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  1. Yeah definitely an issue and it's killing my workflow. I've tried several times trying to convince myself that I can work around this bug. but nope. Not to mention - eGPU support gone bad. Before I fire up my egpu, i had to make sure that AD is already up and running. Otherwise, AD will just crash if you start eGPU first. Then there's the workspace going blank after saving > closing project > opening it again. You don't see any canvas or artboards loading. But you do see all layers in there. I'm resorting back to AI til this thing is fixed... and I don't like AI.
  2. Unfortunately, it still exists in the latest beta version sad.
  3. Hello. I'm not sure if this was already posted before. Tried searching it but didn't find this same topic. Anyway, when I export artboards in Export Persona, most of my artboards are off by a pixel or 2. Check out my screen shot. Artboards 2 and 3 is a duplicate of Artboard 1. Sometimes I get a pixel off either on width or height and most of the times it's on both W x H. This is very annoying and has caused my tons of delays. Is there a fix for this? Thank you
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