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  1. I understand that, but you must know that the export of vectors enormously important for all printed materials (print quality) Data exchange with printers all universal size independent representations (icons up posters) If you share it with a PDF to a print shop, then vectors must be maintained. Most print shops (online) work with customize PDFs. This is exactly what is given to a program like AffinityDesigner od. Illustrator one, everything else would be to do with AP or PS. We have never experienced that an export of AI has rasterized the vectors in PDF. Sorry, but this is the level at which your will measured. :-))) Your since such a great group, You ll 'unravel :-)))) Gerhard This is a Result from Google Translate GRMPF.... ;-))
  2. Hi Dave, the does not make sense. When I draw objects into vectors, I will that they are exported as vectors, otherwise I use a pixel-export format. So, if I export a vector drawing as a PDF, then I expect that I can scale this PDF arbitrarily. :-) Greetings Gerhard
  3. Hello MEB, I've already done, see: In Beta Thread I have now set another example. Files createt with 1.5.15 Greetings :-) Gerhard
  4. Hello MEB, further example: USB flash drive AD-document = easier course without transparency Result export PDF = rasterized Result export SVG + reimport in AI CS5 = graphics look completely different I am a little perplexed and unsettled Greetings :-) Gerhard USB-Stick.afdesign
  5. The export in vector formats is still a very big problem. Neither PDF SVG yet meet the standards. I hope the guys get that out, because it is a professional work impossible. For external print jobs not to use because you do not know what it looks like at the receiver. :-) Gerhard
  6. Sorry, THIS PDF-Exportproblems are not fixed. Greetings :-) Gerhard
  7. @MEB With pleasure, Other Problem > enclose the DEMO Slice "Briefkopf" exported svg, png, pdf, jpg (1 Slice = 4 Exportformats) Export "svg, png, jpg" > is correct Export "pdf" > exports the Artboard "Arbeitsbereich" !!!! Greetings :-) Gerhard _TEMPLATE FORMS.afdesign
  8. Hi, PDF export is still out of control in 13 - that is corrected in the next beta? With multiple artboards AD exported any Artboard In an Artboard AD always exported the entire Artboard. :-) Gerhard
  9. ;-) Sh..... Thanks :-) Gerhard
  10. Problem EPS-EXPORT Create Vectorgraphic Export this as EPS (for Export) Reopen the EPS Half Side is Rastered (Big Object left, Split/Copy the Graphic right) See Attachements. :-) Gerhard Original.afdesign Export.eps
  11. Hi MEB, I Click Symbol in Export Persona (Slices) see Attachement Export PNG is correct (Slice only) Export PDF is the complete ArtBoard :-) Gerhard Test.afdesign
  12. Hello, I have already reported 2x, unfortunately received no response: PDF export always exported the entire art board. A particular slice of exporting is not possible. :-) Gerhard Sorry, Google Translate ;-))
  13. Hello, Please, do not forget the PDF export problem: Export PDF if 2 slices are stacked and overlapped. All formats (PNG. Etc.) are working correctly, PDF exports allways the entire artboard See example. Greetings :-) Gerhard DEMO_Export.afdesign
  14. Hello, Export PNG with a transparent background does not work :-) Gerhard