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    ianrb reacted to IanSG in Transparent gradient. ANSWERED thank you   
    I've said the same thing myself!   If you combine @firstdefence's excellent instructions with the old adage that "black conceals, white reveals" it might make things clearer.   I found using the gradient tools was one of the least intuitive things in AP, but once the penny drops it's an amazingly powerful tool - maybe this is a case of no pain, no gain?
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    ianrb got a reaction from John Rostron in Orton effect, masking , add shadow   
    bit of spit and polishing ; and still ''without care in the world'' 1] original raw file -- just as well I have some idea about editing 2] as edited yesterday  3] orton effect and background colours added in Affinity (yep; used the graduation tool  Pana Fz300

    I have used the Orton effect for years and there many way to do it; however this is based on James's video click
    Little trick to add shadow under log ONLY >add FX shadow to dog/log section >deplicute >remove Fx from bottom layer >add mask to top layer >brush away top layer to leave only the bottom part of the log and the shadow --- something I taught or perhaps retaught myself today .
    You could paint in the shadow but that didn't work for me 
    suggestions  comments questions welcome 
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    ianrb got a reaction from Ron P. in different image on Ap and Lr5 screen   
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    ianrb reacted to Dan C in different image on Ap and Lr5 screen   
    It sounds as though this may be an issue with Lr5, as the image is sent from one app to the other, it may be being compressed etc in order to be transferred.
    The other possibility is that you're seeing the differences between RAW engines and noise reduction, this has been greatly improved in the Affinity Photo 1.7 beta. I'd recommend installing this and opening your images from Lr5 here to see if the issue is negated  
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    ianrb reacted to Ron P. in different image on Ap and Lr5 screen   
    I use LR 6.14 and tried to replicate Ian's noise issue. I don't see it when I send an image to AP 1.6 from LR. Of course I developed it as far as I normally do in LR, including Noise Reduction. I tried it with an image of a sky that I had under exposed where there is more noise. Sending it to AP, and then viewing it at 100% I could not see anything different from the RAW in LR. The images are sent to AP using  16 bit TIFF ProPhoto RGB, no compression. I don't know if Ian is using a Zip compression, which is the only compression offered by LR. 
    I've attached the settings used in LR and a reduced, JPG image of how the image looked in AP. I had to scale it down to upload, the TIFF was over 100MB, and would have taken forever to upload on my primitive snail speed internet connection.
    Decided to run a Zip compressed TIFF from LR to AP, in AP I could not see any difference. However to upload the 2nd image I exported from AP and not LR, and just discovered a major difference in color. I didn't do anything to the image in AP, just exported it.
    Ok checked the second one, and used the ProPhoto, so changed it to sRGB and the color looks better.


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    ianrb got a reaction from firstdefence in FFT denoise >> ANSWERED :)   
    Got it now; all makes sense
    many thanks 
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    ianrb reacted to firstdefence in not showing in Ap but shows in Lr5 & Win10   
    If a computer can make you think you're crazy it will, I have loads of people say "it did it 5 minutes ago, honest" computer thinks "mission accomplished, muhaha!" 
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    ianrb reacted to Pšenda in all threads having a tag   
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    ianrb reacted to R C-R in all threads having a tag   
    Aside from the forum software probably not being able to support mandatory tags, please keep in mind that this is a support site for a range of commercial software products. That includes pre-purchase support questions about which product would be best for some use, general licensing questions, feature requests & feedback that may apply to any number of products (including ones Serif has no current interest in developing), a resources section for sharing things that often are usable in multiple apps, a subsection for customer account & purchase related issues, & so on.
    So in many cases there is no one app or version tag that would be appropriate. In addition to that, from my experiences in other support forums (most notably Apple's) creating too many sub-forums is not a very good idea because people not very familiar with the site or the products either feel intimidated & just give up, not posting anything; or just pick a forum at random (usually one near the top of the list) & post to that.
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    ianrb reacted to firstdefence in all threads having a tag   
    I don't think the forum software is capable of doing this, but I agree mandatory tags would be a help in searching and filtering but so would a clear and concise title and explanation of the issue when the OP creates a new topic.
    The forum software is capable of sub forums hint! hint!
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    ianrb got a reaction from Fixx in lost panels   
    will be great when "save  window layout" is available 
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    ianrb reacted to Callum in Is there any fast way to rename layers? AD   
    Hi Kheewz,
    This is the fastest way I'm afraid. However I will move this thread to the Feature Requests section as this would make a good addition to the app.
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    ianrb reacted to gdenby in Grid-questions   
    AFAIK, there is only 1 grid present at a time, and it can not be saved.
    You could make various grids w. a main division of 64, 128, 256... and you can then set the number of subdivisions to integers of the base divided by 4. You might need to reduce the snapping tolerance, considering the base is 8.
    I s'pose you could make an asset set of grid lines at the different proportions, and bring those into the document as needed for snapping points.
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    ianrb reacted to edulofter in just because I can be different   
    Thanks. I will try it.

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    ianrb reacted to AlunR in just because I can be different   
    Really nice work. Immediately reminded me of the Leonard Cohen song: Like a bird on a wire...
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    ianrb reacted to dstraigh in Saving an edited picture. Should I flatten?   
    Yes, it's sorted out.   I had opened a picture (jpg/png or similar) then added text.  After exporting (as a jpg/png/whatever) Affinity was, basically saying 'do I want to save as an Affinity Photo file so I don't lose my edits (layers of text)'.  That's how I see it anyway.  So, I did save as an Affinity Photo type (just incase I'd like to change that text!).     
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    ianrb got a reaction from Old Bruce in Inpaint brush   
    Just for a laugh. We can never say the inpaint brush does not at least try to read my mind -- however this [#2] was not quite as I had in mind . Trick: get one side clean > duplicate layer > rotate > use a layer mask to reveal the clean layer as in #3. That make sense? will show the final photo later -- hopefully it give you a laugh also
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    ianrb reacted to firstdefence in crashing   
    Depends on the version of McAfee you use.
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    ianrb reacted to Nekatos in crashing   
    What do you think, what antivirus is preferable to use for these tasks? I did not find the exception function in the McAfee
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    ianrb got a reaction from John Rostron in HDR, manually merged in Affinity photo   
    HaHaHa John. It's one editing trick that is not explored by many. Like cropping, the whole composition can be changed dramatically . If I didn't tell you, you would have never known  
    thanks for the comment.
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    ianrb got a reaction from jetstorm in HDR, manually merged in Affinity photo   
    It's 44c hot here -- working up to 46c . the record is between 46 - 47c  ; but will drop to a 28c tomorrow!!
    This is a true "grab-shot" that happened while doing other things. Made from the three bracketed files -- just time for one click with the camera held above my head.
    Honest comments and questions welcome as always

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    ianrb reacted to v_kyr in Adding thin borders/stroke with a macro   
    Well maybe the previous poster is asking instead for the macro file, aka to add it here to your initial posting ?!
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    ianrb reacted to v_kyr in Resizing Images   
    And for bulk/mass image resize handling the "File -> New batch processing" jobs can be used.
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    ianrb reacted to Kaffeepause in Resizing Images   
    My workflow for resizing images with Affinity Photo in most cases goes with the export.
    First I load the image with full size and quality in Affinity Photo. Then I do my modifications and edits in the image. At the end I export the image where I can enter the desired image format (e. g. jpeg) and the desired pixel size in the export dialog. In this dialog I also can adjust the file size by entering the quality percentage of the jpeg. And I also can find the best In addition, I can set the best compromise between quality and file size of the resulting image. On this way, the meta data is preserved (if I don't uncheck to embed meta data in the "More" panel).
    In the attched screen capture the original size is outlined yellow and the desired size in export dialog has a green outline. The 2nd screen capture shows that the meta data is kept in the resulting file.
    My experience is that for quality reasons resizing of the image should be the last step of an editing process.
    I only use the resize dialog if I want to change the dpi resolution of the image.
    In old Photoshop times I also first resized the image and then made my edits and the stored this image. In Affinity Photo I learned the described workflow woking best for my needs and results in little quality loss.

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    ianrb got a reaction from Pattou in Panorama/manual HDR / collage   
    All the best for 2019
    mostly done in Affinity -- +Lr5. 
    Not going to add too much here as I'm just putting a few thoughts to the test for better Panoramas and Manual hrd/blending as done in the top images. Hoping to share a few ideas sometime this year lol 
    the panorama is west to east ; around 160 degrees. Around 6 -8 Pana Fz300 raw files . Handheld btw
    Starting to get the old head around Ap; yet there is so much I still need to get up to speed on 
    Questions are welcome


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