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  1. Hi there, when exporting slices, AD incorrectly selects the area (size) to be exported for "SVG", for all other formats (png, jpg, etc.) it works correctly. I added samples. :-) Gerhard TestSlices.zip
  2. That is no problem for me, for the web i can export as jpg or as you have written, even more optimal than svg. I just noticed that AD exports the PNG disproportionately large. JPG will also be much smaller in AD than PNG.
  3. Hello, I've taken a simple gray gradient from Illustrator with the following problem: If I export the Gradient as PNG (@ 1x, @ 2x, @ 3x), AD creates huge files (1Mb, 4MB, 9MB), in Illustrator are the sizes (61KB, 176KB, 340KB). Enclosed the file information AI <> AD and the AD document. What can I do or what am I doing wrong? :-) Gerhard Grauverlauf_1680x1050.afdesign
  4. Frustration ... I would like to create a customer newspaper, where partners provide me with advertisements (PDF). When positioning such an advertisement, AP kills the fonts in the PDF and automatically sets a replacement font. This is an absolute NO GO for a layout program. I have to be able to insert PDF files WITHOUT AP changing them. How should that be done? Gerhard
  5. The background is transparent (see right side of the object) :-) Gerhard Antibiogramm.svg
  6. I do not understand, the svg I have previously stored in AD with "export as svg", so it is a "svg graphics". I can not copy every svg graphic all the time. Sorry is Google translation :-) Gerhard
  7. Text wrapping "tight" with .svg does not work correctly See Attachment :-) Gerhard
  8. Same Probleme here, Print with embedded "PDF"-Object = Crash Same Object embedded as "PNG" = OK :-) Gerhard
  9. Besten Dank, habs an der falschen Stelle umgestellt :-) Gerhard
  10. Unfortunately, AP 1.7.1 does not work in German anymore. In the Settings it is not possible to change the language to German. (Manual download also to the customer area) :-) Gerhard
  11. +1 visible bleed guides is a must for professional working. This must be selectable both when working and when exporting. :-) Gerhard
  12. the new artboard was "watermark" top/left :-) Gerhard
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