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  1. I tried importing via dropbox and it wouldn’t allow me due to extension issues and no further explanation. I saved as TIFF each time with the same result. I got rid of the app in the end because it just didn’t seem all that convenient. I’ll just use my desktop version of Illustrator in the meantime until Affinity hopefully changes that. Thanks for the tips!
  2. Thanks, I gave it a try and I’m unable to open any files because of some sort of extension issues. Will there be any autotrace options in any future Affinity updates?
  3. Thanks very much! Is there a third party app you’d suggest?
  4. Good day, I’ve just recently purchased Photo largely to use Distress Press by True Grit to rough up some of my images created in Designer. Is there a way I can import what I’ve done in there back into designer as vector files or do I need to use a third party to convert/trace the images as vectors? Thanks.
  5. I have not. How do I access and install the beta version?
  6. Has there been any progress with this bug?
  7. I don’t know if this is an issue with an update or what, but every time I subtract an overlapping shape from the object below, the result is distorted as opposed to a smooth punch out like I was getting in the past.
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