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    xman reacted to Miltrin in Font Awesome as Assets   
    Muchas gracias!
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    xman reacted to Timespider in Font Awesome as Assets   
    Thanks xman
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    xman got a reaction from elguapo in Bleeds   
    +1 for Bleed Preview, bleed export for tiff and other image formats.
    I'm currently working on a print project, which is the first larger one in designer. And I have to say that the lack of bleed is making some exports more difficult than is needed.
    So please add non-pdf bleed exports to designer.
    I've used freehand, illustrator and inkscape which all were able to do this. I understand that AD uses artboards so it not a one to one thing. However perhaps a per art board tick could work. I won't pretend to understand the difficulty to make it work properly. But I do know that this is important even when you come out with the publisher app. Since it would be great to work like I used to in freehand, which had enough publish tool to support small - med projects ... then for bigger one you wold use scribes, quark or indesign.
    I'm looking forward to your next update of designer very much and hope it includes lots of the little needed features and bug fix.
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    xman got a reaction from anthoknee in Font Awesome as Assets   
    Happy to share this one I made from 02/18/20.
    I broke them into Solid, Regular and Brands
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    xman reacted to Leigh in [FAQ] Why do I get the error "Failed to Open File" or "Failed to Save Document" when using Affinity apps purchased from the Mac App Store? (macOS)   
    If you purchased your Affinity app through the Mac App Store you may see the error Failed to Open File when trying open a document into the app. You may also get the error Failed to Save Document when trying to save or export a document from the app. You may also notice the app taking several minutes to load. This issue is caused by using a Font Manager to activate a large amount of fonts and Sandboxing.
    Any app purchased through the Mac App Store will be Sandboxed. Sandboxed apps are designed to prevent unrestricted access to user data and system resources. It also limits the amount of files/resources a Sandboxed app can open within the app. If you're using a Font Management app and you have a large amount of Fonts activated, 2,000 or more, and they're not stored in one of the below default macOS Font Locations, you may experience the issues mentioned above:
    Library > Fonts System > Library > Fonts Users > {Username} > Library > Fonts If you suspect that you're having this issue, open the Console app and then open the Affinity app and look for any errors similar to:
    Sandbox: Affinity Designe(1637) deny(1) file-read-data /Users/{Username}/Desktop/Font Cache/{Fontname}.ttf To get around this issue, please deactivate any fonts that are not needed or try moving your fonts to one of the default macOS Font Locations specified above.
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    xman reacted to jc4d in Vector/pattern fill   
    Hi all,
    I'm considering buying Designer but one thing that I can't find is if there is a way to fill an object using vector or patterns. I only find gradients and bitmap.
    I know we can duplicate an object to create hand made pattern but I can't then edit the repetitions like if is a bitmap fill.
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    xman reacted to Nikola Kovac in Preferences window UI is frustratingly designed   
    "Reset" what? does it reset the shortcuts in focus or all? the manual says all customized, but a first time user, trying to find its way around the app will have to dig, and all it takes is that button to say "Reset all shortcuts to factory defaults" (or something on that line)
    "Clear all shortcuts" ok this one is self explanatory.
    7. the shortcut list itself...
    a) c'mon, it's a list and it is restricted to show only 8 lines at a time it is wider than it is tall, and the window cannot be resized to see all items on the list :-D that's silly. I need to constantly scroll up and down this miniature list although I could dedicate a whole monitor for it, as I am unable to search for an item on it because the frickin' search bar is bonkers.
    b) If I pick a new key that overlaps with existing combo, I get great little yellow icon telling me so, mouseover will give me the info, great. And now I need to go back to those two fiddly drop-downs fo find my way to the duplicate if I want to change it, why not give me an opportunity to solve this conflict here and now, by doublee clicking on the yellow icon or something.
    Here is my suggestion for solving the Keyboard Shortcut preferences mess. Why not making a table with horizontally foldable categories of shortcuts (foldable like "Assets" sub categories) these categories would be "File", "Edit", "Text" etc.. First column would stay the same, that is, the description, Second column would show Draw persona shortcuts, third Pixel persona, fourth Export persona. It would make the features that are parallel across personas obvious, those that are non-existent in a certain persona would be "grayed out"  And make the preferences window resizable, please. That way we could edit our shortcuts many times more quickly, and enjoy the switch to Affinity apps much more.
    Please, pardon my ignorance, as I am not a professional UI designer but a frustrated user. I have written this overly long post to try and make Affinity better. I have lost precious time and artistic inspiration because of the design of this window and decided to spend some more time, trying my best to alleviate the problem somehow.
    Please try and read it with an open heart, as it was written in the best of intention.
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    xman reacted to DragonWhimsy in CSS export for layers   
    There seems to be a misunderstanding by some posters here on what is being asked for. The OP is not asking for a WYSIWYG functionality being added to AD. No one is asking for AD to be turned into Adobe Muse or Frontpage 2000. 
    What is being asked for is that each layer be given CSS Properties so that when a designer hands off the design to a developer that the developer can EXACTLY match the design given because the CSS properties are right there for him to see. He's not approximating the design, he has the option of an EXACT translation. It saves the developer time and guesswork. No one is expecting AD to do the actual coding. It's just supplying some CSS Properties to speed up the developer's work.
    Most software used for UI design already has this functionality. Sketch. InVision. Illustrator. Photoshop. Only Adobe XD doesn't have it yet. And AD. 
    Serif put a lot of effort into making AD ready for UI designers in the 1.5 update, but without CSS export it's mostly for naught. You absolutely have to have this feature to compete. 
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    xman reacted to unni in Lost my file (split)   
    Try to open it in notepad.
    Take a copy of the file 20191103092525.autosave and save it on desktop.
    Now right click on this copy and select Open from the menu.
    click the mouse at :        Select a program from a list of installed program.
    Press Okay
    Now, in the dialog box, untick :     Always use the selected program to open this kind of file.
    Click Okay.
    You will be able to see the location of the linked file location.
    Here is a sample below.
    If the referred file is not in the location, then it may not be possible to retrieve.
    You have to locate it from the drive and put it back in the referred location with the same name.

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    xman reacted to thomaso in Bug-Report: Publisher always crashes when opening a specific file.   
    There are various options inside APub to edit an image without opening the .afpub in APhoto.
    You can open the image only instead of The Whole .afpub via the Resource Manager window:
    ‚ÄĘ Select the image ‚Äď> press the button "Show in Finder" ‚Äď> open the file in the APhoto app.
    ‚ÄĘ If the image is embedded press the button "Make linked..." before.
    Alternatively you can do this within APub without launching the other app by using the Photo Persona:
    ‚ÄĘ If the image is linked: Select it and press the "Edit Image" button in the toolbar ‚Äď> the image will open in a separate document window, containing the image only ‚Äď> select it and click on the Photo Persona icon in the toolbar to switch to the photo editing tools inside APub. You will be asked to save the linked file when closing this window. Note: depending on your editing way the image layer in APub can convert to a pixel layer and disappear from the Resource Manager window this way.
    ‚ÄĘ If the image is embedded: press the button "Make linked..." and continue as described above.
    ‚ÄĘ Furthermore you can switch to the Photo Persona in APub without pressing "Edit Image" before. If you edit an image this way the Assistent informs you that the image will get converted to a pixel layer. That also means the image disappears from the Resource Manager and you will not be asked to save your edits. It occurs as an object you created inside APub.
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    xman reacted to Gabe in Bug-Report: Publisher always crashes when opening a specific file.   
    Can you attach the corrupt document so we can have a look?
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    xman reacted to Rabari in Bug-Report: Publisher always crashes when opening a specific file.   
    I've said this before, but it's worth repeating: 
    It's of course very nice that Affinity can fix files that go corrupt. But in a professional setting, a file should never, ever become unopenable in the first place. With hard deadlines, and angry, paying customers waiting, or printers waiting for materials, these kinds of mistakes cost not only money, but reputations. 
    I really, really like Publisher, and i'ts now my main layout app in my own, small graphics company, where I'm going totally ‚ÄĚAdobe-free‚ÄĚ.¬†But back at my "real" day-to-day work we still use InDesign. You can say a lot about InDesign or Adobe's subscription model, but Adobe seems to have got at least something right. In all my years, ever since using the first InDesign version, I haven't even once encountered an ID file which could not be opened. Sure, a crash could make the last few edits disappear. But nothing more.
    I hope a lot of serious development resources at Affinity goes towards making the file format rock solid. It simply has to be. (and then of course II'm hoping for footnotes, but that's another story).
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    xman reacted to leshido in More path components variables in Export   
    I love the advanced features of the Export persona and make extensive use of it.
    One thing in particular I tend to use is the Path components in the additional properties of the export settings. Many times I would use it to export named folders with assets already in them.
    However, I find the variables part of it, while really useful, have untapped potential. I'd like to see more variables that would help automate file naming (i.e "Document Name", "Artboard Name" etc.) + an ability to add custom document variables (currently there is an option to add user defined variables but they seem scoped to the current slice only which isn't really useful).
    Hope you'll consider,
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    xman got a reaction from Timespider in Font Awesome as Assets   
    Happy to share this one I made from 02/18/20.
    I broke them into Solid, Regular and Brands
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    xman reacted to Kal in How do I delete a document guide?   
    How very strange that this works for you and not me. I just tested in all three apps, and the behaviour is the same for each‚ÄĒif I'm zoomed in on the page and quickly drag and drop a guide to (or beyond) the ruler, the guide just ends up off screen¬†at the point where I released the mouse button.
    This was mentioned earlier, in response to the original question. At this stage we're discussing how the task of deleting guides could be improved. If you happen to be zoomed up on a page, I think you ought to be able to drag a guide back to the ruler to remove it. That just makes intuitive sense to me.
    You know, I just assumed this is how it worked in Illustrator, but I just checked and no‚ÄĒit only works that way in¬†InDesign! I guess in Illustrator, I was just in the habit of selecting a guide and hitting delete.
    I think InDesign gets it right in every way. You can delete a guide by any of these means:
    Drag a guide to the ruler Select a guide and press the Delete key Select Layout > Create Guides and check 'Remove Existing Ruler Guides'. This just makes it all super easy. In addition, you can place guides off the edge of the page should you wish to‚ÄĒalthough the value of that might be debatable. You can also trigger auto-scroll by dragging a guide off the page and¬†beyond the ruler‚ÄĒalthough the value of autoscrolling for guide placement is also debatable IMHO.
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    xman reacted to Kal in How do I delete a document guide?   
    Yes, or drag it back to the ruler from whence it came (which is how I've always removed guides in other apps). Given that this doesn't work, dragging it off the canvas always leaves me wondering if it's really gone, or if it's just hiding out of sight.
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    xman reacted to Nelo in How do I delete a document guide?   
    Affinity should make it more simple: select and just hit delete key!
    (already made this request)
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    xman reacted to jmwellborn in We want to help   
    Hi @Ash.  Just wanted you to know that I was contacted today by the Wall Street Journal to ask how I was coping with working at home with the COVID-19 quarantine, and I decided to let them know about Serif's extraordinarily generous reaction.   I took the liberty of quoting your first five paragraphs and explicitly stated that I had absolutely no financial involvement at all, and that I already have all three desktop apps.   Hope they contact you.  When the world is struggling with a major mess, it is good if one nation learns what those in another are doing to make things better.
    Attached is what I wrote.
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    xman reacted to Lecho in IDML Import first results (split)   
    Please have here IDML original file. Ist just single 21 x 21cm pages and some caption, flattened layers InDesign CS6.
    Merged layers.idml
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    xman reacted to garrettm30 in IDML Import first results (split)   
    On this one point, note that Publisher does not currently support GREP styles.
    Regardless, it should not crash, and I suspect a sample file would be needed to investigate.
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    xman reacted to Michael Pitt in IDML Import first results (split)   
    Great effort Affinity Team - you are on the right track - keep going!!!
    IDML opening results were a mixed bag.
    Simple files worked "sort of" ok
    16pp, no layers, limited styles
    71pp inline graphics, limited styles, no layers - tab alignments were missing Large complex files with Grep Styles & Multi Layers crashed before completion
    320pp, multiple para/object styles, 3500+ images with styles, grep styles, etc
    exported from CS2015 One 280pp file opened, but crashed on save as afpub
    exported from CS4 Well done anyway - i will download updates as they come available.
    (MacPro 6,1, 64GbRam, 1TBSSD, High Sierra, clean load nothing else open)
    Suggest stciky threade for IDML and GREP/REGEX Styles
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    xman reacted to Lecho in IDML Import first results (split)   
    Nothing works correctly in IDML import. Unable text editing, missing text lines, (overlapped non existing text boxes from InDesign original masters with text). Big mess. Imported documents are useless.
    It worked much beter in older version of Publisher
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    xman reacted to Patrick Connor in IDML Import first results (split)   
    do you mean in the 1.8.0 beta?
    Obviously these posts do nothing to get this fixed, unless you can provide sample files that show the problems you are having, as I said earlier in this thread,
    and garrettm30 also suggested
    So, would you like to provide an IDML file for us to see these problems?
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