frames I converted from shapes, I actually put text in BEFORE finding you only needed to convert to text frame and then simply add an Anchor. hyperlinks.pdf Pman
  21. Hi Old Bruce says anchor symbol appears when you select Text - Show Special Characters. On my system (Windows 10 ) the anchor symbol appears when I select Text -- Interactive--Show Anchors. The other symbol at the end of a hyperlink appears when I use Text -- Show Special Characters and both will appear if both of these commands are checked. Maybe that is a difference between Mac and Windows systems Pman
  22. Iscom was concerned about Publisher not " Inserting image from scanner , ". My way of working is to collect all of the images that I want to use into a single folder, including scanned images and then using the Place Image tool to select them from that one location. The selected images then appear in the Place Images tab and you can then select and drag them as required for placement. Having them to hand like this is much quicker than selecting 1 item at a time from wherever you have stored them or waiting while your scanner produces your input. I have used PagePlus for many years and still do for some work and agree that some things seem better in PP but to use Publisher effectively means re-training yourself. Publisher is still Beta so can't be guaranteed so don't use it for something that you can't afford to lose - however I haven't yet lost anything I have worked . Maybe mail merge might be in the pipeline so keep practising with Publisher and loading new Betas as they arrive -it is a much more powerful tool than PP in many ways [eg -look how Master pages have improved in functionality in the last month alone] and once full integration with Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo is implemented it will far exceed PP. Pman
  23. IF you have selected several objects and then clicked on the Move tool to open the context toolbar, and selected the Show Alignment tool (vertical line with two inward facing arrows) to show Alignment Handles, then unless you go back and toggle Show Alignment Handles Off, alignment handles will show in every new object you create, including text boxes. This allows you align text boxes, a bonus, because it it seems to me that, unlike selecting several objects then opening the Alignment Context toolbar by clicking on the Move, you cannot select several text boxes (not other objects) and then open the Alignment tool bar by clicking on the Move button. Pman
  24. Hi, Assets yes there may be some limitations such as having to use vector graphics (so they can be scaled when inserted), but once you have built up a 'library' it it such a time-saver to be able to quickly select an asset, from your saved assets, into any publication. I'm not sure (nor overly worried about where Publisher saves these assets in it's programme file, but it is as important as with any file to make a backup of your assets by using import and export of your assets; in fact this enables you to build up separate libraries for different purposes. Pman
  25. Hi Tom you said '. As far as i have seen, you can only make a folder and a subfolder. If you need to make a deeper three as iwould have to do for our corporate Designs, that we use for our comuication stuff, this is not enough.' An Asset folder can contain a lot of sub-folders. I don't know what the upper limit is (The iOS12 asset folder holds 20 sub-folders and it is possible to add more IF you wanted to), but since each sub-folder can hold multiple entries (asset), which can be dragged and dropped into a publication, each Asset Folder could easily hold 100 entries. You could make new Asset folders (Category) for each main subject by clicking on the 'hamburger' for Assets and then new Subcategories in each, giving you a large number of assets. Obviously it will take you some time to locate and save the assets you need for your main servers (you would prefer 'drag and drop' but I don't find it takes any longer to make a selection in my publication, click on the 'hamburger' and then choose 'Add from selection' to save an asset) Once you have built up all of the assets you need , you could export these assets to a location, either for you to import in the future, or for associates to import into their Publisher for their use. Pman
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