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3 hours ago, rcheetah said:

I absolutely +1 that. 
And please make the bleed values also linkable and linked by default. 
There are very few situations when you would like to have different bleeds on each side. I don’t want to write the same amount 4 times. 

+1 that as well please.

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I'd really much appreciate these features for bleed in an upcoming release:

  • bleed set-up in the dialog window for new documents, too (should be saveable in templates)
  • linking option to fill all fields for right, left, top and bottom by entering a single value
  • a view mode in the editor that shows visible crop marks or a visible frame for the bleed area
  • ability to set the size of crop marks in PDF export dialog 

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+1 also a printable slug area please for custom folds and colour bars n' that

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